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Busy, active lives need activated sleep. Beauty Pillow’s range of support pillows actively support your head and body in sleep. Activate your sleep with pillows designed to promote circulation and reduce the strain on muscles and joints.

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Getting enough sleep and getting enough consistent sleep can be a challenge. The importance of sleep and pillows that support your body in sleep is something that can’t be discounted. As we move through the stages of sleep, our bodies take the opportunity to repair and reset for the day ahead. 


Creating an effective nightly routine will help to optimize your sleeping hours, giving you more energy for the things you love each day. For tips on how to create an effective nightly wind down routine, take a look at our last blog post


Sleeping with neck pain, hip and shoulder pain or other musculoskeletal aches and pains can be disruptive or in the worst case scenario, lead to the development of a sleep disorder. Addressing issues that affect our sleep hygiene, like a lack of exercise or a diet heavy in fatty foods and alcohol can be a lifelong balancing act.


Ensuring you’re eating a balanced diet, with everything in moderation will help to even out hormonal imbalances that can lead to cravings for sugar or fat and can help to even out blood glucose levels. While adhering to an exercise regimen will help burn off excess energy, stimulate the production of endorphins and help to calm your mind. Reducing stressors is a key tool in creating a lasting sleep routine that truly restores and revives. 

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Getting into the habit of creating a quiet space at the end of the day is key to a good night’s sleep. 


No matter how you choose to unwind, what happens in bed is the most important step.  As we get older, it becomes more important to support your head and body with the best quality sleep products available. Investing in a high quality, medium firm mattress, a firm pillow and a pillow for side sleepers to support their joints is a great way to invest in your body and beauty routine. 


The goal of creating or readjusting your sleep routine is to maximize the time spent in deep REM sleep. This is the stage of sleep where our mind and body truly rests and repairs itself. 


Ensuring your body is adequately supported throughout the night will help your body restore and rejuvenate from the inside out. Reducing back pain by the use of supportive body pillows like the Knee Pillow, will put a spring back in your step. 

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The Knee Pillow can be used under the knees, between the knees or thighs for side sleepers or to support strained muscles. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees, thighs or ankles can help with your spinal alignment and can reduce the impact of nightly compression on your joints and muscles. Regularly using a knee pillow will help to align your spine and take the pressure off of joints while you sleep. 


Back sleepers and side sleepers might find it easier to integrate a beauty pillow into their nightly routine. A stomach sleeper pillow is a little harder to acclimate to, but training your body to sleep comfortably in a new position will help reduce the appearance of sleep wrinkles, improve lymphatic flow and help to properly align your spine, all while you sleep. 

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It might help to think of your pillow as a type of beauty tool, after all beauty sleep isn’t a myth! Activating your sleep with support pillows like the Beauty Pillow or the Chest Pillow will help to promote circulation, reduce compression and help to support tired muscles overnight. 


If you’re comfortable with how you sleep, but have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, we recommend setting a consistent bedtime and wake up time. After all, having more energy for the things you love is what an effective sleep routine is all about!


Feeling the effects of sleep deprivation isn’t fun. Feeling tired and sluggish means we’re less productive, have less energy for socializing and doing the things we love and are less likely to exercise whilst being more likely to eat high fat, sugary foods to make up for the lack of energy. It can be a vicious cycle. 


Aiming for a consistent sleep cycle will help to improve your overall health and wellness routine and will positively affect your skin and beauty regimen. Using support pillows to get into the most comfortable sleep position possible will likely help you sleep more deeply and for longer, boosting your energy levels and your health in a huge way. 


Physical changes like how you sleep can also be supported by creating the right environment, this includes the time before you get under the covers. 


Setting yourself up for sleep success means cutting down on exposure to sources of blue light. Try restricting your time on digital devices and trying to switch off or remove yourself from areas with bright lights for at least an hour before getting into bed. Without this adjustment, our bodies get tricked into thinking it’s still daylight, making it easier to stay up late and disrupting your natural sleep cycle. 

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Cutting down on tech before bed isn’t always easy. 


Replacing the stimuli with quiet time can be a hard practice to develop. As with any new routine, consistency is key. When you make the time to switch off, practice acts of daily self care by taking a bath, enjoying your skincare serums and treatments or taking a moment to journal and reflect on your day. You’re giving yourself the chance to stop and wind down before bed, enjoy it! 


Getting into a slow down routine before your climb under the covers helps to reduce the stimulus in your brain waves and allows for slow wave sleep to come more naturally. If you’re still having trouble switching off mentally and physically, try removing additional environmental stimuli. Blocking out the sound of the city with soothing music or a white noise machine will help sensitive sleepers zone out and help maintain the state of deep sleep we all need. 

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Other sensory deprivation tools like Silk Eye Masks can help to block out the light and help you sleep deeper, for longer. A Silk Eye Mask will help to reduce your awareness of bright lights and can boost your skincare routine, reducing contact between your pillow and the delicate skin around the eye. Taking an eye mask along when you travel is a great way to keep some consistency, even when things are inconsistent. Plus, it’s always important to look and feel chic when you’re on the road! 


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