Beauty Pillow is designed to elevate your existing skin care and beauty routine and support your busy life. 

Adding Beauty Pillow to your bedtime routine will help to stimulate blood flow, support your head and neck comfortably and prevent the formation of deep set sleep wrinkles. Beauty Pillow was designed to be a premium, comfortable skin care boosting pillow. For the beauty sleep of your dreams, Beauty Pillow. 

How does Beauty Pillow compare to traditional pillows?

Traditional pillows lack the memory foam support of Beauty Pillow’s patented design. This lack of support increases the rate of nightly compression, meaning you can place up to 5 kilograms of pressure onto your delicate facial skin when you sleep. 

As we developed our anti wrinkle skincare pillow, we found out that existing skin tools for face and neck support often don’t address the cause of deep set sleep wrinkles that form from regular facial compression.

Repeated, extended use will increase the rate of sleep wrinkle development and increase the likelihood of your skin pulling as you move throughout the night. This pushing and pulling increases the appearance of deep set sleep wrinkles and fine lines while exacerbating facial puffiness from poor circulation. 

When designing Beauty Pillow’s patented sleep zones, we focused on creating a range of supportive sleep zones across the pillow. The unique design supports the delicate cervical vertebrae and cradles the head, preventing facial compression and promoting circulation. 

Beauty Pillow’s design creates the optimal facial position for anti-aging beauty sleep –  a face care tool for use at every age!

What can I partner my Beauty Pillow with?

Boosting your health and wellness goals at any age is easy with an effective sleep routine. Beauty Pillow is designed to help boost your skin with one of the best things for anti aging skincare: beauty sleep! 

Beauty Pillow’s patented design is best optimized with the Skin+ Pillowcover and a Silk Pillowcase designed to fit the specific dimensions of your Beauty Pillow. 

Activate your Sleep with Skin+ Sleep Technology

Skin+ is a dermatologically tested beauty technology fabric designed to rejuvenate and refresh your skin while you sleep. Formulated for use in pillows and mattresses, this patented fabric technology harnesses the power of probiotics, working to repair and restore tired skin cells while you sleep.

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Boost your skin and hair care with the natural benefits of silk pillowcases!

There are countless benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. The natural fibers of silk allow skin and hair to glide smoothly across the soft fabric. No snagging nor catching means reduced irritation, breakage and tangling. 

The benefits of silk for hair care are especially true for curly or typically frizzy hair. Silk is naturally moisture wicking, which reduces product and oil absorption, helping to reduce frizz and maximize product effectiveness, even in sleep! 

The skincare benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases are universal, no matter your skin type! Acne prone skin is likely to experience less breakouts and inflammation, thanks to the smooth, moisture wicking fabric absorbing and transferring less sebum and oil across the skin. Boosting the Skin+ anti aging pillowcase with a silk pillowcase will help reduce the appearance of fine lines as the delicate facial skin experiences less pulling and movement during sleep. 

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