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We all know that sleep is one of the When you sleep on a traditional pillow, you compress about 5 kilograms of pressure onto your face! This compression leads to morning puffiness, the formation of deep set sleep wrinkles and can increase joint and muscle stiffness. 

The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow’s patented design cradles the face, and reduces facial contact with the pillow, eliminating morning puffiness, preventing sleep wrinkles and alleviating friction to the delicate eye area – all while you sleep!

Sleeping on your side can push up to 5kg of pressure to your face, leading to the formation of sleep wrinkles and morning puffiness
Sleeping with the Anti Aging Beauty pillow reduces facial compression, preventing sleep wrinkles and eliminating morning puffiness

With Beauty Pillow, you start every day with a refreshed and radiant skin

Start everyday with refreshed and rejuvenated skin
  • Maintain good posture, even in your sleep!
  • Wake up fresh and rejuvenated
  • Eliminate morning puffiness and deep sleep wrinkles
  • Orthopedically designed, to support your neck and spine
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Skin+ sleep technology releases carotenoids overnight, repairing and protecting your skin cells, all while you sleep.

Your pillow takes care of your night care while you sleep and repairs and beautifies your skin. SKIN+, a patented technology, prevents and repairs skin cell damage caused by aging. It triggers the rejuvenation of your skin cells by taking care of your skin throughout the night.

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Quality Manufacturing, International Standards

Beauty Pillow’s Functional Pillows are made out of the highest quality VISCO foam. VISCO foam is a sensitive, heat responsive memory foam that moulds to the right shape for you, whilst maintaining its structural integrity. Beauty Pillow’s range of Functional Pillows are designed for a restful, supportive sleep, every night.

Is there Scientific Evidence to support Beauty Pillow’s claims?

Yes! Because Beauty Pillow are dedicated to bringing our customers only the highest quality products, the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow was tested at an independent research center in Germany. Dr. Werner Ross at the Dermatest GmbH Dermatology Center conducted a study into the effectiveness of the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow and found that regular use of the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow prevents the formation and reduces the appearance of wrinkles caused by sleep compression. Click here to read the independent study conducted by the Dermatest GmbH Dermatology Center, Germany.

Orthopedically designed, support your neck and spine while you sleep

Beauty Pillow’s Functional Pillows are designed to support your body while you sleep, for the beauty sleep of your dreams.

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