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The original Beauty Pillow features 6 uniquely designed sleep zones to provide orthopedic support for your head and neck, reduce facial compression and stimulate circulation. All while you sleep! 

The Beauty Pillow is made of the highest quality VISCO memory foam, to support you throughout the night. The pillow's slight elevation helps to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing the effect of overnight compression and promoting a more defined appearance. 

The patented design features sleep zones to specifically support back sleepers and side sleepers. The head cradle comfortably positions your head on the pillow, helping to reduce movement throughout the night, which can lead to pulling of the delicate facial skin. 

The side cut outs reduce the impact of overnight compression on the face, which can lead to morning puffiness and the formation of deep set sleep wrinkles. Reducing the contact of your face and pillow is key to reducing the formation of sleep wrinkles and preventing facial asymmetry. 

Level up your skincare routine with a functional beauty tool like the Beauty Pillow!

Partner your Beauty Pillow with the Skin+ Pillowcase, made with patented Tencel sleep technology fabric for clearer, fresher skin. The Skin+ pillowcase is infused with microcapsules full of antioxidant carotenoids that release and attach to the skin. These antioxidants help to restore and repair damage from free radicals like UV rays and environmental stressors that can prematurely age skin. 

Add an extra layer of luxury to your Beauty Pillow with the Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow. Partnering your Beauty Pillow with a Silk Pillowcase will help to reduce skin irritation, prevent breakouts and help to protect and maintain your hair overnight. Silk’s naturally soft fibers are the perfect skincare accessory for your nightly beauty routine. 

The Beauty Pillow comes packaged securely in the iconic Hey Beauty cylindrical box. The pillow is securely vacuum packed and comes as a set with a pillowcase of choice. Which will you choose: the Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow of Skin+? 

The pillowcase is already on the pillow which is then vacuum sealed and placed in the cylindrical package. That means just one handy package for your Beauty Pillow and your chosen pillowcase. The Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow when sold as the Beauty Pillow partner is available in Champagne, the 100% silk pillowcase is available in a range of colors when purchased separately. 

How does the Beauty Pillow work?

The Beauty Pillow features 6 unique sleep zones to boost your beauty routine while you sleep. 

The face cradle for sleeping on your side, helps to prevent facial asymmetry that can develop from favoring one side. 

The head positioning zone supports your head and helps to reduce movement, which can pull at the skin, reducing the skin’s elasticity and leading to the development of sleep wrinkles. 

The head and neck support work to align your head and spine, for nightly orthopedic support. 

Can I Prevent Sleep Wrinkles?

Sleep wrinkles are deep set lines that develop from nightly facial compression. Using a sleep support pillow like the Beauty Pillow will help to comfortably position your head and body to prevent the development of deep set sleep wrinkles. The pillow zones work to reduce facial contact with the pillow, reducing the impact of facial compression. Reducing the impact of facial compression is key to preventing sleep wrinkles, facial asymmetry and facial skin pulling or tearing as we move in sleep. 

Look Your Best Each Morning. Beauty Pillow supports the free flow of fluids during the night, preventing facial swelling for a more vibrant wake-up.

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed. By keeping your neck and back aligned, Beauty Pillow helps alleviate bodily pains all while reducing wrinkle formation.

Enjoy Younger-Looking Skin. Beauty Pillow embraces well-aging principles, keeping you looking younger for longer without sacrificing comfort.

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We believe in transparency and stand by your results. If you don’t absolutely love Beauty Pillow, we’ll refund your first purchase.

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Developed in collaboration with orthopedics and cosmetologists

    • 1 Face cradle for sleeping on your side
    • 2 Zone for head positioning
    • 3 Head-cradle for sleeping on your back
    • 4 Upper head support
    • 5 Neck support
    • 6 Cervical neck support
+6 hours of potential benefits every day.

skincare while you sleep

Skincare is Even More Effective When You Sleep

From sunlight to gravity and everything in between, Beauty Pillow goes beyond conventional anti-aging products, alleviating the common causes of wrinkles. With Beauty Pillow’s patented SKIN+ technology, you can give your skin a break, sparking rejuvenation and cell repairs.
Alleviating the Common Causes of Wrinkles

Side sleepers who have a preferred side may be creating facial asymmetries over time.

Likewise, conventional pillows can effectively steal your moisturizer away while leaving skin vulnerable to deep-set wrinkles. Beauty Pillow helps alleviate these common challenges, putting wrinkles at bay.

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