Getting Some Shut Eye: Sleep Mask Benefits

It’s a very chic look, the silk sleep mask. If it’s good enough for Audrey Hepburn, all of us mere mortals are sure to benefit from a silk eye mask for sleeping! Whether you’re looking for a chic and soft alternative to traditionally scratchy travel eye masks or looking for an effective way to block out light and get a solid night’s sleep, a Silk Eye Mask  is the perfect option!


Silk Eye Masks for sleeping are available in a range of colors at Beauty Pillow

Sleeping with eye covers can be uncomfortable for some, others find the removal of excess light and distractions a necessity for deep, restful sleep. 

Beauty Pillow’s Silk Eye Mask, like all of Beauty Pillow’s Silk Accessories, are made of the highest quality silk. This is key in ensuring a comfortable accessory you can wear throughout the night, with no chafing or pulling around the delicate eye area. 

Silk is a naturally soft and luxurious fabric that gently glides across the skin as you put on or take off your eye mask. The mask can be worn regardless of your sleeping position and can help to support an active skincare routine by reducing the impact of friction from your traditional pillow or pillowcase. 

Traditional pillows allow your body to compress onto your face, while cotton or poly blend pillowcases can pull and tug at the skin around the eye area as you move in your sleep. Using a Silk Eye Mask when you sleep can help to reduce the friction and pulling the skin around the eyes and upper cheeks and help to cushion the delicate eye area from experiencing heavy compression from side or stomach sleeping. 


Level up your skincare with Beauty Pillow and Skin+

We recommend boosting your sleep routine with the Beauty Pillow! Its patented sleep zones help to reduce overnight facial compression and contact with your pillow while you sleep. Reducing overnight compression can help to reduce the appearance of deep set sleep wrinkles and alleviate morning puffiness, especially around the eyes. 

Adding a Skin+ Pillowcase, topped with a Silk Pillowcase will level up your skincare routine. Skin+ sleep technology fabric is infused with probiotic micro capsules that release carotenoids as you move in your sleep. These antioxidants help to repair and replenish skin cells, for a fresh, rejuvenated complexion. Adding a silk pillowcase to your bedtime routine not only brings some luxury to your bed, but can help to support your skin and hair care routines by reducing friction and irritation as you move in the night. 

No matter where you'll be sleeping, the Silk Eye Mask from Beauty Pillow will guarantee you enjoy the beauty sleep of your dreams

Silk eye masks are not only great for an elevated and luxurious bedtime, they can help to elevate your travel experience (even when flying coach). The gentle silk is soft and nourishing against skin, which can feel dry and irritated from the air conditioning and the high altitudes. The Silk Eye Mask effectively blocks out even the brightest overhead lights so you can get some shut eye no matter if you’re going by land, sea or air, allowing you to arrive at your destination fresh and rested.  

Check out the Silk Eye Mask and Silk Accessories range at Beauty Pillow today! 

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