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As we age, the signs start to show not only on our face but also across our body.


If you’re forgetting things more than you used to, take note: don’t neglect your chest and neck! Chest wrinkles can be a real source of insecurity for some. This area is often subject to sun exposure and exposure to free radicals that we work hard to protect our faces from. 

Why do chest wrinkles form?

Chest wrinkles naturally form as the skin’s collagen production and elasticity declines. This can actually start to happen and be noticeable from a very young age. Did you know our body’s collagen production starts to decline around age 20?! 

It’s a crazy thought! Other reasons for wrinkles developing on the décolletage areas are from compression. That’s right! Your chest wrinkles reasons for developing: sleep and sleeping in particular positions!

Now we know why they form, the pressing question: how to get rid of chest wrinkles? 

Ways to reduce chest wrinkles 

Deep set lines along the breasts and neck can be difficult to get rid of entirely. These types of lines and wrinkles are formed by the nightly compression placed up the delicate skin in these areas from your body while you sleep. It’s all perfectly natural. 

Given that we spend one third of our lives snoozing, (more if you’re a napper!) it can be hard to completely eliminate the lines and asymmetry. Never fear, your breast friend pillow is here! 

Sleeping with cushioned support over your chest area will help to reduce vertical lines and horizontal lines that develop on our aging skin. The skin around the base of the neck can develop fine lines and wrinkles easily, thanks to the skin’s exposure to sunlight, UV rays and environmental free radicals. 

Nourishing the skin in this area and reducing skin sensitivity with topical creams and regular sunscreen application can help to improve the skin condition over time. 

The best way to halt the signs of aging over the lower neck, chest and breasts is with the ultimate anti aging tool: The Chest Pillow!

How Does the Chest Pillow Work? 

The Pillow Bra designed by Beauty Pillow is designed to be worn on its own or as additional sleep support - why not level up your sleep with the Beauty Pillow too?! The pillow is made out of a premium Satin-Silk mix that soothes irritated skin, reduces the likelihood of an allergic reaction and helps to support your largest organ in one of the most sensitive areas. 

The Chest Pillow clasps underneath your shoulder for overnight sleep support

The Pillow Bra clasps gently underneath the shoulders, for continued overnight support. The cushion itself rests gently between your breasts, for a comfortable supported sleep. 

Sitting between the breasts, the pillow helps to cushion the impact of nightly compression from sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach can increase the rate of movement overnight, leading to fine lines, straight lines and line segments developing over the breastbone and up into the neck. 


Nightly support for side sleepers: the Chest Pillow


Side sleepers tend to favor one side of their body throughout the night. This can lead to asymmetrical facial expressions and an asymmetry in the breasts thanks to the pull of gravity overnight. Partnering your Chest Pillow with a Beauty Pillow can help you naturally and comfortably shift your position, for a supported sleep. 

Take the Back Work Out of Bedtime

As anyone with a large chest will tell you: carrying around that weight can take a toll on your body. Chest pain, shoulder pain, upper back and neck strain are all common for voluptuous bodies. The Chest Pillow helps to support large breasts and relieve the pain and tension that comes from sleeping in uncomfortable and unsupported positions. 

Adjusting to using a supportive sleep pillow can be a gradual process, but we’re sure once you commit you’ll never go back! You’re sure to feel a difference throughout your upper torso from the additional sleep support. Your skin will look and feel smoother and more refined after consistent use and you’ll notice the asymmetry less and less with consistent use. 

The strain on the supper back and shoulder often runs into the lower back and lumbar regions. Adding a Knee Pillow to support the lower back can help to alleviate muscle strain and tension and is especially beneficial when adjusting your sleep position with the Chest Pillow. Adding the Knee Pillow for side sleepers can help to align the spine during sleep or raise one leg to offset the strain in the torso. 


Add the Knee Pillow to your bedtime routine!


Back sleepers can benefit from the Knee Pillow by placing it under their thighs or elevating the lower legs in sleep or when resting. This will help to reduce the strain on the lumbar and sciatic regions that can stem from being top heavy and leading a physically active lifestyle. 

Chest sleepers can partner the Chest Pillow to reduce the impact of overnight compression with the Knee Pillow to alleviate tension from body weight on the hips and lumbar region. Activating the joints in sleep can help you maintain an active lifestyle well into the future. 


Support for every stage of your life with the Chest Pillow


The Chest Pillow and Breastfeeding

The Chest Pillow can help to support new moms when breastfeeding. Often during the early months, new moms find their skin dry and cracked due to increased sensitivity. The soft fabric is soothing for dry skin, while the cushioning can help reduce the impact of compression. Using a Pillowbra can help reduce sensitivity and help you get some much needed shut eye! 

Post Surgery Care

Using a Pillow Bra for your post surgery recovery can help soothe the skin reaction and help to reduce overnight sensitivity from raw blood vessels and surgical incisions. The soft silk-satin mix will help to reduce the chafing you might typically experience from clothing or other bedding. The pillow cushioning will help to reduce movement, reducing your pain and discomfort while you recover. 

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