Selfcare for the Holidays: Thanksgiving Retreat

Self care for the holidays. How will you selfcare this Thanksgiving with silk accessories and sleep tools from Beauty Pillow

We’ve had friendsgiving food, now we’re onto Thanksgiving! 

Aside from plenty of mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving Day can be a difficult time. Getting together with family is a lot different to catching up with friends. Old rivalries, tensions and stresses tend to come into play more fully at the holidays. 

It’s Ok to Take a Break! 

We believe in being kind to yourself year round. Over the holidays this is true ten-fold! As past issues resurface, it can be harder to let go and truly enjoy the day. Spending time with loved ones is great. It boosts our mental and emotional health and meets our social needs. 

But spending too much time with family at any time of year can be draining. Giving yourself permission to enjoy self care holidays over the holidays is the best advice we can give to survive Turkey Day. 

Trick or treating might be all over for another year, but who said you can’t go for a walk around the block? Taking a Hot Fall Walk is a great way to release stress and pent up energy - not to mention working off some of the calories from the endless side dishes! 

Just like Elle Woods said “Exercise releases endorphins. Happy people don’t kill people”!

Taking a stroll is a sure-fire way to boost your mood when the going gets tough. For those interested in more strenuous exercise - Thanksgiving 5 mile anyone? We recommend a spot of active recovery with our Knee Pillow

The memory foam knee pillow is the perfect addition to your active lifestyle at any time of the year! The knee and leg posture pillow is perfect for side sleepers. The side sleeping knee pillow can be used between the knees, thighs or ankles to relieve lumbar and sciatic tension. Especially important after a long run or being on your feet cooking for long periods of time! 

If taking a break to you means something less active, why not try getting in a quick pre-Turkey nap? The holiday season might make you want to curl up into the fetal position, but this isn’t great for your body. 

Adding support pillows like the anti wrinkle Beauty Pillow and Chest Pillow will help you get comfy and get some much-deserved shut eye. 

Anti aging sleep support with the Chest Pillow and Beauty Pillow. Boost your sleep with luxe silks from Beauty Pillow

The anti ageing pillow is about more than just sleep wrinkles. The memory foam pillow provides cervical neck support with the patented cervical neck sleep zone. The orthopedic pillow helps to reduce muscle tension and strain, all while you sleep! 

Glam it! 

To achieve that holiday glow beauty look it’s all about the base! We talk about the connection between skincare and beauty and sleep a lot because it’s true! The beauty sleep pillow and partner sleeping bra or Chest Pillow are the perfect partners for wrinkle prevention. 

Getting glam even when you’re low on sleep is easy, regardless of age or wrinkles! The Beauty Pillow Silk Accessories range features Silk-Satin Kimono Style Dressing Gowns that are lightweight and breathable. These easy to transport robes are a simple way for you to bring the glam, no matter where you are. 

Getting ready in the Midnight Black or Pearl White Kimono robe will help you feel like a star and help you protect your outfit (pre dinner, anyway). 

Premium Turkish Mulberry Silks are the perfect partners for well aging sleep care

Using Silk Hair Scrunchies to keep your hair back when glamming, cooking or resting is a quick and easy way to keep the glam going at every moment. Silk’s natural fibers are soft and smooth, meaning no catching or snagging. Hair is protected from breakage and stress, no matter the type or texture. 

Eat and Give Thanks! 

Thanksgiving is about more than just a meal. It’s a time to come together with family and loved ones. It can be tough to have a thanksgiving without a loved one, so make sure you check in on those who’ve lost someone - especially after the last few years. 

This holiday is really about community. Coming together to give thanks for all that you have, all that’s still to come and to celebrate the wins or commiserate the losses with your loved ones. Taking the time to express gratitude is something we don’t do often enough. 

If you’re looking to create a consistent self care routine for any time of the year, taking a moment to be thankful is a great way to embrace a Thanksgiving tradition on a personal level. Using a gratitude journal can help to ease the stresses of the day and remind you of the positives. 

Journaling can be a great way to start or end your day, it really depends on your routine and your daily needs. Unwinding with a journal practice can help to relax the mind and relieve stress before you fall asleep. On the other hand, it can be a great way to set your intentions and motivate yourself for the day ahead. 

Wake up everyday after enjoying the beauty sleep of your dreams with Beauty Pillow's range of well aging pillows for skin and hair care

We’ve got more holiday self care tips for the end of the year, don’t forget to share this with your friends! 

Shop the Pillow and Silk Collections at Beauty Pillow this holidays, retail therapy is the best form of year round self care!