Sleep Facts: Knee Pillow Benefits

Have you tried sleeping with a Knee Pillow?

Sleeping with a Knee Pillow supports your active lifestyle, helps to align your spine, relieve muscle and skeletal pain and joint pain.


Sleeping with a knee pillow can help to:

  • Alleviate strain on the lumbar region
  • Alleviate sciatic tension
  • Align your spine in sleep
  • Increase circulation and blood flow
  • Reduce pain and swelling in the lower back, hips, thighs and along the legs
  • Reduce pressure experienced in pregnancy

If you experience one of more of these issues, adding a knee pillow to your sleep routine can provide active nightly support.

The idea of sleeping with pillow between legs might seem a bit like an “older” person's habit, but it’s a simple and easy way to activate your sleep and will help you maintain your active lifestyle for years to come.

How can a Knee Pillow help to alleviate lumbar strain or tension?

When we sleep we naturally move throughout the night. Sleeping flat on the back can lead to stiffness and tension in the neck and shoulders. Sleeping on your stomach can press your bodyweight too heavily onto your head, resulting in morning puffiness in the face from overnight compression and stiffness through the wrists and shoulders. 

Side sleeping then, is the most optimal for a comfortable and restful night’s shut eye. A knee pillow for side sleepers will help to align the lower back (the lumbar region of the spine) and help the hips and legs to rest comfortably through the night.

Can elevating your legs help to reduce sciatic inflammation?

When it comes to sciatica, treatments vary according to the level of pain or strain. When sciatic flare-ups happen, the best course of action is typically one of rest and relaxation. Using a knee pillow to elevate your knees while resting or sleeping can help to reduce the strain and tension in the lower back and across the hips. 

Often, due to the sensitivity of sciatic flare ups, the thought of sleeping with a pillow between your legs isn’t appealing or possible. Staying flat on your back, with a pillow under your legs can help relieve the pain and pressure across the sciatic region. 

Ensuring you get adequate rest and are able to reduce the compression across the lower back and hips is crucial in recovery from sciatic flare ups and can help to maintain sciatic health long term. 

Support your active lifestyle with the Knee Pillow from Beauty Pillow

I lead an active lifestyle, do I need to use a knee pillow to align my spine in sleep? 

Using sleep support like a knee pillow, a chest pillow or a beauty pillow can help to support your active lifestyle! Using pillows that provide additional support can help to align your spine and relieve pressure on fulcrum joins like hips, knees and shoulders in sleep. 

We like to think our support pillows are the best way to activate your sleep and help you maintain your health and wellness routine!

Can support pillows improve circulation and alleviate tension?

In short: yes!

When you raise or elevate parts of your body, it helps to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. This is particularly true in sleep, since your body weight compresses against your limbs and joints overnight. Side and stomach sleepers might experience facial compression or asymmetry when they wake up due to the pressure these positions place on the body overnight. Using a Beauty Pillow or a Chest Pillow can help to alleviate the effects of overnight compression on the face and chest. 

For those leading an active lifestyle, using a knee pillow under your knees, ankles or thighs can help to promote circulation and increase blood flow, assisting in muscle repair and reducing muscle fatigue. Using supportive pillows can help to ease joint or muscle stiffness, helping you stay active for longer. 



Can a Knee Pillow help support my back in pregnancy?

Support pillows are a must-have during pregnancy! Chest Pillows can help to support tender breasts and provide additional support in sleep, while the Knee Pillow can help to distribute the weight of your bump, relieving spinal pressure. Support Pillows are the perfect addition to a short nap or for overnight relief for strained muscles and joints, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy. 

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