Christmas Shopping Made Easy with Beauty Pillow!

Christmas Gift Giving Guide

It’s that time of year again!

The weather is changing, the tree is up and there’s a touch of excitement in the air.
Christmas parties are stacked up one after the other, but so too is the stress of an ever-growing Christmas shopping list – who invented Office Secret Santa anyway?!

What if we told you that this year (and every year), Christmas Shopping could be easy, stress free and, most importantly, done from the comfort of your own home?
Beauty Pillow’s Gift Guide Series is here to save you time, money and maybe help you find a little treat for yourself along the way!

Make Memories to Last Year Round with Beauty Pillow

This week, since planning ahead and being strategic at Christmas is key, we’re covering the big guns in this week’s Gift Guide. 
Think: Moms, Dads, Significant Others, Best Friends, and of course, YOU!

Anti Aging Beauty Pillow

The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow is perfect for anyone who loves sleep! The pillow is designed to help busy people make the most of their sleeping hours, so they can enjoy their waking hours more fully. The pillow is designed to reduce the impact of nightly facial compression, which can put up to 5 kilograms (that’s 11lbs!) of pressure onto your face and neck.

The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow’s patented design features 6 unique zones that help reduce the compression pressure you usually experience with ordinary pillows. 

Designed in collaboration with orthopedists, the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow supports your head and the delicate cervical vertebrae in your neck while you sleep, helping to relieve tension. The side and middle zones gently cradle the head while you sleep, reducing facial compression, reducing morning puffiness and preventing sleep wrinkles. 

The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow is made of high quality VISCO memory foam, which means it’s pliable but supportive, perfect for a good night’s sleep. 
It’s the perfect Christmas gift – don’t forget to get one for yourself!




Chest Pillow

The Chest Pillow might look a little strange, but the Chest Pillow is surprisingly comfortable and supports the wearer for a supportively cushioned sleep. 

The Chest Pillow is designed to relieve the pressure that can occur while sleeping, helping to reduce neck, back, shoulder and chest pain. The Chest Pillow gently caresses the delicate décolletage area.

The Chest Pillow can provide extra support:

  • Post surgery
  • When breastfeeding
  • For breast sensitivity

Give the gift of supported sleep this Christmas.




Knee Support Pillow

The Knee Pillow is the perfect gift for the person who has everything! The Knee Pillow is designed to support the lower back and legs in sleep, perfect for those who spend long hours sitting at their desk, standing on their feet for long hours or those who need something to support their active lifestyle. 

Ensuring that you sleep in the right position every night will help you and your loved ones wake up every morning feeling refreshed and revitalised. 

The Knee Support Pillow, like our Anti Aging Beauty Pillow is encased in Skin+ Sleep Technology Fabric, which releases antioxidants while you sleep, helping to repair and revitalize your skin cells from the outside in.