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Beauty Pillow minimizes deep-set wrinkles for smoother, more radiant, and younger-looking skin by offering soft and supportive contours that complement natural sleeping positions.

Night after night, you’ll look forward to sleeping on Beauty Pillow’s patented technology as it helps alleviate back pain, relieves neck pain, and evenly distributes weight.

Beauty Pillow not only reduces asymmetries for habitual side sleepers but also helps you to get more out of your moisturizers by minimizing facial contact. Beauty Pillow helps prevent facial puffiness by providing gentle elevation during side sleep.

If you’re ready for a younger, more vibrant look, we invite you to experience the Beauty Pillow advantage by ordering yours today.

Discover the unique benefits of Beauty Pillow pillowcase options:


A patented technology SKIN + prevents and repairs skin cell damage caused by aging. It triggers the rejuvenation of your skin cells by undertaking your night care. In addition, it helps the skin to provide its moisture level, softness and smoothness. So you don't need to spend long hours on the night applying dozens of creams.

The cover is made of Tencel fabric.
Inside the pillowcase there are capsules containing antioxidants and probiotics.
The capsules help to maintain the balance of your skin by activating overnight.


Silk pillowcases offer an ideal care for your skin! Silk, the world's most special fabric, provides a quality and spacious sleep experience, allowing you to sleep like a queen.

Silk is a natural skin moisturizer which is perfect for your skincare routine. It regulates the body temperature and provides a spacious sleep. Thanks to its hypoallergenic nature, dust and mites are kept away from your Beauty Pillow.
Silk is the perfect fabric for haircare as well. It prevents hair breakage and ensures your hair to have the perfect shine.

Beauty Pillow comes in an iconic cylindrical box packaging. It is vacuum packed and comes as a set with a pillowcase of your own choice. The pillowcase is already put on the pillow and vacuumed within the same box. No additional package will arrive for the pillowcase. The 100% silk pillowcase option of Beauty Pillow has champagne color, however additional color options are available as separate pillowcases.

Beauty Pillow is produced with a standard size. The dimensions are 14 x 22 inches (36cm x 56 cm).

Look Your Best Each Morning. Beauty Pillow supports the free flow of fluids during the night, preventing facial swelling for a more vibrant wake-up.

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed. By keeping your neck and back aligned, Beauty Pillow helps alleviate bodily pains all while reducing wrinkle formation.

Enjoy Younger-Looking Skin. Beauty Pillow embraces well-aging principles, keeping you looking younger for longer without sacrificing comfort.

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We believe in transparency and stand by your results. If you don’t absolutely love Beauty Pillow, we’ll refund your first purchase.

Simply send us an email at, including your name, order confirmation number, and reason for return within 21days of your package’s arrival. We’ll send additional instructions from there!

Developed in collaboration with orthopedics and cosmetologists

    • 1 Face cradle for sleeping on your side
    • 2 Zone for head positioning
    • 3 Head-cradle for sleeping on your back
    • 4 Upper head support
    • 5 Neck support
    • 6 Cervical neck support
+6 hours of potential benefits every day.

skincare while you sleep

Skincare is Even More Effective When You Sleep

From sunlight to gravity and everything in between, Beauty Pillow goes beyond conventional anti-aging products, alleviating the common causes of wrinkles. With Beauty Pillow’s patented SKIN+ technology, you can give your skin a break, sparking rejuvenation and cell repairs.
Alleviating the Common Causes of Wrinkles

Side sleepers who have a preferred side may be creating facial asymmetries over time.

Likewise, conventional pillows can effectively steal your moisturizer away while leaving skin vulnerable to deep-set wrinkles. Beauty Pillow helps alleviate these common challenges, putting wrinkles at bay.

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