Beauty Boost: Immune Health for Fall

Boost your immunity with Sleep this fall!

After years of staying in and keeping our distance, we’re ready for some in-person contact. Our bodies might have different ideas, how do we support our immune systems through the changes in weathers and the rise in socializing? 

Get Fresh! 

The saying goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. While we know that this may not be totally foolproof, the simple fact of the matter is: eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to boost your health and your immune system. With the change of the seasons, we tend to move away from light, fresh salads full of herbs and leafy greens and into heavier foods high in carbohydrates. 

Adding some dishes with leafy greens like spinach and kale into your weekly dinner rotation might seem boring, but they’ll go a long way to keeping you healthy through the cooler months. Loading up on greens like broccoli and spinach will help to boost your immune system thanks to their high levels of antioxidants. There’s evidence that cooking as little as possible helps to preserve the nutrients, so we suggest a gentle steam or sauté. 

Adding color to your table might seem like a no brainer at this time of the year - pumpkin decorations, anyone? It’s also a really simple rule of thumb to follow when you’re meal planning or meal prepping.

The wider the range of colors, the greater variety of nutrients you’re likely getting. And, the happier and stronger your immune system will be. Adding red peppers, orange carrots and sliced green beans or broccoli to the chips and dips plate is a great way to get in the nutrients while you’re snacking and catching up on your shows or sports. 

Antioxidants aren’t just for your insides. These powerhouses help to even out unbalanced free radicals that can cause inflammation and more. The Skin+ Pillowcase by Beauty Pillow is infused with microcapsules full of antioxidant probiotics. As you shift in your sleep, these microcapsules release antioxidant carotenoids which attach to the skin, repairing the damage done by environmental free radicals. Skin+ helps to boost your existing skincare routine by repairing and rejuvenating tired skin cells and boosting the production of collagen. You’ll wake up with plumper, softer skin and visibility reduced lines and wrinkles.

Boost your immune system with Beauty Pillow and Skin+ this fall


Get Fruity

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy and balanced diet. Fall and winter are a great time for citrus fruits, which is great since citrus fruit is one of the best sources of Vitamin C! Stocking up on oranges, grapefruits and lemons is a great idea at this time of the year. Adding them to salads, squeezing into tea or having a glass of fresh juice is an excellent way to boost your Vitamin C intake. 

So, why all the fuss about Vitamin C and citrus? Is it really an immune booster? The simple answer is “Yes!”

Vitamin C helps in the body’s production of white blood cells, our body’s natural defence mechanism. When we have strong white blood cells, it’s easier for our body to fight off infection and disease so anything that boosts them, helps us in the long term. 

Fruit can get a bit of flack for being high in sugar. One thing that people forget is that fruit is an essential source of dietary fiber. Fruit helps to keep our digestive systems running smoothly and efficiently. When our immune system is compromised, we tend to feel tired and sluggish which can lead to a slowing of the digestive process. Making sure we have enough fruit in our diet will help to keep everything on track. 

Gut - Skin Axis

When we talk about digestive health we’re talking about more than just fiber. When our digestive biome is out of whack, it shows up in other areas, most notably our skin. Ensuring we have a balanced gut means making sure we have a balance of good bacteria. It’s really easy for our busy modern lifestyles to throw off gut balance. With greasy take out, alcohol, caffieine and suagry, processed foods, the balance can get thrown off very easily indeed. 

The easiest way to keep things in check is unfortunately a little boring: balance. Trying to keep to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources and low in fatty or sugary foods might sound a little old school, but it’s stuck around because it works! Having a little something occasionally is unlikely to have a significant effect in your digestive system, but overwhelming it with a binge or consistently overeating foods with little nutritional value could upset your internal balance. 

When you eat healthily, you tend to look and feel great. When you’re eating foods that trigger your digestive system, you might experience things like break outs and acne, an upset stomach, stomach cramps and even interrupted sleep. Getting back into balance can be a hard task, try adding natural sources of protein and good bacteria cultures like yoghurt or kefir into your diet. These aren’t miracle workers but they can help to naturally soothe your digestive system and increase the good bacteria in your gut. 

Supplementing your diet with a consistent sleep routine will help to soothe your stomach and as an added boost you’ll have more energy for your favorite things. Sleep, as one of our essential tools for health and wellness is more than just a chance to dream. Sleep helps our bodies rest and repair, while we doze, hormones are released that help to stabilise and regulate the digestive process. If we don’t get enough sleep consistently, we’re at risk for heart disease and diabetes (amongst other things). 

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If you’ve been experiencing skin irritation and sleeplessness, why not try adding a Silk Pillowcase to your bedtime routine? Silk’s naturally soft fibers help to reduce skin irritation and inflammation. Unlike traditional pillowcases which can pull at the skin, silk allows the skin to move easily across the surface of your skin as you move and shift in your sleep. Supplementing your sleep routine with Silk Pillowcases from Beauty Pillow is a great way to maximize your beauty sleep at any age. 

Load Up! 

Supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals will help to boost your immune system and is a great tool to make use of in the colder months. Although vitamins and minerals aren’t a substitute for medicine, there is a variety of research that supports the use of vitamins and supplements to boost your immune system. Taking Vitamin C year round is one way to help reduce the likelihood of getting sick. 

Adding in a multivitamin that contains Vitamin D can help boost your immune system through the dark and grey end of the year. Though we typically get enough of our Vitamin D needs direct from the sun, in fall and winter this direct line can get hidden behind clouds and grey skies. Vitamin D is essential for how our bodies function. It’s critical in bone health but also supports our muscle function, neurological function, hormone balance and helps to reduce inflammation. 

Boosting your immune system with supplements doesn’t replace a balanced diet, but can help to fill in the gaps, especially when you’re feeling the strain. Making sure you’re keeping everything in balance can help to protect and maintain your immune health year round. Adding in a nighttime supplement like melatonin can help to increase the depth and length of your sleep. 

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Getting a good night’s sleep helps boost your immune system, support your body function and boost your skin care routine. Adding a functional beauty tool like the anti aging Beauty Pillow can help to maximize your beauty sleep. The Beauty Pillow’s patented design helps to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helping you look brighter and less puffy in the morning. The specially designed sleep zones feature side cut outs that prevent nightly facial compression which can lead to the development of deep set sleep wrinkles. 

Supporting your health and wellness routine with active support pillows like the Beauty Pillow will help to boost your sleep, for a stronger body at every time of the year.