Holiday Gift Guide for Friends

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The gifting season is hot upon our heels! We’re ready with gift ideas for your friends and loved ones. We’ve already covered our gifts for mom, gifting for dad and him and hers presents. Hopefully you’re able to score some Black Friday deals ahead of the holidays!

When it comes to friends, it can be tricky. Should it be a sentimental gift or a gag gift? Is there a spending limit? When are you gifting? In the holiday party chaos it can be hard to budget and to cover your bases at the same time. 

Luckily Beauty Pillow is here to help! So, Let’s get started!

We believe in giving the gift of comfort at any time of year. Mix that with value and you’ve got something great! 

This season we’ve got the perfect gift for you and yours: Bundles! 

Beauty Pillow Bundle

What’s better than an anti aging Beauty Pillow for the ultimate sleep support? Two Beauty Pillows for ultimate sleep support! 

The anti wrinkle pillow leads the charge of alternative pillows in any season, but especially during the holidays! The Beauty Pillow’s patented design features unique sleep zones to support the head, align the neck and spine and reduce facial compression. Reducing facial contact is the key to sleep wrinkle prevention. 

Use the pillows for side and back sleeping to get the most out of your beauty routine. 

Maybe keep one and gift the other? We might end up on the naughty list! 

Beauty Pillow and Skin+ Double

Can you say triple threat?! The Beauty Pillow and 2 Skin+ Pillowcases?! The Beauty Pillow’s patented design elevates the head, promoting blood flow and lymphatic circulation for a clearer, fresher complexion. Less facial puffiness means you look and feel better, especially first thing in the morning. 

With traditional pillows, we push our faces into the surface of the pillow, which means blood can pool in the face. This causes puffiness and dark circles or blotches, making you look and feel tireder or older than you are. Beauty Pillow’s unique cut outs reduce the amount of compression, for less puffiness and reduced sleep wrinkles from nightly compression. 

Partnering your Beauty Pillow with the Skin+ Pillowcase helps to boost the collagen production in your skin. More collagen means better skin elasticity and less defined wrinkles and lines. The Skin+ Pillowcase is infused with microcapsules filled with antioxidant carotenoids. These antioxidants are what encourages the collagen production in your skin. 

Having 2 Skin+ Pillowcases is a must for laundry days and for your other Beauty Pillow (obviously). 

Silk Accessories made with Premium 22 Momme Mulberry Silk! For the beauty sleep of your dreams

Silk Pillowcase Duo

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Our 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcases are the best silk pillowcases for curly hair, straight hair, hair extensions and weaves. Silk’s naturally soft and smooth fibers mean less catching and snagging. Adding a silk pillowcase for hair breakage to someone's routine is a great way to help them support healthy hair growth. 

Silk’s natural moisture wicking, non-absorbent properties mean less oil and sebum is transferred back onto your face, bedding and hair. The soft fibers prevent pulling and scalp irritation, perfect for maintaining extensions or weaves for longer. 

Gifting a Silk Pillowcase (or a duo) is a great way to support younger friends and family. Silk’s natural sheen brings an element of glam to any bedroom or dorm. While the properties of the Premium Turkish Mulberry Silk are a huge boost to young skin! 

Traditional pillowcases can snag and pull at the skin as you move across the pillowcase in sleep. This can cause micro tears in the skin, eventually leading to premature signs of aging like wrinkles and lines. These simple cotton pillowcases can also cause friction and irritation which results in redness in the skin. The oil, sweat and other products absorbed by traditional pillows are repelled by the silk fibers, for clearer, fresher skin. 

Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask

Another simple but classic duo. If you’re still wondering, are silk pillowcases better for your hair? The answer is an emphatic yes! 

Silk Pillowcases are a great gift for hot sleepers. Silk’s threads are stitched together so that air can come between the fibers, creating a cooling effect. This helps with temperature regulation at any time of year. 

But what about for the eyes? Silk is well known to be soft and luxurious. Beauty Pillow’s Premium 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Accessories are all soft to the touch, yet strong enough for everyday use. 

The Silk Eye Mask by Beauty Pillow has been designed to cushion the delicate eye area while preventing light stimuli from disturbing your sleep hygiene. The soft silk gently slides against the delicate eye skin, while the cushioned padding helps to prevent puffiness from compression. 

The result? Uninterrupted sleep and resher, brighter eyes! A very nice gift (if we do say so ourselves!). 

Sleep Mask, Twist Headband and Scrunchie Trio

Instead of a gift card, why not this beauty-lovers trio? No matter the sleep position, your loved one will go to sleep and wake up looking super glam! 

The cushioned Silk Eye Mask prevents puffiness in the delicate eye area, while the cushioning prevents light from disturbing sleep. This set is great for the frequent traveler or co-habitator. With the Silk Eye Mask from Beauty Pillow, they won’t even notice the lights or movements that can interrupt sleep. 

The Silk Twist Headband is an elegant accessory. Perfect for all hair types, the Silk Twist is designed to slide easily over the hair and sit comfortably throughout the day (or night). The Silk fibers don’t pull or snatch at the hair, reducing scalp irritation or hair loss from tension causing hair accessories. 

The Pure Silk Scrunchie is a simple scrunchie, designed to create an effortlessly chic look in any season. The Pure Silk Scrunchie is an easy way to glam up at home or bring some everyday style to your outfit. 

Sleep Mask, Ruched Headband and Scrunchie Trio

Adding a Sleep Mask to your basket is easy, what about leveling up with a Ruched headband and Scrunchie? 

Of all our Silk Accessories bundles, this trio is the ultimate gift for a skincare or beauty junkie! The Ruched headband is the perfect accessory for getting glam or winding down with a self care skin care routine. The hair is comfortably pushed back, without snagging or pulling at the scalp. 

Hair of any length or type can easily and simply be pulled back with the Pure Silk Scrunchie. The delicate yet durable Mulberry Silk fibers slide easily over hair, reducing breakage and tangling. 

Adding an Eye Mask to a beauty lover's nighttime routine is a great way to boost the efficacy of eye treatments. The Silk prevents products transference, boosting the effectiveness of treatments, while the cushioning blocks light for deeper beauty sleep. 

Sleep Mask and Scrunchie

Comfort and style with this simple duo. The elegant Silk Eye Mask helps to support sleep hygiene by preventing sleep disturbances from light sources. Think early morning sunshine, pesky street lights or neon signs. Light pollution is something that affects us most in urban environments or when traveling to a new locale. 

Blocking light to get some shut eye with the Silk Eye Mask by Beauty Pillow will help you harness the natural restorative powers of real beauty sleep, no matter where you are. 

Adding the chic Celebrity Scrunchie to your look is a simple way to bring effortless glam to any outfit. Whether it’s a night in solo or with the girls, the Celebrity Silk Scrunchie is sure to impress! 

Headband Duo

The Ruched Headband is perfect for curly hair, straight hair, frizzy hair and everything in between! This simple headband is designed to sit on the head comfortably, without pressing or pushing into your head. 

The Silk fabric is gently ruched to give some volume and style. For a gift your friends will love, shop the Ruched Headband Duo by Beauty Pillow!

Bundle up with chic accessories from Beauty Pillow!

Scrunchie Trio

The Pure Silk Scrunchie Trio is a must for the friend who has everything. This simple gift is practical, versatile and elegant. 

The Pure Silk Scrunchie is the perfect addition to any outfit, no matter the time of day or night!