Holiday Gift Guide For Her by Beauty Pillow


Shop the holiday gift guide series form Beauty Pillow this November for deals on pillow bundles, silks bundles and more!

This week we’re moving beyond our fall skincare trends and tips for seasonal changes, with a dive into our holiday gift guide blog series. We've got something for everyone: luxurious pillows, kimono robes, anti wrinkle silk pillowcases that support hair and skin health year round and bundles for when one gift just isn’t enough. 

Shop the collections with this Holiday Gift Guide 2022, brought to you by Beauty Pillow. 

Let’s take a look at the gifts for the all important women in your life. We’ve got a gift guide for moms, for girlfriends, sisters, best friends and the girls right here! 

First things first, what’s one thing any girl needs in her life? Beautiful sleep! Whether the ladies in your life are a little older and looking for additional skincare support, or so young that their only concern is pillow lines on face when they wake up, the Beauty Pillow is the perfect gift! 

Shop the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow for orthopedic sleep support, skincare and beauty support and more!

Beauty Pillow - Anti Aging & Wrinkle Pillow

The Beauty Pillow’s patented design makes sure you find the best sleeping position for your face. Side sleepers and back sleepers especially will benefit from the patented design. Featuring a head cradle to support the head and reduce movement in sleep, the beauty pillow anti aging properties are combined with orthopedic support. 

The slight elevation of the beauty pillow helps to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage while helping to align the delicate cervical vertebrae. The spine is supported and tension in the neck and shoulders is eased with the ultimate in pillow luxury. 

The Beauty Pillow comes encased in the Skin+ Pillowcase, for an overnight antioxidant boost to your fall skincare routine. The Skin+ is full of probiotic antioxidants contained within microcapsules in the fabric that burst on contact with the skin. The duo is a must have for skincare junkies this holiday season!

The Chest Pillow supports the chest, neck and shoulders in sleep! Perfect for new Moms, post surgical care and for periods of sensitivity 

Chest Pillow

Night time breast support can be hard to come by. It can be hard to know how to sleep comfortably with large breasts. The weight can pull at the shoulders and neck, causing stress and strain. One of the advantages of sleeping on your back is the reduction in the amount of strain and pressure put on the back and shoulder in sleep. 

Adding a Chest Pillow or anti aging pillow bra can help to reduce the strain by comfortably cushioning the breasts, reducing the development of chest wrinkles and chest asymmetry. Not just a gag gift! The Chest Pillow is a great gift for new moms, post surgery care and for those who experience periods of sensitivity and tenderness. 

Shop the Silk-Sating Kimono Style Dressing Gown from Beauty Pillow, available in Midnight Black and Pearl White

Kimono Robe

Adding a satin kimono robe to your leisure wear repertoire is a great way to keep things luxe and interesting. The chic kimono cover up from Beauty Pillow is available in Midnight Black or Pearl White. 

Perfect for lounging home, getting glam or sliding into something a little more comfortable, these silky satin kimono dressing gowns are a simple gift that can be worn and styled for any occasion.

Which will you choose: Pearl White kimono or Midnight Black kimono?

Wrap yourself in 22 Momme Mulberry Silk this Holiday Season! Shop Silk Pillowcases, Silk Eye Masks, Silk Scrunchies, Silk Headbands and more!

Silk Bundles

Bundle up every single day. That’s our new saying! Beauty Pillow has got a silk bundle for every special lady in your life this holiday season! 

For a Silk Twist, why not gift the Sleep Mask + Scrunchie + Twisted Headband?

For something a little more sensible there’s the Silk Pillowcase Duo Bundle. 

For the constant traveler or new to dorms there’s the Pillowcase and Sleep Mask (no missing class though!). 

Hair lovers will love the Scrunchie Trio or the Headband Duo

Beauty Pillow’s Silk Collection uses only the finest Premium Turkish 22 Momme Mulberry Silk. This is the holy grail of silks, the strands are strong yet soft and woven together tightly enough that the fibers give that luxe sheen we love. 

We love talking about silk pillowcases! Silk is a bit of a magic thread. Its soft, smooth fibers don’t catch or snag at the skin or hair. This means less irritation and less breakage when compared to traditional cotton pillowcases. 

The easiest way to level up a nice pillow (or the anti aging Beauty Pillow) is by adding an anti wrinkle silk pillowcase! Silk’s naturally smooth fibers reduce friction, allowing the skin to slide easily over the fabric during the night. Traditional cotton fibers can snag and pull at the skin, causing microtears which affect the skin’s elasticity, making wrinkles more likely to form. 

Our Silk accessories range features silk hair bundles. With silk scrunchies and silk headbands for curly hair, hair extensions and everything in between! Silk hair accessories are a simple and easy way to add a splash of every day glamor to an outfit, whether lounging at home or wandering about town. 

Shop the luxe offerings this holiday season from Beauty Pillow!