Knee Pillow.
Knee Pillow.
Knee Pillow.
Knee Pillow.

Knee Pillow

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The Knee Pillow by Beauty Pillow provides active sleep support all night long. 

The Knee Pillow is designed to support your lumbar and sciatic regions by raising or supporting the legs in sleep, alleviating strain and pressure felt throughout your lower back and hips. 

The Knee Pillow is designed to support your active lifestyle by supporting your body throughout the night. 

The Knee Pillow can be used by side sleepers, placing the pillow between their legs to align the spine for active spinal support.

Back sleepers can use the Knee Pillow to elevate the legs by placing the pillow underneath their legs, helping to alleviate strains or tired muscles and promoting circulation. 

Chest or stomach sleepers can use the Knee Pillow to alleviate strain on hip and knee joints and relieve spinal pressure that can build from an active lifestyle or from long hours seated at a desk. 

The Knee Pillow perfectly complements your active lifestyle by providing active sleep support all night long. 

Skin+ pillow covers are proven to be effective for up to 20 washes and should be washed on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees celsius.

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High quality memory foam alleviates strain and tension from muscles and joints

W:19,5 L:25,5 H:13

What is Active Sleep?

Sleep is when our bodies get the chance to rest and repair. The positive effects of a consistent sleep schedule are well documented for their physical, mental and emotional benefits. Activating your sleep aims to support your body through the use of support pillows or unique sleep fabrics. Beauty Pillow’s unique range of support pillows help to alleviate the strain on muscles, joints and skin, so you can enjoy the benefits of an activated sleep throughout the day.

How Can Support Pillows Improve My Active Lifestyle?

Support pillows are great tools to support your active lifestyle. Support pillows like the Knee Pillow, the Chest Pillow and the Beauty Pillow help to support tired joints and muscles and support your skin as it regenerates and repairs overnight. Using support pillows to rest and repair is a great way to boost circulation, improving your sleep quality and giving you more energy for the day ahead.

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