Trouble Sleeping? How to Improve Your Sleep Quality with Beauty Pillow!

Improve your sleep with tips from Beauty Pillow! How to sleep better with sleep support pillows.


Everybody needs sleep, it’s our body’s chance to reset and repair itself, it gives our mind a chance to rest. For some, sleep problems are a regular occurrence. Learn how to improve your overall sleep quality with Beauty Pillow!

Poor Sleep Quality

There are many reasons people experience short or prolonged periods of poor sleep quality. Some are prone to sleep problems when they’re stressed or anxious over something and often find that once the issue is resolved they can finally get some decent shut eye. Often, poor diet and exercise are contributing factors in people experiencing sleep issues. Too much work, too many obligations and busy lifestyles often mean that what’s best for us gets left behind. Ensuring you have a balanced diet and enjoy moderate exercise a few times a week will help to create a healthy base line from which to start your sleep improvement journey.

Improving Sleep Quality

Life is all about balance. It can be a difficult task to achieve and it can easily get thrown off course. Improving sleep quality is also all about balance. Doing anything to excess will create an imbalance - if you over exercise you’re likely to strain your muscles and do more damage than good. The same rule applies with improving your sleep quality. 

Incremental Change

Making small, consistent changes to your daily life will likely have a significant impact in the long term. Take a look at your diet. Do you drink a lot of alcohol? What about caffeine? Reducing stimulants after a certain point in the evening or limiting consumption to only a few days a week is a more sustainable course of action than cutting things out completely. Plus, what’s life without a little pleasure? 

Reducing stimulants before bed isn’t confined to your diet. Bright lights and blue light from telephone, tablet and computer screens can disrupt your circadian rhythm by tricking your brain into thinking it's still day time, meaning you switch off later. Try cutting your screen time down before bed in increments of 10 to 15 minutes. 

As a replacement, you could try reading a book, listening to calming music, gently stretching, mediation or journaling. Some people find their sleep quality is improved by diving into a novel, others enjoy taking some time at the end of the day to reset and connect with themselves as an act of self care. Journaling and meditation are excellent ways to sieve off the strains, stresses and excitement of the day, helping to calm the mind before bed. No more tossing and turning over what you could have said or done differently, it’s all been pondered and passed over, for calmer dreams (of getting the last word!).

 Enjoy sleep support with the Chest Pillow, Knee Pillow and Silk Collection

Sleep Support

Sleep support might sound like a bit of an alien concept, but if throw pillows are a thing, why not functional support pillows?! Beauty Pillow’s range of sleep support pillows are designed to activate your sleep, for a deeper more restful sleep. 

The Beauty Pillow’s patented design features 6 sleep zones. Designed to support your skin care regime, the Beauty Pillow gently cradles the head and supports the delicate cervical spine throughout the night, reducing facial compression, skin pulling and helping to reduce the appearance of deep set sleep wrinkles. 

Partnering the Beauty Pillow with the Skin+ Pillowcase and Silk Pillowcase is a must for any skin care enthusiast. Skin+ is a revolutionary sleep technology infused with microcapsules that release probiotic carotenoids while you sleep. The antioxidants are released and attach to skin even through bedding fabric or clothing, helping to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin cells. The Skin+ Pillowcase will boost your nightly skincare routine, helping to increase the efficacy of topical creams, serums and treatments. 

Adding a silk pillowcase can help bring a splash of luxury to your bedtime - making getting into bed a much more pleasurable experience to look forward to at the end of a busy day. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking, meaning treatments aren’t absorbed into the material, saving you money and maximizing the effects of topical treatments.

Skin+ features antioxidant probiotics to boost your overnight skincare routine

What is Active Sleep?

We talk a lot about activating your sleep at Beauty Pillow. It might seem like an oxymoron, but the concept of an active sleep is not a new one. Using support pillows to elevate your head and neck can help to improve circulation, reducing morning puffiness. Using a Knee Pillow while you sleep can help to improve your sleep by working to align your spine, reducing tension and pressure on your joints and lower back. A Chest Pillow can help take the pressure of a heavy chest off your shoulders and upper back while you sleep, simultaneously helping to reduce asymmetry and the development of deep set sleep wrinkles in the chest and lower neck. Learn more about sleeping with a Chest Pillow here! 

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