Turn into Sleeping Beauty with Beauty Pillow

Turn into sleeping beauty with the ultimate at home beauty sleep tools

There’s more to Sleeping Beauty than just the dragon, the prince and the pin prick. In the movies and the stories, she’s sleeping so still and silently, not a hair out of place. It’s the kind of sleep many people would be envious of. 

The ability to sleep peacefully and beautifully through all that noise? Sign us up! 

Although the world outside might not be full of dragons and evil witches, there are plenty of distractions that can affect our sleep hygiene. Interruptions reduce our sleep quality and prevent us from moving through the light to deep sleep cycles our bodies and brains need to function at their prime. 

Creating a nightly routine with supportive pillows, a sleeping beauty pillow case, comfy yet stylish pajamas and chic silk accessories and dressing gowns might seem a bit excessive, but in an age of chaos, why not? 

Getting the Sleep you need

Get the sleep you need at every age with Beauty Pillow

As we age our sleep patterns change. When we’re young taking a nap is the ultimate punishment, as we move through our late 20’s and beyond, a nap is a true treat! As women, we also need significantly more sleep than men, thanks to how our hormones are created and regulated. 

Establishing a sleep routine doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair, unless you want it to be. Creating an inviting space in your bedroom might mean lower lights, aromatherapy (we recommend lavender oil), taking a bath and meditating. Or, you might enjoy exercising, listening to music and reading a book or journaling. 

How you set the mood is up to you. The key things to remember are: consistency and reducing blue light exposure where you can. 

When we go to bed around the same time every night, we’re giving our brains and bodies the signal that they can start to rest and recover. 

Blue light from our phone screens, tablets and computers are a true challenge for our bodies. The light plays tricks on our circadian rhythm, meaning we stay up later, resulting in less sleep and feelings of fatigue that stretch well into the next day. 

When we’re in an inconsistent cycle powered by the blue light bricks in our hand, it shows. You might notice after a late night you have less energy and stamina. You’re also more likely to look tired and puffy and we’re more likely to get sick. 

Making simple changes to your nightly routine can help to boost your sleep routine. Adding simple, functional tools like anti-aging pillows, silk pillowcases, a comfy silk pajama suit and using silk accessories are easy ways to improve your sleep. 

Choosing the right sleep tools

Partner your anti aging Beauty Pillow with the right tools like a Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow or the Skin+ Pillowcase

The key differences between a standard pillow and an anti-aging pillow are the design and the ultimate function. The Beauty Pillow’s patented design features 6 unique sleep zones to position the head and neck comfortably and reduce excessive movement overnight. 

Used especially as an anti aging pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers, the Beauty Pillow’s head cradle and side cut outs help to position the head and reduce facial compression while you sleep. With traditional pillows, every night you push your face into the pillow, which compresses the face, causing sleep wrinkles to develop along the lines of contact. 

Sleep wrinkles aren’t another myth designed to scare, they’re deep set lines caused by nightly compression. Expression lines and wrinkles follow the muscles of the face and the movement of skin as we age. Sleep wrinkles lay underneath these lines and can’t be treated with topical or cosmetic treatments. 

The Beauty Pillow’s design also slightly elevates the head and neck. This elevation helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation, increasing lymphatic drainage, for a puff free face each morning. Partner sleeping on a Beauty Pillow with a facial massage tool like a Gua Sha for a firmer, slimmer face. 

Getting to the muscles

Partnering your bedtime routine with Well Aging Support Pillows can improve your sleep

Using nightly Orthopedic Sleep Support tools might seem like the first step into the retirement home, but did you know the Beauty Pillow also features orthopedic support? 

The elevation paired with the head positioning, neck and cervical neck support zones help to align the spine in sleep. This alignment helps to reduce strain and tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. 

It’s a great tool for desk workers or students who hunch at their desks. The cervical neck zone helps to reduce the impact of tech neck (the hunch we get from looking down at our phones and computer screens). 

Supporting your lumbar and sciatic regions with a homemade pajama pillow, a rolled up blanket or a standard pillow under legs is a thing of the past thanks to the especially designed Knee Pillow. 

The Knee Pillow is perfect for sleeping in any position but is especially helpful for side sleepers who place additional strain on their hip, knee and shoulder joints in sleep. Using the Knee Pillow between the legs or under the knee can help to reduce muscle strain and tension while you sleep. You’ll wake up feeling rested, without muscle cramping or stiffness. 

For ladies, using a tool like the Chest Pillow is a simple but effective solution to wrinkle in breast areas and the lower neck. The Chest Pillow provides cushioned support, reducing sleep wrinkles and preventing chest asymmetry from sleeping on one side. An added benefit? Reducing muscle strain through the neck and shoulders. 

Using a sleep well pillow system is a great way to boost your sleep hygiene by improving your sleep efficacy. 

Small sleep hygiene tools

Try the spicey Cinnamon Pajama Short Set from the Beauty Pillow x House of Silk Collab

Not every tool for improving your sleep quality is big and bold. Making small changes like the switch to silk can help with things like temperature regulation, reducing allergic reactions and blocking external distractions. 

Do silk pillowcases make you sweat?

No! In fact, silk threads are perfect for temperature regulation year round. Beauty Pillow’s Silk Pillowcases use only Premium 22 Momme Turkish Mulberry Silk. That means the silk fibers are woven closely together to make them strong yet loose enough to create pockets of air insulation. The result is a naturally temperature regulating fabric you can travel with! 

Are Silk Pillowcases good for the whole family? A silk pillowcase allergy is highly unlikely. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal.

Unlike traditional cotton pillowcases, the luxurious Turkish silk pillows in the Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcase Collection, don’t pull and tug at your skin and hair. The Silk Collection features Premium Turkish Mulberry Silk which is naturally non absorbent and moisture wicking, so your hair and skincare products go further. 

Skin is cleaner and sleep is deeper with one simple switch! 

A whole body experience…

Shop the Scarlett Silk Bodysuit, perfect for day or night

Sleeping in Silk Pajamas is a luxurious experience at any age. The naturally soft, smooth fibers gently caress the skin as you move in your sleep. Silk’s delicate fibers help to reduce skin irritation, making them perfect for post summer sun and dry winter skin. 

The Beauty Pillow x House of Silk Collab features two Silk Pajama Sets sure to help you enjoy the beauty sleep of your dreams. 

Layering your luxe PJ’s with a sleep kimono like the Beauty Pillow Silk-Satin Kimono Style Dressing Gown in Midnight Black or Pearl White is the ultimate in glamor. 

These silky dressing gowns are perfect to layer your look morning and night and help to set the mood. Whether you’re unwinding and getting ready to sleep or setting your intentions over your morning brew, the Silk-Satin Kimono is the perfect loungewear. 

Partner with a soft pillow scrunchie for nighttime or the ruched headband for daytime glam. 

Creating a sleeping routine is important at any age. Feel like sleeping beauty with Well Aging Pillows, Silk Sleepwear and Silk Accessories by Beauty Pillow!

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