The Big C Series: Selfcare When You Don’t Care

Last week we talked about Self Checking, because prevention is better than a cure any day and we firmly believe in advocating for your own health and wellness. This week, we’re talking about selfcare when you don’t care.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is our second week discussing Breast Cancer, and how we can approach self care when we or someone we love is dealing with the Big C.

Last week we talked about Self Checking, because prevention is better than a cure any day and we firmly believe in advocating for your own health and wellness. This week, we’re talking about selfcare when you don’t care. 

Cancer sucks but what sucks even more are cancer treatments. It’s a superhero task to go through the treatments themselves and it can be almost impossible to watch from the sidelines. It’s really common for loved ones to feel helpless and defeated when family and friends are going through the throws of cancer treatments.

It’s really difficult but the best advice we can give: be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and help where you can. 

With modern medicine, treatments are many and varied. Typical treatments can be draining to go through and a trial to watch. Reactions like fevers, night sweats that last well into the day, a loss of appetite and skin sensitivities are just a few of a whole host of symptoms cancer treatments can bring on. 

With the stretches of time in bed, those in treatment might benefit from the cooling and moisture wicking properties of silk pillowcases. Silk’s naturally soft fibers are less irritating than traditional cotton pillowcases. Switching to silk can help to lessen the redness and itching or sensitivity that can flare up with treatments. 

Silk’s moisture wicking properties are also a godsend when it comes to sweats and clamminess brought about by treatment. Silk, unlike traditional cotton, pulls the moisture away from the skin without absorbing it. Sleeping or resting on a Silk Pillowcase will likely be a simple, easy and comfortable solution to excessive sweating. Any comfort during this difficult time is a win in our book.

We’ve said a few times: cancer sucks. It literally sucks the life out of you, and sometimes the treatments aren’t much better. Feeling empty and drained of energy is unfortunately often par for the course during this time. Spending a lot of time in bed can be really uncomfortable. Adding in silks to help with cooling and moisture wicking is a simple way to help the skin, but what about supporting the body? 

Feeling low and without energy coupled with your body’s need to heal, means more time in bed. Adding in support pillows can help get you into a more comfortable, supported position. Spending a long time laying on your back or laying in an elevated position can put strain on your lower back and through the lumbar and sciatic regions. Adding a Knee Pillow can help to comfortably elevate the legs or thighs, taking the strain off the lower back and bringing a small degree of comfort. 

Caring for someone going through a breast cancer scare or undergoing medical treatment for breast cancer can take its toll. Carers often go all out and put themselves last. Though this is completely normal and understandable, it’s important to remember that when you’re caring for someone else, you need to make time for your own self care. Simply put: you need to have a full tank in order to help someone else on their journey. 

Taking some time each day to practice self care in any setting is important. Simple acts of self care like going for a walk, getting a cup of coffee and making sure you get enough sleep are essential to allow you to keep helping others. Many carers might not be spending a lot of time at home when their loved ones are dealing with the Big C in a hospital or health clinic. 

Sneaking in some shit eye with the help of a Silk Eye Mask is a great way to catch up on some much needed shut eye. Beauty Pillow’s Silk Eye Masks are designed to be soft to the delicate eye area and block out light stimuli that can interfere with your sleep hygiene.

Taking a short nap is much easier without the interruptions of light stimuli. Even a short nap will help you feel less drained, will help relieve some level of stress and tension and help to boost your depleted energy reserves. 

Cancer sucks, but taking time to practice some small acts of self care will go a long way to claiming back your sense of self from the sucker. 

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