Self Care For The Holidays: Friendsgiving Edition

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How is it already the week before thanksgiving? It’s crazy how quickly the year seems to be picking up pace! Luckily there’s the friendsgiving invite to make the end of the year and the cooler weather feel less dreary! 

Even if you’re not in the US, enjoying a meal with friends is guaranteed to boost your mood at any time of the year!

We talk a lot about holistic health and wellness, especially when we’ve got halloween vs thanksgiving. Self care during holidays gets more and more important the older we get. 

It might sound boring but it’s true! As friendsgiving invitations and Thanksgiving plans start to take shape, it can be easy to get lost in preparations for the big days. 

What Is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is not an official holiday per se, it’s more of a likely celebration around the Thanksgiving period. Thanksgiving is the last Thursday in November in the United States. While the holiday is a bit controversial because of its colonial roots, the tradition of gathering with family and friends to share a meal is universally appreciated. 

The big ticket item for most Thanksgiving feasts is Turkey. Cooked to perfection, the bird is traditionally supported by tasty side dishes like mac’n’cheese, potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole and more. The food is pretty likely to leave you groaning in discomfort from the sheer volume of dishes. 

Friendsgiving is pretty much the same thing, except instead of being surrounded by family, you’re with friends. It’s a chance to let your hair down, away from the grind of the end of the year. The wine can flow and the chat can continue until late into the night. 

Getting some social time can be a real boost for your mental and emotional health and wellness, especially going into the hectic holiday season. Getting enough rest in between cooking and visiting is definitely recommended as we wind down the year!

What To Bring To Friendsgiving

Depending on the friendsgiving menu, your contribution might be limited to a dish or an easy bottle of something to share. If you’re culinarily inclined, bringing a seasonal dish or your classic dinner party offering is definitely recommended. 

A great way to show your host your thanks is to give a little something extra. After all, they’ve done all the cleaning and prep! 

Simple gifts to boost sleep can never go wrong! A sleek Silk Eye Mask designed to block light stimuli might even get used that very night! 

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With 6 glam colors to choose from, there’s something to satisfy even the fussiest host! 

Party or Sleep?  

It’s an age-old question: should you stay out late or go to bed and catch your z’s? 

We know that getting consistent sleep is the best thing for our brains and bodies. Sleep helps us look and feel our best. Sleep boosts our brain function and our immunity - all important at the end of the year. 

With deadlines, sales and holidays all rearing their heads in November and December, getting consistent sleep might be more of a dream than a reality. If you regularly find yourself yawning and feeling flat, maybe taking a night off is what you need. 

If taking a night off is impossible, then we recommend boosting your sleep with the best anti wrinkle pillow: the Beauty Pillow! 

The Beauty Pillow is the best pillow for wrinkles by far, but it’s also a cervical support pillow and a weird sleeping position prevention tool! 

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The patented design features orthopedic neck support in the cervical support zone. This unique neck support pillow zone helps to ease the strain from tech neck or from long hours hunched over the stove! The cushioned support helps to ease the strain and tension other pillows tend to exacerbate. 

Traditional pillows allow you to push your body weight onto your face, neck and shoulders. The design and tension of standard pillows create a tension force that gets absorbed by the facial muscles. The gravitational weight and the tension force cause sleep wrinkles to form in the face, neck and chest. 

For a more relaxed sleep, we suggest adding the Beauty Pillow to your bedtime routine. The pillow’s unique design and slight elevation helps to support your holiday skin and beauty routines and ease muscle and joint pain. 

Keeping the Balance

Enjoying social time is a core part of the human experience. And it’s fun! 

The best advice for any time of year is to get as much fun as you need and supplement it with an equal amount of rest as possible! 

Boosting your sleep with functional sleep tools like the Beauty Pillow Support Pillow range will help to boost your sleep at any time of year!