How to make sleep hygiene part of your everyday routine

Creating the optimal conditions for sleeping might sound like a chore. We’re here to help you create a sustainable routine, simply and easily. Get the beauty sleep you deserve every night with Beauty Pillow!

Support your health with improved sleep hygiene

The importance of a good night’s sleep is well known and widely touted as a cure all. We know that sleep helps to maintain our heart health, lower blood sugar levels, repair tired muscles and that the deepest sleep can help boost productivity. So how do we get it? And get it consistently?

Over the course of the Sleep Challenge we’ve shared tips and tricks to help you create a healthy sleep routine that helps you maintain your active lifestyle. Sleep should be a happy end to your day, not a daily struggle or a tedious task to accomplish. 

Let’s do a quick revision of your sleep hygiene to make sure you can take the tools you learnt in the Sleep Challenge and continue to apply them to your nightly routine. 

Your Sleep Zone

Creating a comfortable environment starts in the bedroom. 

Do you have a comfortable space? 

Do you have a blanket to snuggle up under or a sheet and a pillow to reduce physical stimulus?

Having a supportive mattress is a must, no matter your sleeping position. Finding something that suits your body type and your sleeping position is essential. Side sleepers will have different support needs to chest or stomach sleepers and back sleepers. 

You’d be surprised at the link between the importance of sleep and pillow quality. A high quality mattress made of premium VISCO foam or a memory foam mattress can help to orthopedically support your neck and spine throughout the night. Investing in a mattress topper to soften a firm mattress or investing in a higher quality mattress might make all the difference. The quality of your mattress can have a huge impact on your back. 

Boosting your spinal support with supportive pillows like the Beauty Pillow or the Knee Pillow can help to correctly align the spine for orthopedic sleep support.  

Creating a comfortable environment also means bringing in creative elements. Investing in a premium mattress and top of the line pillows is great, but what about the sheets and pillowcases?

Choosing bedding made of high quality materials is key. Bamboo is soft and gentle on the skin, linens are lighter in the summer and silks have natural cooling and antibacterial properties. Silk fabrics are an excellent choice for sheets and especially for pillowcases. 

Add the luxury of silk to your bedroom with Beauty Pillow's Silk Collection, made with premium Turkish silk

Silk’s gentle fibers are the perfect addition to your bedroom. The luxe look and feel of a silk pillowcase will instantly update your bed, creating a more welcoming and inviting space to dive into at the end of a long day. Silk’s additional physical benefits for your skin and hair help to take a simple pillowcase to the next level. 

Silk’s natural fibers can instantly help to boost your skin and hair care routines, no matter the season. Silk’s natural antibacterial properties repel moisture, reducing the absorption of sweat, oil and expensive skin and hair treatments. Traditional cotton pillowcases, by contrast, absorb moisture and transfer it back to your skin and hair. This transference will increase breakouts, skin irritation, oiliness and can lead to increased scalp irritation and product build up. 

With a silk pillowcase, like the Silk Pillowcase by Beauty Pillow, oils, moisture and products are not absorbed into the fabric. Skin gently slides across the pillow. Less irritation and less breakouts all with a simple switch! Boost your beauty routine with the ultimate Beauty Pillow partner, the Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow. We’re sure you’ll notice clearer skin and hair in no time! 

Your Environment

Once your bed is taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to your wider environment. Creating and maintaining good sleep hygiene means enjoying consistent sleep, not constantly broken or interrupted sleep. 

Take a look at your home and what helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Is your space free of distractions or stimulants? 

Do you find yourself drifting off to sleep only to jerk awake at a sudden noise or blast of light? 

Addressing physical interrupters is relatively easy, provided you can find the right solutions. 

When it comes to an area with a high noise density, investing in tools that cut, limit or reduce the noise is key. Investing in a white noise machine, a sleep sound machine or simply playing soothing music might help to mask the noise and lull you to sleep.

If these simple tools aren’t effective enough, sleeping with earplugs or other physical noise blockers might be a smart option, before investing in some more significant noise cutting solutions. 

Light stimuli can be a big issue for some sleepers. If you want a lie in but are woken by the or can’t fall asleep due to external lights, investing in blackout curtains is the best long term option. If you’re a person that gets easily disturbed by light stimuli, investing in an eye mask might be the smartest and most cost effective solution to your night time disturbances.  

Block light stimuli and support your chest with the Chest Pillow by Beauty Pillow

 The Silk Eye Mask from Beauty Pillow is one of the best options to improve your sleep hygiene. The Silk Eye Mask is strong enough to block out light sources but gentle enough to nourish and soothe your delicate eye area. 

The eyemask works by sitting comfortably around over your eyes, secured comfortably by an elastic band encased in 100% silk fibers. The mask is padded to cushion the skin around your eyes, over the bridge of your nose and forehead. The cushioned padding within the Silk Eye Mask serves the dual purpose of effectively blocking light and external stimuli and creating cushioned facial support. 

Additional facial support is an essential anti aging tool for skincare and beauty enthusiasts. Creating a buffer between your delicate facial skin and your pillow will help to reduce the effects of overnight facial compression. Every night we place about 5kg of pressure on our faces and, depending on the sleeping position, some positions can result in the appearance of deep set sleep wrinkles or create facial asymmetry. 

Favoring one side when you sleep is normal. Finding a way to comfortably reduce the impact of overnight facial compression is what sets Beauty Pillow and our products apart from the crowd. 

Boost your sleep hygiene with a comfortable bed and effective support pillows encased in luxurious silk! We think you’ll find it difficult to leave your new paradise. 

Reduce external stimuli that can interrupt your nights with beauty and sleep tools, for a deeper, more restful sleep. 

Sleep hygiene starts and ends in the bed, what have you done and what will you continue to do to improve yours? Tag us on Instagram @beautypillow.official and TikTok @beautypillow.official to share your sleep hygiene habits and tips!