The Beauty Pillow Mission

Have you ever felt like you’re doing everything right for your skin, but you still wake up looking tired and drawn and puffy? 

It’s exhausting! 

We kept hearing about “beauty sleep”, but what did it actually amount to? How did those princesses go to bed and still wake up looking fresh and oh-so-ready for Prince Charming to swoop in? 

Let’s ignore the fact that for the most part those picture-perfect women were, in fact, cartoons. They all had one thing in common: the way they slept. Supine. On the back, immobile. 

While that’s not very realistic (or comfortable), the idea has merit. As we looked into this idea of beauty sleep more and more we were learning a lot about how our body reacts to sleep and the position we sleep in. As we went down the rabbit-hole of sleep and sleep analysis we learnt:

You spend about ⅓ of your life asleep

Every night we place about 5kgs or 11lbs of pressure onto our faces

The weight we push into our faces cause sleep wrinkles, which can’t be treated by cosmetic or skincare treatments 

Favoring on side can lead to facial asymmetry which is extremely difficult and expensive to correct

Let us tell you: our minds were blown! 

All this, just from sleeping!

Well. There had to be a better way! 

We know, we know! Sleep is the most natural thing in the world. It helps brain function, it’s essential for regulating hormones, helps our mental and physical well being and gives us the energy to thrive. How can we possibly improve the most natural and essential of human needs? 

Elevation! Less contact! Sleep zones!

As we researched more about sleep and the body, we realized what our faces needed was elevation. Raising the head just a little helps to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Improved circulation is one of the key factors in reducing facial puffiness that leads to puffy eyes and dark circles first thing in the morning. 

We found that with just a little bit of elevation, our faces looked brighter and fresher, giving us more confidence to get up and go!

With the success of the elevation, we thought about reducing facial contact. We designed the pillow the gently cradle the head for the beauty sleep effect. But, we’re not princesses (we’re not made for that life!), so we designed extra cut outs. These side cut outs help to position the head comfortably on the pillow and reduce cheek and forehead contact with the pillow. 

Have you ever found that when you remove the temptation, you automatically fall into line? That’s exactly what happened to our faces! When we removed the tension force of the pillow from the side of our faces, we removed the compression that created sleep wrinkles and lines and at the same time, reduced the amount of pulling and tugging of the skin around our eye area. 


When we reduce contact, especially around the eyes, the most delicate areas of our face aren’t being pulled this way and that. Reducing the contact of our skin and the pillow made such a huge difference! 

We also noticed that our products were stretching further and further. A nightly skincare routine is something that we love. It helps us to iron out the kinks in our day and wash away the stress as we gently cleanse, tone and moisturize. Traditional pillows and pillowcases, when we compared, were absolutely covered in products! All those expensive lotions and potions and it was our pillowcases that were getting smooth and soft, not our faces! 

Creating the sleep zones helped us to stay in the beauty sleep zone, while we naturally moved in sleep. We noticed that though we moved, thanks to the sleep zones our products didn’t transfer onto the pillow or the pillow case. No matter how restless we were in our dreams, the products increased in efficacy and lasted longer - to the delight of our savings accounts! 

The Beauty Pillow’s design started a dream of bringing active sleep support products and accessories to others. We’ve searched far and wide to find sleep products that are practical, comfortable and luxurious. 

Shop the Beauty Pillow range today and experience the beauty sleep of your dreams!