Who Wants Youthful Skin and a Glowing Complexion?!

You’ve heard of fine lines and wrinkles, but what about sleep wrinkles? These deep set lines form thanks to overnight facial compression as we put pressure on the delicate skin of the face and neck as we sleep. 

Stop sleep wrinkles in their tracks with Beauty Pillow!

 Topical lotions and potions won’t help to alleviate these pesky wrinkles, so what can? Have you ever thought of trying a pillow for skin care? The anti aging pillow might seem like a fantasy but at Beauty Pillow, dreams become reality with the patented design of the anti aging Beauty Pillow

We’ll talk more about the Beauty Pillow’s patented design and sleep zones later. 

Before we discuss the effects of beauty sleep. We need to take a look at the lifestyle and environmental factors that can damage and prematurely age our skin. 

Everyday, our skin is exposed to free radicals and environmental stressors. No matter where you live, UV rays, pollution, stress, diet and exercise can all impact on the body's largest organ: the skin. 

A skin care routine that supports skin health and works to maintain your skin's natural moisture barrier doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s a lot of products on the market that make bold claims, without scientific backing. Creating a routine that gently cleanses the skin without stripping and that helps maintain moisture will help to keep the signs of aging at bay. 

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Clean Skin = Happy Skin

The first thing on your list when creating an anti aging routine is a gentle cleanser. A cleanser that breaks down dirt, oil and make up and leaves skin clean and refreshed while maintaining the moisture barrier is the holy grail of skin care products. When you find your must have cleanser let us know, we love to hear about your favorite products! 

After cleansing, depending on your skin type, some people like to go in with an active serum to help with age spots, address fine lines or even out the skin texture. Beginners should be wary of trying too many new products at once and should take care when mixing serums with active ingredients. 

Following on, moisturizing is a key step no skin type should miss. 

It’s an often told myth that oily skin shouldn’t moisturize. Did you know you could actually do more harm than good if you don’t moisturize? A moisturizer works to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Oily and combination skin could actually end up producing more sebum and oil to coat the skin and protect it from the external environment. 

Dry skin types might need something both quenching and occlusive, so that the skin cells are hydrated and the skin is maintained in a hydrating layer that sits comfortably on the skin. Finding a moisturizer that’s just right for your skin might seem like Goldilocks testing out all the beds, but we promise you’ll find the right fit for you eventually! 

One of the biggest contributors to the development of lines and wrinkles is sun exposure. Layering a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 (SPF 50 is better) over your moisturizer will be your number one weapon in your anti-aging arsenal. 

No matter how many silly facial expressions you pull on the daily, or how much you smile or frown, nothing will age and damage your skin the way the sun can. As with most things when it comes to our health and wellness routines, prevention is the best cure! 

Ensuring you cleanse and moisturize at the end of a long day will help to maintain your skin health and slow down the signs of skin aging. For many, nighttime is the best time to apply topical treatments that hydrate and help to nourish the skin. 

Taking some time at the end of the day to check in with yourself and nurture your skin is a great way to unwind before bed. It’s kind of like a meditation, allowing you to take stock of your day and how you’re feeling as you gently wash the day away. 

Gently exfoliate with the 100% Raw Silk Mitt from Beauty Pillow

 For those that need an extra skin cell boost, why not try sloughing off dead skin cells, dirt and make up with the 100% Raw Silk Mitt? This luxury physical exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells and excess dirt and oil that build up in your skin and can lead to breakouts. Depending on your skin type, you might exfoliate as little as once a week. The Raw Silk Face Mitt is gentle enough to add into your evening skincare regimen every day. 

Hitting the Hay

We’re here to tell you beauty sleep is real! And, it can be even better with the Beauty Pillow! 

Anti wrinkle pillows might sound a little odd, but did you know we spend one third of our lives asleep? And, did you know that during sleep we can put up to 5kg of pressure onto our face? Bet you never thought of your pillow as an aging pillow before! 

Beauty Pillow's patented design helps support your head and neck during sleep

The Beauty Pillow works to counteract this build up of pressure with its patented design. The Beauty Pillow features 6 sleep zones that work to elevate the head, support the neck, stimulate blood flow and reduce facial contact, all at once! 

The head cradle helps to position the head and reduce movement. The side cradles and face cradles help to reduce facial contact for side sleeping in comfort. These cradles reduce the amount of pressure placed on your cheeks, around the delicate eye area and over the jaw. The Cervical spine, upper head and neck support zones help to orthopedically align your spine, for an active sleep position that reduces pressure on joints and muscles. 

2 Big Wins When You Sleep With The Beauty Pillow!

Reducing facial contact while you sleep actually has 2 key benefits: reducing the impact of compression and reducing sleep wrinkles AND preserving and extending the impact of topical skincare treatments! 

In reducing the pressure and weight absorbed by your face overnight, the Beauty Pillow helps reduce the appearance of sleep wrinkles, morning puffiness and improves the look and feel of your skin. The elevated positioning of the head helps to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage, removing the facial fluid build up you see as puffiness. You’ll look and feel more alert, brighter and ready to tackle the day ahead. 

The side cutouts and head cradle help to support your head and face throughout the night. They also reduce the transference of expensive skin treatments, oil and sebum that collect on traditional pillows. Less transference means your skin serums, lotions and potions can penetrate more effectively into your skin, for greater efficacy instead of rubbing off onto your pillowcase. 

Speaking of pillowcases, have you tried the luxe glamor of sleeping on silk? It’s a real bedroom booster and a far cry from traditional cotton pillowcases that absorb all manner of sweat, moisture and product from your skin and hair. 

Making the switch to silk will help to support your nightly skincare routine. Silk’s naturally soft fibers are hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and allow skin and hair to glide smoothly across. Less breakouts, less redness and irritation and stronger, tangle free hair - need we say more?! Shop the Collection here

Switch to silk! Your skin and hair will thank you for years to come! Shop the Silk Collection at Beauty Pillow