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Probiotics and your skin

Skincare junkies will be well aware of the latest trend: microbiome beauty. But what is it? And should you care about it?

Systems of Operation

Truthfully, you’ve always had a microbiome on your face. All over your body there are microbia that live on the skin's surface. This sounds a little gross but these miniscule bacteria are responsible for keeping our skin healthy and glowing. 

Over the last few years, with more time to ourselves, lots of people dove into skincare headfirst. We are strong proponents of skincare as acts of selfcare, but the thing about skincare is that it takes time to learn. We know that what works for one might not work for another. Our skin types have distinct needs and these can even fluctuate from season to season

With the rise in skincare and long stretches of time at home, we saw a rise in the amount of actives on the market. Too many actives used too suddenly and frequently can have a disastrous effect on the delicate ecosystem that exists on our face. 

Too many actives used too frequently can strip the skin’s microbiome of the various organisms; the fungi viruses and bacteria. Living in a world where germs are bad, you might be thinking “Good! Get rid of those pesky critters!” But, when you strip away the critters, your skin is left raw and exposed. 

Without a barrier to protect it, our skin can be left defenseless against external stressors like environmental free radicals. With nothing to protect itself, the skin often shifts from a state of balance and normality into an overdrive. Each skin type will exhibit different signs and symptoms of overstripping or overstimulation. You might experience breakouts, develop an uneven skin tone, experience hyperpigmentation, redness or develop dry, itchy skin.  

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Getting back in balance

So, when things get out of whack how do you fix them? By listening to your gut! 

No, really! Gut health and skin health are closely intertwined. Something you might not have heard of is the gut-skin axis. Simply put: when the flora in your gut is in balance, it shows on your face. 

If you’re looking more towards the topical than the internal, then you need to shift the focus from harsh stripping treatments and actives that do too much. Think a healthy mix of nature and nurture. 

You need to slowly nurture your natural barrier back into balance. 

Because every skin type is different, the way your skin will react is different. We might sound like a broken record but there’s just so much messaging out there it can be hard to be heard! 

So, while there’s no one rule for everybody’s biome, some general rules of thumb apply. 

Partners in crime! the golden rules for restoring your biome

These rules weren’t made to be broken! 

When you’re working to restore your skin’s biome there are some key ingredients to pay attention to. 

1. Water.

We don’t just mean drinking it, though a healthy gut and dewy skin certainly requires hydration. We also don’t mean water to clean the skin, though a consistent, gentle cleansing routine should be a staple of any skincare routine. We’re talking about humectants like hyaluronic acid. 

Humectants pull moisture from the atmosphere around you, attaching the water molecules to your skin and helping to keep moisture locked in. There’s a lot of hyaluronic based products on the market, so you’re rather spoilt for choice. Our suggestion would be to go for a straight hyaluronic serum that you apply to damp skin morning and night. Or, go for something that’s partnered with things like pantheon or glycerin. These ingredients pair well together to nourish and hydrate the skin.

2. Probiotics.

You can take a probiotic supplement to boost your gut and digestive health, but what about the external? Serums and topical creams high in probiotics like ceramides are great tools to use when building up your skin’s natural defenses. 

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Antioxidants are powerhouse molecules that work their magic by counteracting the effects of free radicals. Internally, free radicals can be introduced through fatty, sugary foods, alcohol or cigarette smoke. Antioxidants work to counter this by balancing out the unstable free radical molecules, helping defend the body against the formation of disease and illness. Externally, our bodies are exposed to environmental free radicals like pollution, UV rays, pesticides and fertilizers. The effects of these environmental stressors are hard to see and feel, but they can wreak havoc on your skin, if it’s not properly protected. 

The Skin+ Pillowcase by Beauty Pillow sets to work, releasing antioxidants that repair and rejuvenate skin cells, all while you sleep. Using the Skin+ Pillowcase will help to offset the effects of free radicals and stimulate collagen production, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

3. Get enough shut eye!

Honestly, there’s so much going on it can be hard to switch off. Sleep is one of the things we often skimp on to “save time” or to squeeze out some extra moments of fun and frivolity. The problem with that is: your skin ends up paying in the long run. 

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t get enough sleep, your skin tends to look dull and lifeless? That’s because your skin, your body’s largest organ, hasn’t had the chance to repair and replenish itself. When you get enough sleep, your skin often looks fresh and dewy, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines that prematurely age you. Setting a consistent sleep schedule might sound like something more for your grandma than for you, but trust us! 

Creating a nice little wind down routine at the end of each day will help you take a minute to tune into how your day went and calm your mind before sleep. On the flip side, allowing enough time in the mornings will help you set the tone for your day, with less rushing about and less stress. 

We’re all about sleep, but more than that: we’re all about real beauty sleep! Our Beauty Pillow is specially designed to help you love the skin you’re in, for as long as you’re in it. 

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The Beauty Pillow’s patented design features 6 unique sleep zones, designed to elevate your head and neck and reduce facial compression. Reducing contact with your pillow helps to prevent the transference of products, oil and moisture that you experience with traditional pillows. The elevation helps to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage. No more puffy face first thing in the morning! 

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