Do beauty pillows really work? How the idea for Beauty Pillow got started:

The skincare and beauty industries are full of anti wrinkle and anti aging products. However, if you take a look around at the skin care accessories, beauty tools and even professional beauty tools on the market, you’ll notice a common theme: they all claim to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but very few work to prevent their development. 

That’s why we started thinking about how our face and bodies work to repair and rejuvenate our skin during sleep.  

We spend one third of our lives asleep. Why not create the ultimate tool for beauty sleep, a Beauty Pillow?

We wanted to create a functional beauty tool that helped to support the face and neck during sleep. A pillow that positions the head to reduce the formation of deep set sleep wrinkles and works to prevent heavy compression that can lead to puffiness or even facial asymmetry. 

When we were working on the unique design of the Beauty Pillow, we wanted to create a proactive anti aging pillow that felt like a luxury beauty tool you could use every night. We wanted to create something simple, that easily fit into your busy lifestyle and that elevated your existing skincare and beauty routines. 

With this in mind, we went to work crafting Beauty Pillow’s unique sleep zones.