Sleep Mask 100% Silk

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Silk sleeping masks are the perfect accessory for home and away. 

The Beauty Pillow Sleep Mask is made of premium Turkish silk, for the ultimate silk sleep mask experience. 

The delicate fibers cushion the delicate skin around the eye, helping to reduce overnight compression, alleviating the appearance of morning puffiness and preventing the formation of dark circles. 

Using a 100% Silk Sleep Mask will help reduce light sensitivity at home and when traveling. The naturally soft silk fibers are gentle on the delicate skin around the eye, helping to reduce pulling and prevent excess pressure on the skin. 

The 100% Silk Eye Mask helps to reduce product absorption, the natural silk fibers have moisture wicking properties preventing overnight product transference while you move in sleep.

The Silk Eye Mask from Beauty Pillow is available in a range of modern luxe colors, sure to help you get the beauty sleep of your dreams.

What are the Benefits of a Silk Eye Mask?

Silk Eye Masks are designed to protect the delicate skin around the eyes as you move in sleep. Sleep masks made of cotton or synthetic materials can lead to irritation and can pull at the skin around the eyes. This friction can result in the development of wrinkles as the skin moves in sleep. Using a padded silk eye mask will help to cushion the impact of nightly compression and block out stimulants like light, for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Will a Silk Eye Mask Boost My Nightly Skincare Routine?

Using a silk eye mask can complement your skin care routine, helping with the absorption of topical treatments, increasing the rate of moisture absorbed by the skin. The padding in the eye mask helps preserve cosmetic treatments like botox or fillers by cushioning the skin's contact with your pillow overnight.

Our Silk Eye Masks are easy to clean and maintain; simply hand wash with a delicate cleansing agent and air dry.

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