The Importance of Sleep, Beauty from the Inside Out

Everyone needs sleep, but getting enough can be a real challenge in our modern, busy lives. Let’s explore the benefits of sleep, and how to get more of it!

How much is enough?

Most living things need sleep, it’s an essential part of our existence. Sleep helps to repair and reset our bodies at a cellular level. Your skin, hair and muscles all benefit from the regenerative properties of a good night’s sleep. 

People who have a consistent sleep routine are typically healthier, less stressed, more energetic and better able to focus than those who do not have a consistent sleep routine. But how much is enough? 

The typical night’s shut eye for an adult is recommended to be at least 7 hours, though some might need up to 10 hours or more and others might feel great on only 4-5 hours a night. Sleep, like most things in life, is a subjective experience. Often, the struggle is not finding out how much rest you need per night, but setting and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule

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Sleep and the Body

The old adage of beauty from the inside out is certainly mimicked in the positive effects of getting a solid night’s shut eye. Almost every area of the body is positively affected by a solid period of rest. 


Brain: Your brain needs the chance to rest and process the day. Without this chance to relax, you’ll be slower, have trouble concentrating, find processing information difficult and will even have less effective memory and recall. 


Heart: In our daily life we’re active; walking, talking, exercising, reacting to stimuli. Giving our heart a chance to rest and literally take a beat improves your resting heart rate, reducing blood pressure. Making sure you regularly get enough sleep can lead to a reduced chance of heart disease and reduce the likelihood of having a stroke. 


Digestive Health: Everybody needs fuel to get through the day, no matter your level of physical activity. Sleep allows your body to digest and reset. Without a consistent nighttime routine, it may be harder to maintain a healthy weight, thanks to the reduction of the natural hormonal appetite suppressor leptin, replaced with hormonal appetite stimulant ghrelin. Adults who get less than the recommended number of hours of shut eye are more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes as they’re more likely to suffer from unregulated insulin levels. 

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Is Beauty Sleep Real? 

Sleep is certainly an effective element in looking and feeling your best. Just as your internal health is positively affected by a consistent nighttime schedule, so too is your skin, hair and body. You might find that when you have an interrupted night or have to wake up earlier than usual that you feel physically sluggish and have a lackluster tinge. This is because your body hasn’t had the chance to repair tired muscles and replenish tired skin cells. 

 Muscles: Our muscles aren’t just for toning. Having a healthy muscle system helps us do just about everything in our day to day lives. Without adequate sleep, we tend to move slower, have less motivation to exercise and are more likely to experience muscle tightness and fatigue or straining when exercising. 


Immune System: No one likes feeling under the weather, our immune system is our number one germ fighting weapon. When we have bouts of sleeplessness our immune system gets sluggish, just like us. It’s much more likely that without a steady bedtime routine you’ll get sick more often, and likely for longer, since your immune system is running on very low power and so can’t effectively fight off bugs and germs. 


Skin: Our skin is the body’s biggest organ, but all too often we don’t consider its functionality. When we get enough sleep, consistently, our skin is healthy and glowing, when we do the opposite our skin looks dull and lifeless. Getting your z’s in is the best way to help your skin cells repair and regenerate and get ready for the day ahead. 

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How Can I Boost My Sleep Time?

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