Beauty Pillow & Estee Lauder ANR Serum.

Beauty Pillow & Estee Lauder ANR Serum

To our first 250 users who order the Beauty Sleep Set;

- We are giving away Estee Lauder's introductory size (7ml) Advanced Night Repair serum in the iconic brown bottle.

-Anti-Aging Beauty Pillow Beauty Pillow to complement your night care routine

-1 piece of Beauty Pillow pillowcase with Skin+ technology developed for skin care

Don't miss out on this gift, limited by time and stock, start the day with a glowing skin with an effective night care!

About Estée Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Serum:

38 years of the world's first skin care serum

22 pieces of Advanced Night Repair serum are sold in 1 minute in the world.

In the first use, it provides an instant bright skin appearance and 72 hours of moisturization.

A product very rich in hyaluronic acid, it also increases the production of collagen.

It provides 8 hours of anti-oxidant protection on your skin, you can have a tighter skin with regular use for 3 weeks.