How to get your skin ready for the new season!

Summer is drawing to a close and we’re all about getting back to routines, work life balance and boosting our skincare routines for the new season ahead.

Are you ready for seasonal skincare tips?

It’s almost PSL season! Don’t get us wrong, we love summer! But, after months of being sticky and sweaty the thought of the cooler months is an exciting prospect. One thing we do need to keep in mind in all of our back to the office and back to school routines is sticking to our skin care basics. 

Too often when we try getting back in the old routine or starting a new one we accidentally place a lot of strain on our skin by adding a lot of new products all at once. Different seasons mean our skin has different needs. Going from summer where we focus heavily on sunscreen and sun repair to the cooler months of fall and winter means switching up a lot of our routine. 

In the winter months, our skin typically experiences bouts of dryness and irritation thanks to the drop in atmospheric pressure and the cold winds and weather. Partner this with going back to a heated office and you’ve got much more to contend with than just what to wear to the office!

If you’re getting ready to get back to the office, back to school or are just getting back into a routine after a relaxing summer, taking a minute to prep your skincare routine for the new season is essential. 

Skin prep is more than just taking a look at how to prepare your face for make up. When we look at our seasonal skincare routine, we’re looking at setting a strong foundation that we use continuously throughout the next few months (or more). 


1. What’s your skin type?

If you’re sitting there thinking “My skincare routine isn't working” it may be that the products you’re using aren’t suitable for your skin type. 

The way your skin reacts to the seasons and your products will change as you age and according to your environment. 

Oily skin might over produce moisture and sebum in dry, cool climates. While dry skin might need extra nourishment to protect the skin’s natural barrier from drying and cracking. 

Keeping things as stable as possible is the best way to protect your natural skin barrier in all weather conditions. 

No matter what skin type you have, making sure your skin is clean, moisturized and protected from the elements with sunscreen even on cloudy days in the middle of winter is essential. Try a gentle cleanser in the evening that removes all traces of dirt and make up without stripping your skin. 

For skincare experts, after cleansing is the perfect time to add in actives. There are a range of serums and treatments on offer for specific skin ailments and issues. For nighttime treatments, things like retinol are great for repairing the skin and promoting collagen production. For day time, try a Vitamin C serum to boost the efficacy of your sunscreen. 

Day and night, no matter your skin type, a moisturizer is key. Many folks with oily skin think that they don’t need a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer will help your skin to regulate oil production and even out the skin barrier. Finding the right cream consistency for your skin can be a tricky process, and can change with the seasons. We recommend finding a texture you like and shopping within that realm to find the right solution for year round barrier support. 

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Adding a Silk Pillowcase by Beauty Pillow to your bedtime routine will help improve the look and feel of your skin and support your skincare routine year round.

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2. What are you eating?

We talk a lot about balance. We know that you are what you eat but with the cold weather it can be harder to opt for the salad over comfort foods. The heavier foods we eat in fall and winter can lead to a general feeling of sluggishness. 

Staying couch bound is definitely more enticing when it's cold and rainy outside. Snacking is definitely the best way to enjoy your favorite series or movie – add in a blanket and maybe some wine or PSL anything and we’re so there it’s insane! We’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge, but maybe adding some veggie crudite with hummus or guac would be better than straight chips and fatty, salty snacks. 

Snacking on berries or adding leafy greens to smoothies is a great way to boost your body’s immune system. Berries and greens like kale and spinach are especially high in antioxidants which our body uses to counter the negative effects of free radicals

Antioxidants are super important tools our body uses to function at its best. They protect us from challenges to our immune system and help our body respond to external stressors like UV rays, pollution, exposure to pesticides and fertilizers, cigarette smoke and more. Making sure your body is nourished from the inside out will help support both your immune system and your skin. 

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Supplementing your existing skincare routine with an active pillowcase like Beauty Pillow’s Skin+ is a great way to boost your exposure to antioxidants. The Skin+ Pillowcase is infused with microcapsules full of probiotic antioxidants. These powerful probiotics convert to antioxidant carotenoids that work to repair and restore tired skin cells. 

Sleeping on a Skin+ Pillowcase will help to rejuvenate your skin and protect it from free radicals like sun exposure and pollution, things that are really hard to avoid in our modern lives. 


3. Let’s Get Physical!

Our bodies react to the seasons differently. In the winter, with less sunlight it can be hard to wake up at a consistent time. This is especially true if you have to get up and go to the office or to classes when it’s gray and dreary outside. The physical toll the winter months have on us makes it harder to keep an active lifestyle. 

It’s easier to sleep in later, indulge in heavier foods and drink to excess - especially during the holidays. All of this can have a negative effect on our sleep schedule and correspondingly on our skin. Though it can be hard, making sure you stick to your regular sleep routine (or creating a new one) is one of the best things you can do for your body and your skin. 

Going to bed and waking up at a consistent time helps to set your body clock. This might seem a bit strange, but keeping a consistent sleep schedule will help to regulate hormones that are responsible for things like appetite stimulation and suppression. Going to bed early one night then extremely late the next will result in you craving sugary foods all day and extending into the week as your body tries to regulate itself. 

Waking up at the same time every day will help to regulate your body 

Waking up at the same time each day will help to increase your energy levels, leaving you more time to fit in a work out. Making sure you exercise regularly will of course have an effect on your body, but more importantly regular exercise helps you reach a deeper state of sleep. REM sleep is when our brains do their deepest “repairs”. 

Slow wave sleep is a chance for our bodies to reset and repair from the effects of daily life. This is when the antioxidants we’ve ingested really come into play, working hard to repair and replenish nutrients and counter the effects of free radicals. 

Boosting your sleep routine with support pillows will help to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage overnight. Adding the Beauty Pillow to your bedtime will help to increase circulation for a fuller, more youthful appearance. The Beauty Pillow’s patented design provides orthopedic support for your neck and spine and helps to restrict the movement of your head against your pillow, for anti aging sleep support. 

Adding extra support pillows like the Knee Pillow can help to actively support your lower back, hips and knees in sleep. As we age, leading an active lifestyle becomes even more important for bone and muscle health. However, as we age the collagen our bodies naturally produce starts to decline, leading to an increase in hard cartilage and the likelihood of strains or injuries. Supporting your body with a Knee Pillow by Beauty Pillow will help to promote circulation and reduce inflammation around joints and muscles. 

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The Knee Pillow can be used for active support when you’re back in the office or at your desk. Positioning the pillow to raise your knees can help to reduce the strain on your lower back  caused by long hours sitting. Or, placing it against your lumbar spine when seated can help to improve your posture, resulting in less lower back and shoulder strain. 


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