Last Minute Christmas Gifts! Find Something For Everyone on Your Christmas List!

Get your Christmas shopping List checked off with Beauty Pillow! Shop for Moms, Dads, Friends and Family with Premium Support Pillows, Luxe Silks and More!

Wherever and however you celebrate Christmas, one thing is for sure; you’ve forgotten that one person or left the hardest one till last minute. Now it’s almost C-Day and you’ve still got nada!

With last minute stress buying in mind, we’ve thoughtfully stepped in to get that Christmas list done and dusted, once and for all!

Anti Aging Beauty Pillow

The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow is more than just a pillow, it’s a unique sleep support system designed to nourish and protect your skin, your hair and your spine, all while you sleep. 

The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow is the perfect thing for busy people, leading active lives. It’s encased in Skin+ Sleep Technology, which instantly levels up any skincare routine, check out the reviews if you’re still undecided.



Beauty Pillow Chest Pillow

The Chest Pillow looks like a gimmick, supports like a star. The Chest Pillow is the perfect way to provide extra support in sleep. The chest pillow helps to lighten the load on the chest, neck, shoulders and back for a more comfortable, supported sleep. 

Perfect for pre or post surgery and for extra cushioning when breastfeeding, the Chest Pillow is a surprisingly perfect Christmas gift – trust us!



Knee Support Pillow

The Knee Support Pillow is perfect for supporting an active lifestyle and relieves lower back and leg tension over night. This is a real must have for any bedroom, your back will thank us later!


Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcases

The Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcase is the perfect way to add a little luxury to the bedroom. Perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin, and a must-have to keep hair and the scalp healthy. Silk Pillowcases are a great gift for any age group.


Skin Plus Pillowcase

Skin+ Sleep Technology is a must have for the skin care enthusiast in your life. Skin+ fabric releases antioxidants while you sleep, helping to protect and nourish the skin, instantly levelling up any skincare routine.

Silk Eye Mask

Have you ever slept with a Silk Eye Mask? It is luxury beyond luxury! Whoever you’re thinking of gifting the Beauty Pillow Silk Eye Mask to, we’re warning you, order 2 so you can keep one! 

The Silk Eye Mask is perfect for sleeping (or other nocturnal adventures). The silk gently caresses your delicate eye area, while the elastic ensures it stays put throughout the night without snagging or catching on your hair.

The Silk Eye Mask is also a perfect item for the frequent traveller. The lightweight silk fits easily into any carry-on or bag, the silky fabric is gentle for dry skin (thanks air travel!) and the mask is strong enough to block out light and other stimuli.




Silk Scrunchie

The votes are in! Scrunchies are here to stay! We think you’ll love the Beauty Pillow Silk Scrunchie, it’s perfect for long hair, curly hair, gentle enough for those with hair extensions and treads the mythical line between day and night that fashion mags always talk about. 

The Beauty Pillow Silk Scrunchie is the perfect gift when you don’t know what to give. Makeup junkies, beauty gurus, active or lazy, the Silk Scrunchie is a perfect gift or stocking stuffer, check out the colors available here!


Silk Ribbon Scrunchie

Looking for a twist on the traditional scrunchie? Beauty Pillow’s Silk Ribbon Scrunchie will add a little pizz-azz to your gift giving this holiday season. 

Perfect for all hair types, the Silk Ribbon Scrunchie will add a touch of glamour to any outfit, no matter if it's a PJs and couch day or a fancy brunch affair. 

Shop Silk Scrunchie styles and colors for the perfect gift this Christmas!