Sleepy Spice: Flavors of the Season

Flavors of the season this fall with Beauty Pillow

Last week, we discussed the idea of holistic health and wellness routines and how they fit into a recipe-like formula. 

Salt, Fat, Acid Heat. 

If we take Salt as the baseline, last week we discussed sleep as the base of beauty and its benefits for your skin care and overall health and wellness. In sleep, there are essential layers and elements that add up to the overall benefit that is beauty sleep.

This week, we’re taking a look at the second essential element in our seasonal recipe: Fat. 

We get told a lot of things about fat. That it’s bad for us. That it’s bad to be fat. Eating too much fat can lead to cholesterol build up, cause strain to the heart and the wider cardio-vascular and cardiopulmonary systems. Having a diet that is too high in fat we know can lead to a whole host of other health problems. Without fats however, our body cannot process nutrients and burn energy. 

Being anything other than slim in our current society seems to be some sort of sin. It’s something we at Beauty Pillow don’t believe in. We believe in celebrating your body at every stage of your life. Your body is more than something to dress, it’s how we process complex thoughts and feelings. It’s how we achieve our physical goals. We deserve to celebrate our bodies in all of their diverse shapes and sizes. 

Just as there is no one way to live, there is no one way to look. 

Fat is really the flavor of any dish. 

Without the flavor, there’s nothing to savour and very little to enjoy. That’s not to say that you should be dousing your dishes in mountains of lard, butter and oil. Fat helps to capture and transfer the other flavors to the food that you’re cooking. So, what about in life? 

We say “Chew the fat” when we’re talking about juicy gossip. It’s something to delight in and repeat. The flavor is what keeps us going in our day to day. So where do we get it?

In the fall, we’re likely to be snuggling up with someone special - it’s cuffing season for a reason! Staying in and staying warm is the aim of the season. 

Too much of the indoors though, can lead to skin that’s dull and lifeless, thanks to the lack of sunlight combined with too much downtime. So, how do you reverse it? 

Getting out and about is one of the best ways to enjoy the season and help get that glowing skin back. Maintaining a regular exercise routine, even in the colder months, can help you to look and feel your best. 

Getting in a Hot Fall Walk on the regular will help to boost your immune system, deepen your sleep and help even out your energy levels. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t have to be a hardcore event. Taking the time to enjoy a walk with a friend is a great way to boost your heartrate, chew the fat and boost your mood. 

Silk Scrunchies are perfect for all hair types, reducing frizz, preventing breakage and reducing split ends

For gentle walks, why not go for a chic, stylish look with a Silk Headband or Silk Scrunchie by Beauty Pillow? Silk’s naturally smooth fibers are perfect for all hair types. The 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Fibers slide over the hair gently, without snagging or catching on the strands. Silk hair accessories are great for weaves and hair extensions. With less tension and pulling, silk accessories like silk scrunchies are less likely to irritate your scalp, helping to preserve your hair for longer. 

Beauty Pillow's Celebrity Scrunchie is designed to glam up any look with premium Turkish Silk

Beauty Pillow's Celebrity Silk Scrunchie is a simple glam scrunchie designed to quickly elevate any up-do. The Pure Silk Scrunchie is a chic accessory, suitable for all hair types that comes in 6 colors. 

The Ruched Headband is sleek and simple, made from 22 Momme Mulberry Silk

For slightly more strenuous walks, adding a Headband like the Ruched Headband or the Twist Headband is a chic yet practical way to keep your hair off your face. Beauty Pillow’s Silk Headbands are designed to sit comfortably on your head, without causing irritation. Adding a Silk Headband is an easy way to add in some effortless glam to an everyday look. 

The Twist Headband is suitable for hair extensions, weaves and all natural hair types with 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Fibers that slide over the hair

Resting and Relaxing

After getting your Hot Fall Walk in, take a minute to stretch and appreciate your body. All too often, we’re so busy rushing here and there that we never really stop to appreciate our bodies' physical capabilities. Acts of self care like regular exercise can help to keep us active well into our senior years. 

Taking care of your body is essential in any season, but especially as we shift from summer heat and into the cooler climes of the fall and winter. Staying active even in the cooler months is a great way to take care of your body’s physical and mental needs. Boosting your recovery time with active support pillows like the Knee Pillow can help to boost your muscle recovery. 

Adding the Knee Pillow to your rest and sleep routine can help to alleviate muscle and joint pain

Adding the Knee Pillow to your bedtime routine can help to improve your muscle recovery and alleviate the strains we feel from working in a sedentary environment. After long hours sat at the desk, our backs, hips and shoulders tend to feel tense and cramped. Getting up and moving or stretching is a great way to relieve this build up of tension. Adding an active support pillow like the Knee Pillow to your rest can help to reduce the strain and pull at your lower back, across the lumbar and sciatic regions. 

Elevating your legs at sleep or in rest will help to alleviate the tension that builds up from long hours sitting. In sleep, the Knee Pillow can sit between the legs, helping to align the spine, for better, deeper sleep. 

For increased orthopedic support in sleep, adding a Beauty Pillow to your routine will help to align your cervical vertebrae and your spine. The patented design features head positioning zones designed to reduce movement and alleviate tension from compression. 

With traditional pillows, we tend to press our body weight into our faces, necks and shoulders. The Beauty Pillow’s unique design prevents this gravitational pressure from being felt by our delicate facial skin. Reducing the impact of nightly compression helps to reduce the development of deep set sleep wrinkles, and supports your sleep hygiene by reducing the amount of restless movement in sleep. 

Boost your sleep hygiene with the anti aging Beauty Pillow

More Sleep, More Flavor, More Fun!

Getting enough sleep consistently means you’ll have enough energy for the things you love. Having the ability to bite into the flavor of life is often about much more than the desire. We want to do many things in our lives, but our realities can be different. We have to work to afford our luxe lifestyles. Work takes our energy - good and bad. We need to sleep to get more energy. 

It’s all cyclical. Some periods will be full on, energy sapping times that we just have to get through. Others will be more leisurely and fun. How we nourish and care for our bodies from a holistic point of view is what will allow us to enjoy different activities at different times. Getting enough sleep means we’ll have the energy to dive into every day, not just the weekend, and get the most out of it! 

In the fall, enjoying Hot Fall Walks, sipping on pumpkin spice and enjoying the delights of cuffing season are definitely some of the top ways to enjoy the flavors of the season. Making the season work for you and your health and wellness goals will help you create flavorful memories for years to come!

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