Holiday Gift Guide for Family by Beauty Pillow

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Shopping for family at any time of the year can be a hard task, much less when the holidays are just around the corner and the Black Friday Sale call starts knocking at the door.  

This week, we’re talking family. Gift guides for Mom. Gift guides for Dad. Gifts for Brothers and gifts for hard to shop for sisters. They’re tricky to buy for, but we’re feeling confident we’ve got you covered! 

Gift Guide for Mom

Moms can be hard to shop for, you want to give them the world. All too often though, they don’t know how to switch off and relax!  

Beauty Pillow

Luxury pillows might not be top of the list on traditional mom gift guides and to that we say why not?! Moms need all the rest they can get and the Beauty Pillow is one of the best products for sleeping out there! 

Boosting the ultimate pillow for anti aging with a Silk Pillowcase to prevent wrinkles is easy with the Beauty Pillow 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillow Case! Our Mulberry Silk Pillowcases are made to partner the Beauty Pillow or a traditional pillow, according to your Mom’s needs. 

The secret weapon Mom’s are sure to love for fall skincare tips and beyond is the best pillowcase for wrinkles; the Skin+ Pillowcase. The Skin+ and Beauty Pillow are true well aging fighters. The patented sleep zones of the Beauty Pillow combined with the antioxidant powers of the Skin+ make the anti aging side sleeper pillow and back sleep pillow the perfect addition to the bedroom! 

The Chest Pillow

A bit of a unique gift, the anti wrinkle chest pillow is a great gift for new Moms or for post surgery care. The cushioned pillow for chest wrinkles sits comfortably between the breasts, preventing wrinkles and supporting the chest during times of sensitivity. 

The Knee Pillow

Sometimes for back pain the best thing is a a good sleeping pillow. Adding a knee pillow to your bedtime routine can relieve the stress and strain of sciatic or lumbar flare ups. The Beauty Pillow Knee Pillow is the best pillow for between knees, for under the legs or for between the knees. 

Moms to be will love the Knee Pillow! It’s the perfect gift to release the tension felt in the lower back as pregnancy strains the lumbar region. 

Luxe Silk Satin Kimono

Silk robes and kimonos are the perfect holiday treat! The soft, smooth material glides over the body, accentuating in all the right places. The satin - silk robe kimono is available in Midnight Black or Pearl White - which will you choose?

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Gift Guide for Dad

Shopping for Dad this Black Friday can be tricky! What to get the man who has everything?

You might not be looking to shop for sleep support, but we’re sure you’ll be hitting the “buy pillow” button! Dad’s are often found snoozing in the recliner or on the couch in uncomfortable positions.

The Beauty Pillow

Though designed as a specialty face pillow anti wrinkle support, the Beauty Pillow’s patented design features orthopedic support zones. The head cradle supports the head, reducing movement in sleep. The cervical neck support helps to comfortably support the delicate cervical vertebrae. Perfect for relieving tension from long periods hunched over. 

Specialty pillow cases like the Skinplus and Silk Pillowcases made for the Beauty Pillow or traditional pillows are the perfect partner for a top snoozer. We don’t have to tell him the side sleeper pillow no wrinkles effect! 

The Knee Pillow

The best knee pillow is perfect for taking a load off. The knee and leg pillow is perfect for use as a knee pillow for back sleeping or side sleeping, or for use in the recliner. Elevating the legs can help to reduce lumbar strain and help manage sciatic flare up at rest or overnight without medication. 

Sisters! Sisters! Gift Guide

Did you watch Hocus Pocus 2?! Now we’re moving out of spooky season and into the holidays, shopping for sisters has come into play!

The Beauty Pillow

The ultimate gift for the skin care or beauty junkie! Black Friday beauty that will last long into the new year. The Beauty Pillow’s patented design elevates the head and reduces facial compression. Wake every morning with a brighter fresher complexion! (Maybe you should keep it and give her something else?) 

Reducing compression and promoting circulation through the elevated design helps boost lymphatic drainage, for less puffiness and blotches first thing in the morning. Adding a Skin+ or Silk Pillowcase helps to boost the efficacy of the Beauty Pillow. Adding a silk pillowcase for wrinkles is an easy way to boost the sisterly love at any time of the year!

The Chest Pillow

Gifting a chest wrinkle prevention pillow is a fun way to give support for any time of your sisters life. Whether they’re a new mum, a little older or get a bit sensitive, the Chest Pillow’s silk-satin blend and soft cushioning provides the ultimate sleep support. 

Reduce the appearance of sleep wrinkles in the chest and décolletage or prevent chest asymmetry with a simple Chest Pillow. 

Kimono Style Dressing Gowns bring an easy glam look to any moment! Stay in and get cosy or get glam to head out on the town!


Silk kimonos never go out of style! Why not get a matching set to show the sister-love? The Satin-Silk Kimono is available in Midnight Black and Pearl White. Perfect for lounging at home, girls weekends away and everything in between!

Silk Accessories 

Whether you’re in the market for large silk hair scrunchies, stylish silk headbands for curly hair or silk eye masks for sleeping, Beauty Pillow has got you covered! 

The range of Silk accessories is perfect for showing your sister you care. All of our Silk Accessories are made with Premium 22 Momme Turkish Mulberry Silk. The strong, yet luxuriously soft silk is perfect for everyday use, for a splash of added glam.

Brothers Gift Guide

Brothers are a funny bunch. Often times it's best to be practical in your gift giving than overly sentimental. 

The Knee Pillow

The best gift for supporting active lifestyles. The Knee Pillow provides overnight lumbar and sciatic support whether they’re a back sleeper, side sleeper or anything in between. The pillow helps to elevate and support the legs for improved circulation, boosting recovery from sports and activities. 

The Knee Pillow’s unique shape means it’s also the perfect partner for reclining, driving, gaming or even sitting at a desk. The cover is easy to remove and is made with Skin+ sleep technology fabric, for added comfort and active skin cell regeneration. 

Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases are perfect for teens and bachelors. They add an element of sophistication to a bedroom and they are perfect for hormonal skin. 

Silk’s naturally moisture wicking, non-absorbent material reduces the amount of oil and sebum soaked up and transferred to skin and hair from the pillowcase. You’d be surprised how much oil, dirt and products accumulate on traditional pillowcases!

Silk is an easy lifestyle switch to instantly upgrade the bedroom, for better skin and hair. 

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