Beauty Boost: Hot Fall Walks

 Hot Fall Walks with Beauty Pillow this PSL season

Staying active when the weather changes isn’t always easy. Once summer ends, it starts getting darker earlier and then the cool breeze starts blowing, the leaves start falling and the rain comes. So, how do you maintain your exercise routine in the cooler months? 

KISS in any weather

KISS-ing in the rain might be a romance movie trope, but we’re here to tell you: Keep It Simple, Sexy is the best acronym for the season! A lot of the time we get really down on ourselves for not doing it all - but where did this idea of “doing it all” even come from? Sometimes doing something simple like walking is the best thing you can do for your body.  

Take a Hot Fall Walk, the natural seasonal evolution of the Hot Girl Walk, as popularized during that time when we were locked indoors. The Hot Girl Walk is a simple act born out of a very complicated time. The simple theory behind the en vogue movement is something we’ve always known but been too busy to action. 

Talking a walk outside is one of the best ways to get your body moving. It checks all the boxes:

  • steps in, 
  • environment changed and 
  • endorphins boosted

Win, win, win! 

Popularized by influencers and social media wise crackers like Tinx, the mental health walk, Rich Mom Walk and now, Hot Fall Walk all serve the same purpose: they’re good for you! 

We talk a lot about self care and frame it within the context of baths, glasses of wine and face masks. Really, self care should be acts of everyday simplicity, rather than over the top gestures. Making the time in your schedule to walk will help to boost your endorphins, which will improve your mood, decrease your stress levels and help to regulate the hormones that stimulate appetite. 

A consistent exercise routine goes hand in hand with a solid sleep schedule. Getting your body moving is one of the best ways to clear your mind and get rid of any excess energy before you get into bed. Reduced stress means a clearer, calmer mind which will makes it easier to fall asleep and stay in a slow wave sleep state, which is essential for repair and regeneration at a cellular level. 

Boosting your sleep routine with an active support pillow like the Beauty Pillow will help to support your neck and spine in sleep and improve the look and feel of your skin. Elevating your head and neck in sleep, helps to reduce overnight facial compression, while the head positioning cradle helps to reduce excessive movement which can interrupt sleep and affect your sleep hygiene. 

Getting a supported nights sleep will help to repair and reset your body after your Hot Fall Walk and the stress of modern life. In sleep our body is hard at work regulating our body through the release of hormones, which help with everything from brain repair for cognitive function to heart health to appetite and digestion regulation. 

Moving Weight

Walking is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to start a new fitness routine. It’s cheap - all you need is comfortable walking shoes. It’s easy for most people. And, it can be a solo activity or something more social. 

When we think of walking for weight loss, we might be more likely to picture those olympic athletes in shiny short shorts striding about with their hips swinging to and fro. Walking like that doesn’t look super fun or comfortable, but actually walking is a great way to lose and maintain a healthy weight. 

This is partly because walking is one of the few activities that uses the majority of muscles in the body. Your core is actively engaged in supporting you, your arms and legs are moving and stabilizing. You can also change the intensity by setting a faster or slower pace, which gets your heartrate up, or you can increase the resistance by walking up or down hills - which will also target different muscle groups. And, you can do it all outside, without the need for a costly gym membership! 

All too often when we’re busy at our desks we don’t stop to stretch or move, which leads to our bodies feeling tight and taught - but not in a good way! Getting your steps in will help you to engage your muscles and loosen any tension you might be holding on to, especially through the lower back and shoulders. As you walk you can gently stretch your arms, your neck and your back and slowly iron out any kinks and knots that might have formed during long sessions at the computer. 

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Make your Own Way

One of the great things about walking, aside from its simplicity and accessibility, is how you can change things up according to your mood and needs. If you’re more in the mood for a solo stroll, you can pop your headphones on and listen to a podcast, guided meditation or music. If you’d like an active social event you can meet friends for a walk and talk, you could even join a local walking group and meet some new friends! 

They say on foot is the best way to explore a new place and we couldn’t agree more! Going for a walk means you can take just about any route you please, it’s not like you have to park! Choosing a new route might lead you to great new restaurants, new views and new favorite nature spots, just let your feet lead the way. 

When setting out on your stroll, if you think you’d like to level up the intensity, you might like to try a route with more elevation. Keen walkers can add in nordic poles for balance and arm definition. If these poles seem a bit unwieldy, why not try adding ankle or wrist weights for some extra resistance and muscle toning? It’s up to you and your body! 

Maintaining the Course

One of the best ways to stay interested in Hot Fall Walks all year round is to keep things interesting. Changing up your routine will stop you from getting bored and help you maintain your routine. Adding in weights or changing the route might make it more physically challenging. Making it a social event will give you something to look forward to and will help you stick to a routine by keeping you accountable. 

Acts of self care are really about establishing and maintaining your health and wellness routines. Adding a Hot Fall Walk to your daily schedule will help you boost your mood, decrease stress and improve your energy levels. 

The Knee Pillow is designed to support your active lifestyle and assist with active recovery

Supporting your KISS exercise routine with an active support pillow like the Knee Pillow from Beauty Pillow will help your body to repair and reset at rest or in sleep. Using the Knee Pillow to elevate the legs will help to boost the circulation and reduce recovery time after strenuous activity. 

Even if your Hot Fall Walk was just a casual city stroll, take some time at the end of your walk to stretch your muscles and relieve any tension that might be lingering. When your muscles are warm they’re looser and it’s easier to stretch. Maybe you could even take it further and do a gentle yoga stretching sequence or take some time to meditate? 

However you choose to end your Hot Fall Walk is up to you, it’s part of your daily routine!

Reset after your Hot Fall Walk with Beauty Pillow!

As with any new physical activity, if you’ve been sick (pesky seasonal colds!) or out of action, take it easy and check it’s safe with your doctor before you start on a new exercise routine.