Well Aging: Positive Body Image with Beauty Pillow

Well aging is all about a holistic appraoch to health and wellness, join us for Gentle January this new year!

It’s the New Year! Usually this means flocking to crowded gyms, forcing ourselves into unrealistic and unsustainable routines. We’re told over and over again that our bodies aren’t good enough, slim enough, strong enough. 

What if this year, we just… didn’t? 

What if this year, instead of punishing our body, we nurtured it? 

At Beauty Pillow, we like to follow the principles of Well Aging. That is, that our body in any shape and size is something to look after. Our life and our lifestyles are supported by activity, sleep and diet but also by community and social networks. 

We need a community around us to feel strong and nourished and nurtured, just as we need moments of self care to look and feel our best. That’s why we created the Gentle January Selfcare ‘Challenge’. 

We want to create a space where the Beauty Pillow Community can share how they practice selfcare. 

We’re looking forward to sharing our tips and tools in our blogs on Hey Beauty!, in our Newsletters via email and on our social media. 

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Activity For Every Body

The thing about New Year's Resolutions: they’re really hard to maintain long term. When we set goals, we tend to set our sights on really lofty ambitions. It’s great to have an end goal, but when that goal seems so far away it’s easy to become discouraged. 

Creating small, daily and weekly goals to ease into a new fitness routine is the best way to create a new habit. Did you know it takes 21 days or 3 weeks to establish a habit and only 3 days to break it?

Creating a new health and wellness plan needs to take in your current activity level, your work or school routine and your sleep routine. In any new routine, sleep should form the backbone of your goal setting. 

It might seem a bit strange to start in the bedroom, but without the right amount of sleep for you and your body, you’re more likely to suffer an injury or feel flat and unmotivated. Boosting your 8 hours with a tool like the Beauty Pillow, you’re doing more than just using a pillow for anti wrinkle skincare. 

Orthopedic support for back and neck support, Beauty Pillow's elevation boosts circulation for a brighter, fresher complexion

The Beauty Pillow’s slight elevation helps to align the spine, providing orthopedic support to the cervical vertebrae, shoulders and back. Enjoying more supported sleep, means you’ll enjoy deeper, more restful sleep and will have more energy for active pursuits. 

When you start a new routine, even if it’s on the gentler side, it’s normal to feel soreness and stiffness in your muscles. Using a pillow for the legs like the Knee Pillow can help with active recovery. The Knee Pillow can be used between the knees or legs for side sleepers or under the legs to reduce strain. 

Elevating the legs at rest can help to align the spine and take the pressure off joints and tendons, speeding up your daily recovery. 

Sleep As Recovery Tool

Using a leg pillow for side sleeping is a great way to boost active recovery. In sleep, our bodies repair and reset at a cellular level. 

Our brains go through stages of sleep from light to slow wave to REM sleep cycles. Each of these cycles serves a distinct function, it's where memories and emotional ties are firmly secured, where complex information is distilled and stored. 

In sleep, our hormone cycles are regulated, affecting our digestion, our appetite and even our heart and kidney function. Have you ever noticed, when you’re operating on low sleep you’re more hungry and more likely to reach for foods high in sugar or fat? This is because our bodies haven’t cycled through the stages for digestion and appetite suppression. 

When we’re tired, our muscles and bodies are physically tighter and strained. Without intense periods of sleep our muscles don’t have the chance to repair and reset from the day. Boosting our sleep time with active recovery tools like the Beauty Pillow, the Knee Pillow and the Chest Pillow can help our muscles in sleep. 

Sleep support for the breasts, neck and shoulders with the Chest Pillow by Beauty Pillow

The Chest Pillow is more than just a chest wrinkles pillow. Worn as a padded pillow bra, the Chest Pillow features a silk-satin blend covering and adjustable straps to fit your unique shape. Using the Chest Pillow as a nighttime support pillow can help to relieve muscle tension and stress through the neck and shoulders. 

The cushioned padding sits between the breasts to prevent compression and strain in movement. This reduces muscle strain through the shoulders and into the back and helps to reduce the appearance of deep set sleep wrinkles in the chest and lower neck. 

For more luxurious nightly skincare support, adding a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to your bed will help to improve your sleep hygiene and support your skin. The benefits of a silk pillowcase for skin care go beyond the luxurious texture. 

Using a silk pillowcase as part of your skincare routine will reduce friction that causes skin irritation and prevent oil, sebum and product transference. Silk’s naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties will help to boost your sleep hygiene. Reducing the likelihood of sleep disturbances from allergies overnight.  

Positive Effects Of Sleep For Glowing Skin 

Enjoying sleep and maximizing your rest should be a top goal for 2023. Harnessing the advantages of a face wrinkle pillow like the Beauty Pillow combined with the advantages of a silk pillowcase will help you glow year round. 

Sleeping on Silk reduces skin and hair pulling, for fresher, clearer skin and hair year round

Maximizing your time in bed and leaning into the slow girl mantra will help you to build positive routines for your health and wellness. With better sleep your skin will glow, your hair will shine and you’ll have the energy to achieve more than you dreamed possible. 

Join us for Gentle January to enter your glow era!