New Year Goals with Beauty Pillow!

Enjoy the best tips for health and wellness goals in the new year with Beauty Pillow's range of well aging sleep pillows, mulberry silk accessories and new sleep mist!

It’s really normal to want to take a look back over your year and start planning for what lies ahead. When taking stock of your achievements, we often have an all or nothing approach. This approach can swing to the toxically positive or the alarmingly negative. 

In terms of your year in review, how do you think you did?

Did you meet your goals?

How do you quantify your goals? Is it time spent or by results?

We think it’s best to quantify things in terms of progress towards overall goals versus the total completion of a goal.

If you spent about 8 hours a night sleeping, that’s almost 3000 hours of beauty sleep in one year! Getting enough beauty sleep will differ from person to person. We’ve loved being with you to maximize your glow, boost your health and wellness and improve your sleep quality! 

As human beings, our needs and wants are more transient than we think, especially when we’re writing our goals and to do lists. What we need mentally, emotionally and physically might change from season to season and even minute to minute. 

One thing will always remain the same! The human need to sleep and how our body and mind benefits from improved sleep quality! 

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Looking Ahead! New Year, New Goals?

Looking ahead into the new year, your goals often seem eerily similar year after year. What if, this year, you work on shifting your mindset to one that celebrates your body and helps it to function at its best? 

Aiming to improve your sleep is one of the best ways to improve almost every other facet of your life. Sleep helps your brain to function at its best, improving recall, concentration, cognitive thinking and productivity. 

Boosting your sleep efficacy by supporting your body in sleep will help to reduce muscle tension and improve energy levels. Having more energy will help you work towards your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, create a skincare routine or improve your flexibility, sleeping well will help you stay consistent. 

So, what are the best tools to use to boost your energy and improve your sleep hygiene

Enjoy the anti wrinkle benefits of the Beauty Pillow, for improved sleep hygiene and more energy year round!

Sleeping Your Way to Better Health? 

The Beauty Pillow is the best rated anti wrinkle pillow but it's so much more! This specially designed facial pillow does more than just prevent sleep wrinkles. What makes the Beauty Pillow special is the patented sleep zones using the best pillow anti wrinkle technology. 

The head cradle and side cutouts prevent excessive movement and help to reduce facial compression. The neck support zones and cervical neck support zones work to support the head and neck in sleep. This support helps to reduce pressure along the cervical vertebrae helping to stretch and elongate the spine, preventing tech neck. 

For added skincare support, the Skin+ is the best pillowcase for face and neck care. The Skin+ releases antioxidant carotenoids that work to restore skin by encouraging collagen production. For an alternative to Skin+, why not try the best silk pillowcase for wrinkles, the Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow

This 22 Momme pure silk pillowcase uses Premium Turkish Mulberry Silk fibers. These fibers are strong and delicate for regular use for your hair and skin. The Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow fastens with a back zipper to prevent the pure silk pillowcase from slipping and moving on the pillow. 

Using a standard silk pillowcase for your traditional pillow will help your skin and hair as they slide across the fabric in the night. The silken fibers are coated in sericin, which helps to nourish and protect skin and hair, naturally. 

Sleep easy with a light blocking, eye protecting Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask, available in 6 colours only at Beauty Pillow!

Adding a Silk Sleep Mask to your bedtime routine is a simple way to improve your sleep hygiene. Perfect for dorm rooms, travel or reducing light sensitivity, using the best silk sleep mask will help to protect your delicate eye area. The cushioned padding reduces light sensitivity, helps products penetrate deeper into the skin and prevents dark circles forming overnight. 

Getting Physical 

Improving your sleep hygiene with the best sleep support tools should stop at your head. Getting physical is often one of our top goals, especially after the excesses of the festive season. 

Supporting your body through any physical change starts in bed! 

The Beauty Pillow works to elevate the head and neck, promoting better circulation and lymphatic drainage. What about below the neck?

The Anti Wrinkle Chest Pillow is designed to be worn as a pillow bra to support a heavy chest and reduce sleep wrinkles from developing

The Chest Pillow is designed to support your chest and décolletage by reducing the appearance of sleep wrinkles. The cushioned cleavage wrinkle fighting pillow is encased in a silk-satin blend and features adjustable straps, like an anti wrinkle bra pillow. 

The padding sits between the breasts, working to prevent sleep wrinkles and asymmetry.

Who would need a cleavage wrinkle pillow? Women!

It’s about more than sleep wrinkles. In sleep, we toss and turn. It’s natural to favor one side. This can lead to sleep wrinkles and micro tears in the breast tissue that reduce the skin's elasticity.

Consistently favoring one side in sleep can also lead to neck, shoulder and back pain. Using the Chest Pillow can help to reduce muscular pain by ensuring your breasts are supported overnight. 

Using the Knee Pillow for side sleeping helps to align the spine and alleviate joint pressure overnight

Favoring one side can lead to strain and tension in our joints and muscles, especially in the lower back. Using the best knee pillow for lower back pain by placing the pillow between the knees for side sleepers helps to align the spine in sleep. 

The Knee Pillow can be used as a knee sleeping pillow between the legs or thighs to reduce joint compression. As a knee rest pillow to elevate the legs, reducing lumbar strain from sitting or standing for long periods. Placing the best knee pillow for side sleepers on your list of must-have gym recovery tools is our top tip for starting your fitness journey off on the right foot this year! 

Spritz lavender scented Pillow Spray over your Beauty Pillow for a calm, deep sleep every night

Where to Start? 

Like the sound of our tips and tools for the new year but not sure how to put the pieces together? Take a minute to journal and plan. You can go tech and create an interactive journal, take voice notes on your phone or use a classic pen and paper. 

Planning out your goals, your time and being realistic is the best way to set things into action.

The next step tends to be the hardest: starting! Instead of waiting til the new year, why not start now?! Try something easy to get the ball rolling!

If you’re looking for an easy way to start improving your sleep hygiene, why not start with setting the mood? Creating an inviting environment is one of the best ways to get you in the mood to sleep. Slip into the Beauty Pillow Silk- Sateen Kimono and take a minute to journal, try out some Gua Sha massage or spritz your bedding with a lavender haze. 

The Beauty Pillow Pillow Mist is a lavender oil spray that helps to soothe and calm before bed. Now lavender essential oil has been used for centuries as a stress reliever, so misting your bedding is a great way to set the mood at home. 

Adding a Silk Pillowcase is a great way to add an inviting texture to your pillow to avoid face wrinkles. Using Silk and the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow will help you wake up free of sleep creases and puffiness. 

Sleep on silk for skin and hair care year round!

For a wrinkle free face pillow and other sleep tools and accessories, shop the Collections today!