What Skincare to Take on Holiday?

What skincare should you take on holiday? sticking to the basics is best with Beauty Pillow's Day Brightening Serum and Night Rejuvenating Serum for active skincare that nourishes and supports your moisture barrier

Holiday skincare at any time of year can be a bit of a pickle. What should you take and what should you leave? What needs to be decanted? What travels well? 

The thing about our skin and our skincare routines is that consistency is key. But, how can you be consistent when different climates and different activities are on the agenda? 

Beauty on the Go

Packing can be tricky. There’s weight limits, outfits choices and more to consider. One thing that every skincare and beauty lover can agree on: Beauty tools are a necessity. 

Luckily, some beauty tools are easy to transport. Packing your Gua Sha, your Silk Pillowcase and your Silk Eye Mask might feel extra, but who wants to be puffy on holiday?! 

Whether at home or away, making the time each day to nourish your skin with active serums is important in creating lasting skin health. Using a Gua Sha massage tool morning and evening will help your face depuff from excess salt, sugar and alcohol. 

Adding a serum to your gua sha routine will help the tool to glide more easily over the skin and help the actives to penetrate deeper. For morning radiance, add in the Beauty Pillow Brightening Day Serum

The Day Serum uses Liposomal Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol to brighten and hydrate the skin. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients!

Enjoy the brightening effects of Vitamin C for skin! Reduce hyperpigmentation, improve tone and texture with Beauty Pillow's Day Brightening Serum

What is Liposomal Vitamin C used for? 

In Skincare, there are many active ingredients. Vitamin C is a great active tool to use in the morning because it helps to protect the skin from free radicals and helps to brighten the skin. In serums and skincare, there is Ascorbic Acid and Liposomal Vitamin C. 

Ascorbic Acid is a very volatile ingredient. It oxidizes quickly, reducing its potency and efficacy. Liposomal Vitamin C on the other hand, is shelf stable, doesn’t oxidize and is easy to store or travel with. So, what does Liposomal Vitamin C do?

Just like other forms of Vitamin C, Liposomal Vitamin C brightens and evens skin tone! 

Can I use Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C?

Hyaluronic Acid is used to hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation. It’s an active that plays well with others, so partnering Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid in the same serum means your skin will be brighter and enjoy the hydrating effects of HA. 

It’s hydrating but is Hyaluronic Acid good for acne? Yes! Hyaluronic Acid is actually great for pretty much every skin type! 

People think that because acne results in spots and oiliness that acne prone skin doesn’t need moisture. The thing is, acne can develop when your skin is out of balance. Too much or too little hydration can actually lead to breakouts. 

A happy, moisturized skin barrier can help to keep acne prone skin in check, reducing breakouts. 

What is Panthenol?

Using Panthenol for skin care is a great way to prevent transepidermal water loss. Panthenol works to seal in moisture, for hydrated, smooth skin. 

Using Panthenol as part of your skincare routine will help your skin to feel smooth and supple. Regular use of Pantheol or serums containing Pantheol will help your makeup go on smoother, for a less textured finish, 

Power up your morning skincare routine with Liposomal Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol in Beauty Pillow's Day Brightening Serum

Sleeping for your Skin

Traveling with your face pillow to prevent wrinkles is a great way to boost your holiday skincare routine. But, if traveling with your Beauty Pillow is too much of a headache, why not boost your  pillow for skin care with a silk pillowcase? 

Enjoying a beauty sleep pillow leveled up with the benefits of a silk pillowcase will help nourish and protect your skin and hair, no matter the location. 

Are Silk Pillowcases good for skin?

Beauty Pillows and Silk Pillowcases are the ultimate match made in heaven. Using an elevated pillow like the Beauty Pillow will help to reduce puffiness by promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage

One Silk Pillowcase benefit (of many) is the reduction of snagging and hair pulling. Using a Silk Pillowcase hair will help to reduce tangling, pulling, scalp irritation and breakage. Those with curly hair will wake to find less frizziness thanks to reduced friction. Hair weaves and extensions might just last longer, and natural styles will likely experience less breakage from tangling. 

Silk Pillowcases are great because the soft, smooth fibers allow the hair to gently slide across the fabric while you sleep. 

The same is true for skin, but with the added bonus. Silk is naturally non-absorbent and moisture wicking. 

This means your Beauty Pillow Rejuvenating Night Serum will last longer and penetrate deeper into the skin. The silky fibers allow the soothing arnica extract to work its magic reducing inflammation and the Bio Bifida to gently exfoliate. You’ll wake with smoother, fresher skin everyday! 

Boost you skincare routine with Bio Bifida, Hyaluronic Acid and Arnica Extract with Beauty Pillow's Rejuvenating Night Serum

Traveling in Style: Silk Headbands, Silk Scrunchies and Silk Eye Masks

Traveling with a silk sleep mask is a great way to block light and other stimuli that can affect your sleep hygiene. The added bonus of using the best silk sleep mask is the cushioned padding inside! The cushioning is designed to block light and protect the delicate eye area from nightly compression. 

Use silk hair scrunchies like the Pure Silk Scrunchie or the Celebrity Scrunchie to keep your hair back when sleeping. Night silk hair scrunchies help to prevent breakage and pulling as you naturally move in your sleep. 

Silk hair ties easily take your look from night to day and back again, shop the collection here! 

Sleep on silk! Silk Scrunchies, pillowcases and sleep accessories made with 22 Momme Mulberry Silk nourish and protect your hair every night

Trouble sleeping? Lavender mist for pillows 

The Beauty Pillow Pillow Mist is a sleep pillow mist to bring you calm and reduce stress. Using environmental tools like the lavender pillow mist spray can help to make you feel comfortable, even in a new place. 

Spraying the Pillow Mist over your Beauty Pillow, your Silk Pillowcase or your bedding is an easy way to enjoy lavender aromatherapy at home.

Why not gently mist the scent over your Kimono satin? The women's satin Kimono Robe is light and easy to pack. The only question is: which one will you take? Midnight Black or Pearl White?