Holiday Gift Guide For Him by Beauty Pillow

Shop the Gift Guide for him this holiday season. shop the orthopedic support pillow range and silk accessories range from Beauty Pillow to level up your sleep!

As we get closer to Black Friday 2022 we’re all on the hunt for black Friday deals and the ever elusive boys holiday gift guide. Luckily, Beauty Pillow is on hand with our 2022 Gift Guide for Him.

Hopefully we’re able to cover all the men in your life with our high end pillows, a luxe selection of standard silk pillowcase for men and our unisex satin kimono robe! 

The Beauty Pillow provides nightly anti aging and orthopedic support to align the spine in sleep 

Best Luxury Pillow: the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow 

It’s the age old question: how to get beauty sleep? Especially when there’s so many conflicting theories and treatments! It can be overwhelming to sift through the answers to questions like “Does sleeping on side cause wrinkles?” and “What’s the best position to sleep in?” 

At Beauty Pillow, we know it’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime. Sleeping in a position that supports your neck and back while supporting your skin can be a tricky change to make. Fortunately that’s where the Beauty Pillow comes into play! 

Designed for even the more stubborn sleepers, the Beauty Pillow is a great way to adopt a small lifestyle change that can have a huge impact! The perfect addition to any gift guide list for the men in your life, the Beauty Pillow’s patented design is a bedtime must have. 

This unique anti wrinkle pillow is designed to gently elevate the head, promoting better circulation and lymphatic flow. The unique sleep zones help to orthopedically support the cervical vertebrae and spine in sleep. This overnight sleep support helps to take the strain off the upper back and shoulders in sleep. 

Every night, as we push into our beds and pillows, we place around 5kg or 11lbs of weight directly onto our faces. This gravitational force on our bodies gets felt more and more as we get older. It shows not just on our faces with deep set sleep wrinkles and pouchy or puffiness, but also in our bodies through strains and pains from the positions we sleep in. 

Sleeping on your side or back with the Beauty Pillow’s patented sleep zones is easy thanks to the head cradle, the side cut outs and the upper head support zones. The head cradle helps to position the head in sleep. The cradle helps to reduce movement in sleep, for a longer, deeper orthopedically supported sleep. 

The side cutouts serve the dual purpose of supporting a central head positioning on the “fancy pillow” and reducing the compression-contact of your face and the pillow. In traditional pillows, we smash our faces into the pillow, pushing into our delicate facial skin. This force creates deep set sleep wrinkles that can make you look and feel older than you are!

Reducing facial contact with your pillow reduces the tension and pulling felt on delicate facial skin. Less tension and pulling means less wrinkles and lines. Adding in a support pillow like the Beauty Pillow can help to level up your man’s skincare routine (without him even knowing!). 

Partner with the Skin+ Pillowcase for an active fall skincare routine. The Skin+ Pillow is the perfect partner for the Beauty Pillow. Made to fit the dimensions of the Beauty Pillow, the Skin+ Pillowcase features a back zip fastener to prevent slippage as you move in the night. 

The Skin+ Pillowcase is made of revolutionary sleep technology Tencel fabric. The fabric features microcapsules full of probiotic carotenoids that burst upon contact and release antioxidant carotenoids. These powerhouse molecules attach to the skin through clothing and bedding, helping to repair and rejuvenate tired skin cells. 

Skin is refreshed and rejuvenated through the collagen boosting antioxidants. More collagen means skin that is plumper and more elastic, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A skincare booster for any age! 

Add a specialty Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow and take a good sleeping pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers and make it extraordinary! 

Beauty Pillow’s Silk Collection features products made with Premium 22 Momme Turkish Mulberry Silk. The anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and anti-microbial properties of silk become more and more important as we age. 

As we lose collagen, our skin becomes drier and more likely to develop long term irritations or issues like wrinkles and lines. Adding a Silk Pillowcase to your standard pillow or partnering your Beauty Pillow with a specially designed Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow will help to reduce skin and hair irritation. 

Silk’s naturally durable and soft fibers help to reduce skin inflammation and can help to reduce scalp irritation. As your head moves across the pillowcase in the night, hair naturally catches and snags, which can lead to hair breakage and tangling and exacerbate scalp irritation. Adding a Silk Pillowcase to your bedtime routine can help to reduce the snagging and catching of hair overnight. 

Enjoy supported sleep with the Knee Pillow by Beauty Pillow!  

Boost your sleep with the orthopedic Knee Pillow

Long hours spent hunched at a desk or on your feet can place strain on the muscles and joints in the lower back. Lumbar and sciatic pain can flare up at any time, but tends to become more pronounced as we age and repeat the same tasks again and again. 

Alleviate pain in the lower back, through the lumbar and sciatic regions with a Knee Pillow. It’s a simple and easy solution to something that can feel like a never-ending problem. 

What if we told you that the best lumbar support pillow for gaming chair, the best lumbar support pillow for sciatica and the best lumbar back support pillow for bed is also the best best lumbar support pillow for pregnancy?! 

The strain felt during pregnancy and the strain we feel on muscles and joints when we experience back pain can actually be very similar. Increases in weight, poor posture, reduced activity and a loss of muscle mass can all contribute to needing a  lumbar back support pillow for bed. 

The Knee Pillow elevates the knees and legs, reducing the strain to the lower back and hips at rest. The Pillow can also be placed between the legs for overnight spinal alignment.Taking the strain off of the muscles and tendons throughout the back and hips. 

For the Ultimate in loungewear: the Silk - Sateen Modern Kimono

A unisex robe for all occasions, Beauty Pillow’s  satin - silk kimono robes are available in Midnight Black and Pearl White. Why not partner up this holiday season and give the gift of matching robes? Lounging never looked so good! 

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