Gifts Everyone Will Be Thankful For This Christmas!

Now that Christmas Shopping is well and truly underway and you’ve crossed off the big items (Mom, Dad, your Significant Other), you can turn your attention to  treating the people in your life:

  • Girlfriends
  • Best Friends
  • Teens
  • Skincare addicts
  • Beauty Junkies

Enter: the Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcase in Black or Champagne and the Skin+ Pillow Cover

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 We think you'll agree: Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcases add luxury to the bedroom at an affordable price!

The Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcase

Pillowcases might seem bland, but we’re here to tell you otherwise! Silk pillowcases are soft to the touch and instantly luxurious. Plus, silk has a really wild range of unique properties that make it the perfect way to glam up any bedroom AND keep skin and hair in the best shape ever!

Silk Pillowcase

Ordinary Pillowcase

100% Mulberry Silk
Reduces hair breakage
Reduces hair loss
Reduces frizz 
Reduces acne irritation
Prevents wrinkles
Hydrates skin
    Captures dust and allergens
    Hair snags and breaks in sleep
    Hair pulls in sleep
    Causes frizz and breaks curls
    Irritates skin
    Pulls the skin, causing wrinkles
    Absorbs liquids, causing dryness

      Silk is a naturally strong fiber, meaning it’s perfect for restless sleepers. The natural smooth texture of silk is non-irritating, perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin and a must-have for all hair types! Silk’s naturally smooth texture prevents hair from catching and sagging while you sleep, meaning less breakage, more bouncy curls and longer lasting hair extensions.  

      Silk won’t absorb moisture, unlike traditional cotton pillowcases that take on everything – we’re talking sweat, water, moisturisers, hair treatments, oils – and give it straight back. Can you say “hello” greasy hair and skin?! Silk’s natural absorbency means it can take on moisture and stay dry, a blessing for your pores. 

      The Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcase is perfect for teens, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, especially if they’re about to head off to college – the right bedding is an essential dorm room staple!

      Skin+ Pillow Cover

      Really, we should ALL be sleeping on a Skin+ Pillow Cover.

      Skin+ is a scientifically designed, dermatologically tested bedding fabric imbued with probiotic capsules that release antioxidant probiotics while you sleep. 

      Antioxidants are a bit of a “buzz” word in the beauty and wellness space, but what do they actually do? Antioxidants help to protect and restore skin cells from free radicals (all the bad stuff like pollution, sun exposure and environmental strains that we can’t see but our skin can feel). 

      The Skin+ Pillow Cover releases these antioxidants when you move in your sleep, providing an overnight boost to your skincare routine, helping your skin to feel even more radiant and refreshed every morning. 

      Skin+ fits perfectly under the Beauty Pillow Silk Pillowcase and is the perfect companion to the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow, click here for more.

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