Selfcare for the Holidays: The Best Couples Sleeping Positions for Cuffing Season

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We’ve all seen the cuffing season memes, we know it’s here! The time of year when we’re thinking about staying warm and cozying up with someone special just as much as our holiday skincare routine. 

When you’re snuggling or Netflix and chilling, things turn to the bedroom. When you’re used to sleeping solo, it can be pretty normal to get into all manner of weird sleeping positions. So, what is a good sleeping position? And, more importantly, what are the best sleeping positions for couples?

Couple Sleeping Positions

Depending on your cuffing season schedule and your particular cuffing season rules, it’s pretty likely you’ll end up sleeping in the same bed. This can lead to a whole host of problems, especially when it comes to lower back pain flare ups through the lumbar and sciatic regions. 

A support pillow might not be the sexiest or most glamorous bedroom accessory, but getting into the best sleeping position for lower back pain isn’t an easy task. Using a back support pillow like the Knee Pillow by Beauty Pillow will help to reduce sciatic and lumbar flare ups. 

The Knee Pillow is a great side sleeper support pillow. This unique bed support pillow can be used in just about any sleep position. 

Side sleepers can use the pillow between their knees or higher up between the thighs for a hip support pillow that takes the pressure off the hip, thighs and lower back. The pillow can be positioned under the knee to align one side of the body more fully in sleep. 

For back sleepers, using the Knee Pillow as a  lumbar support pillow by raising the legs slightly in sleep can help to reduce muscle and joint strain. Sleeping in this position, with the legs slightly raised at the thighs or knees can help create the optimal sciatica sleeping position. 

Knee Pillow support for lumbar and sciatic tension by Beauty Pillow

They might not be the sexiest sleeping positions but couples sleeping together in real life is rarely the best sleeping position for your body. Don’t believe everything you see on the latest Netflix release! 

For those that experience more neck, shoulder and upper back pain, adding a cervical support pillow can help to boost your sleep, relieving strain and tension. The Beauty Pillow is more than just an anti wrinkle beauty pillow. 

Not all beauty pillows are made equal. The Beauty Pillow is made of high quality VISCO memory foam that molds to your shape but remains firm and supportive all night long. 

The Beauty Pillow’s unique design will help you get into the best sleeping position for neck pain. The patented sleep zones feature memory foam neck support for the delicate cervical spine. The head positioning cradle prevents excessive movement in sleep, reducing skin pulling. 

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What makes the Beauty Pillow anti wrinkle? 

Coupling up is something the Beauty Pillow does well! While there’s no true proper pillow position for sleeping, the best position for you and your partner might just be the sleeping beauty pillow position. 

If you’re looking for the best long term skincare support, the Beauty Pillow is your perfect partner! Couples can benefit from the boosted skin and beauty benefits especially when sleeping on the side and back. 

The patented design supports the head and reduces facial compression while supporting the neck, alleviating tech neck strain and tension. Partnering the Beauty Pillow with a Silk Pillowcase will help to reduce skin pulling and scalp irritation. 

Silk’s naturally soft, smooth fibers reduce the amount of tension and friction experienced as you move in the night. This is ideal for hair extensions and weaves and an easy preventative measure for ladies and gents concerned about tension hair loss. 

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Ladies will love the breast pillow or Chest Pillow. The perfect partner for long term cozy situationships, the Chest Pillow is a pillow for in between breasts. It might sound crazy, but this soft, cushioned pillow is the perfect partner for anyone with boobs. 

Sure to become your breast friend pillow, the Chest Pillow sits between the breasts to provide relief for tired neck and shoulder muscles, prevent sleep wrinkles, and prevent asymmetry. The breast pillow for side sleepers can help support the chest in any position. 

Perfect for breast reduction recovery, post enhancement recovery, new Moms or periods of sensitivity, the Chest Pillow boosts overnight comfort. 

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Why Do Couples Sleep In The Same Bed?

Boosting your comfort in bed doesn’t have to be awkward. Make sure your significant other is aware of your needs to make this cuffing season the best ever! 

Getting a solid nights supported sleep is essential to daily functioning. We all need social relationships and human connection. Being intimate with a partner is about much more than sex. Letting your guard down and being vulnerable in sleep is a great way to connect and enrich your connection. 

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