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Beauty Pillow

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Beauty Pillow is designed to gently cradle your head and support your neck while you sleep, alleviating pressure, stopping sleep wrinkles from developing, and preventing facial asymmetry.
Traditional pillows lack the structure of the Beauty Pillow Anti Aging Pillow, allowing your body weight to apply pressure to your face while you sleep.
The force applied to your face can amount to 5 kilograms of pressure, causing deep-set sleep wrinkles and facial asymmetry to develop.
Beauty Pillow is the perfect night treatment for your skin. It can fight wrinkles, cleanse and moisturize skin at once! Plus with the Silk Case option will keep hair smooth without damage or loss of nutrients. What more could you ask from a single product?


Say goodbye to morning puffiness. Beauty Pillow will help prevent morning puffiness by keeping your head elevated during sleep. 

Keep away sleep wrinkles before they get permanent. Wake up to a refreshed, mark-free face! 

Beauty Pillow’s Anti Aging Pillow is a patented design to enhance the natural restorative power of sleep. Scroll down to see additional benefits 

PREVENT SLEEP WRINKLES. Wake up to a refreshed, wrinkle-free face! The Beauty Pillow supports your head and neck while you sleep. It's made of safety-approved materials that will not harm your skin.

REDUCE MORNING PUFFINESS Say goodbye to puffy eyes! Your Beauty Pillow will help prevent morning puffiness by keeping your head elevated during sleep. This helps reduce fluid retention in the body and reduces swelling of the facial tissues.

SUPPORT POSTURE SUPPORT. The Beauty Pillow is designed for comfort, support, and relaxation during sleep. It keeps your head from falling forward when you're sleeping on your back or side, which can cause wrinkles.

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Developed in collaboration with orthopedics and cosmetologists

    • 1 Face cradle for sleeping on your side
    • 2 Zone for head positioning
    • 3 Head-cradle for sleeping on your back
    • 4 Upper head support
    • 5 Neck support
    • 6 Cervical neck support
What is the difference of Beauty Pillow from ordinary pillows?

We all have the right to have the best one when it comes to pillows on which we spend half of our lives.

Speaking of the best, we are talking about Beauty Pillow, which combines a comfortable sleep with ideal skincare, not an ordinary pillow.


Cares, Repairs and

Beauty Pillow takes care of your night care while you sleep and repairs and beautifies your skin. SKIN+, a patented technology, prevents and repairs skin cell damage caused by aging. It triggers the rejuvenation of your skin cells by taking care of your skin throughout the night.
Age is not the only reason forwrinkle formation

While sleeping with an ordinary pillow, an average of 5 kg of pressure applied to your skin during sleep causes deepening lines and sleep wrinkles.

Sleeping on the same side constantly causes facial asymmetries caused by the sleeping position. In the light of this information, you can examine your face profile in the direction you lie on the most with the help of a mirror.

Why people love Beauty Pillow?

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The dimensions of the Beauty pillow is 36X56 cm and comes in a standard size.

The Beauty Pillow is made of high quality memory foam and is shipped with a Skin+licensed case.

Beauty Pillow has a special design which prevents swelling and crushing that may occur whilst sleeping on an ordinary pillow.It adapts to the natural contours of the face.

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"Beauty Pillow promises the world an ideal beauty sleep."

"Get your sleep with the anti-aging Beauty Pillow"

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