Silk Pillowcase Advantages: Level Up your Skincare!

Silk’s natural fibers are a perfect way to add a little luxury to your bedtime routine, but do you know the skin and hair benefits of sleeping on silk?

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What’s the difference between traditional pillowcases and silk pillow cases?

Traditional pillowcases are typically made out of cotton, cotton-polyester blends or other synthetic materials that tend to wear quickly, allowing them to become rough and uneven. The damaged surface of these pillowcases can increase friction as you move during the night, which is transferred to your face and hair. 

By contrast, the luxurious soft silk fibers maintain their shape and soft texture, even after repeated use. The natural fibers maintain their softness and smoothness, allowing your skin and hair to gently glide across the surface of your pillow throughout the night. 

This means, after consistent use, the benefits of sleeping on silk will be felt in smoother skin and softer, stronger hair. You’ll likely experience less breakouts, reduced redness and irritation. 

Skin that’s prone to breakouts, and acne are likely to see a marked improvement in the look and feel of the skin, especially in high contact areas like the cheeks and forehead after consistently sleeping on silk pillowcases.

Hair, especially curly hair will experience a visible improvement, as curls aren’t crushed against the harsh fabrics of lower quality pillowcases. Silk pillowcases help to reduce friction, helping to tame flyaways, reduce tangling and reduce hair breakage

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Silk Pillowcases benefit your skin and hair thanks to their naturally smooth fibers

Will my skincare routine really improve with a Silk Pillowcase?

Supplementing your existing skincare with a silk pillowcase will help to reduce redness and inflammation associated with cystic or hormonal acne that can be experienced well beyond the teenage years.

The benefits of sleeping on silk are boosted even more when you partner your silk pillowcase with Beauty Pillow’s Skin+ sleep technology. This patented fabric contains minuscule capsules that release antioxidant carotenoids while you sleep, helping to improve skin cell repair and regeneration. 

A variety of issues can contribute to acne and breakouts. Ensuring you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and maintain a consistent skincare routine will help to support your skin, even in the toughest times. 

Traditional pillowcases, made of cotton or synthetic materials tend to absorb water and excess oil or sebum from your hair and skin, which is then transferred on to your face and neck while you sleep. Silk fibers are naturally water repellent so water, oil and sebum aren’t absorbed into the pillowcase and then transferred to your skin.

This simple change can help to reduce your breakouts and acne flare ups, especially when partnered with an effective skincare routine, tailored to your skin type. 

Every skincare routine should support your skin’s natural pH levels and ensure your skin’s moisture barrier is maintained and nourished. Ensuring your skin is clear morning and night (especially after wearing makeup) and you apply sunscreen everyday will help to maintain a clear, youthful complexion for years to come!

How can I improve my sleep?

Sleep can be a funny thing. Sometimes when you need it most, it’s difficult to truly rest and other times you might feel sluggish due to oversleeping. As with most things in life, it’s all about balance.

Tips to sleep better from Beauty Pillow. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with cooling, soft and luxurious silk pillowcases from Beauty Pillow

Tips to sleep better!

Our tips to sleep better aren’t revolutionary, but they are necessary for a consistent sleep routine that helps to support your active lifestyle and your skincare routine. 

Though it can be hard with our modern lifestyle, switching off and calming down for at least 30 mins before bed is one of the best ways to signal the end of the day. Putting down your phone, tablet or computer will reduce your blue light exposure, helping signal to your nervous system that you’re ready for lights out. Instead of scrolling, try reading a book or on a device without blue light. 

Taking some time for yourself, without distractions is a great way to wind down mentally and physically. Lighting an aromatherapy candle and listening to soothing music while you do your skincare routine can help to set the mood and transition from an active day to a restful night.

Facial yoga can be a good way to reset your facial muscles after a long day and gently stretch tight muscles in the forehead, cheeks and along the jawline. Supporting facial yoga with the Beauty Pillow can help to elevate your skincare routine, alleviating overnight facial compression and reducing the appearance of fine line and deep set sleep wrinkles

Gently stretching your body after a long day can also be a great way to slow down, remove distractions and reconnect with yourself. As you stretch, take a minute to appreciate the activity your body has supported throughout the day.

Making a point to regularly stretch before bed will allow your body to feel more relaxed and limber before you get into bed. Supporting your spine with Beauty Pillow’s Knee Pillow can help to ease strained muscles and alleviate tension felt in the lumbar or sciatic regions of the spine. 

Whether you’re ready to switch the silk or looking to level up your health and wellness routine, Beauty Pillow’s Silk Pillowcases and Support Pillows are ready and waiting for you! Shop now!