Sleeping Positions For Younger Skin

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While a good skincare routine is an essential part of your skincare routine, the unsung hero of great skin is getting your 8 hours in! With a regular sleep routine, your skin will glow, dark circles will fade and you’ll look as energetic as you feel - regardless of your age!

What if you’re getting your 8 Hours but still experience dull, lifeless skin? It might not be how long you’re sleeping, but the position you’re in!

We spend around one third of our lives in bed. Laying in a position that reduces compression to your face or that favors one side is recommended to ensure you maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. Reducing the pressure you apply to your face overnight can help reduce the appearance of deep set wrinkles and stop fine lines in their tracks!

We’ve ranked sleeping positions from worst to best for your skin - where do you lie?

Sleeping On Your Stomach

It might be comfortable but skincare experts agree sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for long term skincare.

Why is stomach sleeping the worst for your skin?
Stomach sleepers are more likely to experience breathing problems, thanks to the face being buried in an unsupportive pillow. In this position you might be more prone to breakouts, since the amount of skin in contact with the pillow can result in higher levels of bacteria build up than other positions.

If you experience regular breakouts from pressing your face into your pillow, you might want to check out Beauty Pillow’s collection of Silk Pillowcases. Silk is widely renowned to have antibacterial properties. The cool surface is a welcome relief in the hot summer months and using a silk pillowcase will reduce hair frizz and hair breakage that comes from shifting positions.

As the face is compressed into the pillow, wrinkles and fine lines are more likely to develop. Stomach sleepers are also more likely to experience puffy eyes due to the heavy compression of the face overnight.

These are issues that cannot be corrected or treated with topical creams or treatments. Adjusting your sleeping position with the help of a supportive pillow like the Beauty Pillow Anti Aging Pillow is the best course of action.


Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping on the side can lead to an imbalance in the body due to the unequal distribution of weight overnight.

Sleeping on your side can place a lot of pressure on one side of your face and body. The longer you favor one side, the more pronounced the asymmetry will become. This asymmetry is particularly telling in your face, where there may be more pulling and more wrinkles developing on one side than the other.

The effects of side sleeping might be less evident at first, but they’re likely to become more pronounced without adjusting your sleeping position.

Sleeping with the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow or the Knee Pillow can help to correct facial or body asymmetry brought on by side sleeping.


Sleeping On Your Back

This position is ideal for maintaining a fresh and radiant complexion.

Sleeping on your back reduces overnight contact with your pillowcase, reducing the likelihood of breakouts and puffiness.

Sleeping on your back also has the added positive of being the most cost effective! We’re not joking! Staying in this position overnight significantly reduces the level of facial contact with your pillowcase, your serums or nightly skincare treatments are more likely to stay on your face longer.

Staying in this position throughout the night is easy with the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow! Specially designed to gently cradle the head, the Beauty Pillow reduces nightly compression and facial contact with your pillow.

For added luxury, check out the Silk Accessories Collection. Featuring silk scrunchies, silk eye masks and silk pillowcases, the silk collection will boost your nighttime routine, every night.

Putting it to Bed

Even though sleeping on your back is very beneficial, we all know how hard it is to maintain one position for 8 hours straight. Most of us keep changing positions and sleep in the worst position possible. Changing habits isn't an easy thing to do, especially when unconscious. 

Sleeping on your back is definitely the most beneficial position for your skincare routine!

Making use of a supportive sleeping pillow like the Beauty Pillow or leveling up your bedtime with silk accessories will help improve your sleep routine night after night.