Benefits Of Sleeping With A Chest Pillow

Chest or Breast Pillows add an extra layer of  comfort and support to your overall wellness and sleep routine.

Why Should You Use A Chest Pillow When Sleeping?

The chest and décolletage area is one of the first parts of the body to show visible signs of aging. This is in part due to the skin in the area being thinner and more delicate than other areas, which makes it more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines. Exposure to sunshine and free radicals in your environment can also speed up the appearance of lines and wrinkles in your décolletage. Sleep support can help lessen the impact of environmental effects, all while you sleep.

Sleeping on one side can shift the weight of your breasts and cause deep set creases to form up settling as wrinkles on the chest and at the base of the neck. Sleeping with a supportive breast pillow will reduce the appearance of these lines from forming, as the weight of the chest is more evenly distributed when sleeping.

A chest pillow acts as a separator. Preventing weight shifting from one side to the other and providing additional support to your chest while you shift positions throughout the night. The support helps to restrict the movement and pulling around the delicate décolletage, preventing sleep wrinkles.

Preventing pulling is one of the main draw cards of sleeping with a supportive chest pillow. Much like exercise, it’s all about training your body while you sleep.

Supportive Sleep with the Pillow Bra


Benefits Of Breast Pillows

Nightly Support
Nightly breast support. Whether large or small, overnight breast support is an essential sleeping and wellness tool to prevent deep set sleep wrinkles from forming.

As anyone with breasts knows: breasts are heavy! Sleeping on your side or changing positions in the night can place extra strain on your chest, neck and back. Using a supportive chest pillow will reduce the overnight strain, helping you wake each morning refreshed and revitalised.

The décolletage is often overlooked.
There’s lotions and potions for just about everything, but one thing that’s often overlooked is the delicate décolleté area. This area is best trained, not treated with topical lotions. Using a chest pillow will help to comfortably restrict the movement of the skin in this area. Reducing the amount of stretching or tearing in this delicate area will reduce the amount of wrinkles forming across the chest and up to the neck.

Reduce Nightly Friction

Chest pillows reduce the friction caused by skin-to-skin rubbing, frequently experienced during side sleeping. Each shift in position while sleeping has the potential to cause microscopic damage to the skin, as the breasts rub across the ribs, chest and side. This damage over time can add up to deep wrinkles around the breast area.

Support pillows prevent friction between your breasts by keeping them comfortably separated and supported while you sleep.

Encourages Sounder Sleep

Using a chest pillow will provide a more supportive sleep. Helping to improve your existing sleep routine, for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Ensuring you have an established sleep routine is one of the tenants of any health and wellness routine. Helping your body to reset and repair overnight, so you can make the most of your daily health and wellness practices.

Nightly support with the Beauty Pillow Chest Pillow

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Chest Pillow

The Fit of the Chest Pillow:

Your chest pillow should sit comfortably between your breasts. If it feels intrusive or uncomfortable, adjust the straps so that the positioning is right for you - everyone’s body is different!

Ensure the strap is latched firmly, but not too tight across the top of your shoulders and in the middle of your back. The chest pillow should have some give, but should largely stay in place. The key is for the chest pillow to move with you and your body in sleep.

Type of Chest Pillow: Strap or Strapless?

A strapless chest pillow is likely to move a lot in the night and potentially disrupt your beauty sleep. If you’re a back sleeper or move infrequently, a strapless chest pillow might provide enough nightly support for you. 

A chest pillow with straps is the most beneficial style of chest pillow for most people. A chest pillow with straps should be adjustable to your body type and will stay in place while you sleep. 

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