Ease into the New Year with Gentle January

Join us for Gentle January! Holistic health and wellness rooted in sleep!

Every year we’re inundated with the latest in fad diets and workout trends for a leaner, fitter body. After the indulgences of the Holiday Season, it can be very tempting to sign up and throw ourselves into grueling new routines. 

The thing is, it’s actually really hard to suddenly snap into and stay in a new routine. 

Building a habit takes time. About 3 weeks to be exact. But did you know it only takes 3 days to fall out of a routine? 

With the rush of the new year, new routine, it’s no surprise that gym memberships spike in early January, only to peter out by the end of the month. 

Setting routines for your health and wellness

We’re not saying you shouldn’t set out in the new year with new or revised health and wellness goals. What we’re saying is; they should be realistic, achievable and suit your lifestyle. 

It’s no good thrashing out workout after workout when you work an intense job or have a long commute. In any health and wellness routine, consistency is one of the important elements. 

Other important elements? Sleep, activity and a balanced diet. 

Throughout the month we’re going to share blogs, affirmations and tools to help you improve your sleep and boost your energy. 

Community Goals

Joining an online community to help support your health and wellness goals might seem a bit counterproductive. Gentle January is all about helping you connect with yourself, your needs and your lifestyle. 

Joining an active community space like the Beauty Pillow Instagram page is a great way to feel inspired and stay motivated. 

In exercise, it’s pretty common to have an accountability partner, why not harness the positive benefits for self care? 

All about Beauty Sleep

Enjoy real Beauty Sleep with premium anti aging, wrinkle prevention pillows and Mulberry Silk accessories to boost sleep hygiene

Rooting your health and wellness in an improved sleep routine will help with more than just your dreams. Improving your sleep hygiene by supporting your body with orthopedically designed pillows or environmental blockers like Sleep Masks will help your mind, skin and body. 

In sleep our bodies move through different cycles of sleep. Ensuring our sleep is deep enough for both the slow wave sleep and REM sleep stages is essential for cognitive function and even emotional processing. Deeper sleep means in your waking hours you’re more likely to think and function at a higher level. 

Our bodies go through stages of muscle repair, digestion and hormone regulation in deep sleep. This helps our bodies maintain a healthy weight, reduce cravings for sugary and fatty food and increases energy. When we get deep sleep we’re more likely to have a spring in our step and have more energy for intensive exercise. 

Enjoying a healthy glow for a good night’s sleep can even extend to our skin. Boosting your sleep with an active sleep tool like the Beauty Pillow and partner Skin+ Pillowcase can help to improve the look and feel of your skin. 

Join us for Gentle January to set yourself up for success in this new year!