Gentle January: Sleep and your Skin

 Enjoy Gentle January with active sleep tools. The Beauty Pillow, Skin+ Pillowcase and new Serum Collections take your skincare from day to night

As we get further into Gentle January, our sleep routines are getting a much needed boost and our skin should be getting that fresh glow. 

Improving our sleep hygiene with active tools like the Beauty Pillow is just one way to revamp your bedtime. For an added glow, tools like the Skin+, Silk Pillowcases and Sleep Masks are simple additions guaranteed to boost your skincare routine. 

Using the best rated anti wrinkle pillow with the Skin+ Pillowcase helps to refresh and rejuvenate tired skin. The Beauty Pillow for anti wrinkle skincare works by reducing compression and pulling on the delicate facial skin as you move in your sleep. The Skin+ supports the skin’s texture by releasing antioxidant carotenoids while you sleep. 

Antioxidants are powerhouse molecules that work to protect the skin from free radicals and environmental stressors. They help to repair and revitalize the skin, promoting collagen production, for plumper skin. While the best anti wrinkle face pillow reduces sleep wrinkles, the Skin+ prevents fine lines and wrinkles - a powerhouse duo!

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Using the best pillow anti wrinkle treatment tool regularly improves your sleep hygiene by helping to position your head and neck in sleep. The head positioning cradle and side cut outs help to comfortably restrict movement. Less tossing and turning throughout the night boosts the quality of your sleep, improving energy levels and skin’s radiance. 

What do silk pillowcases help with? 

If you’re regularly disturbed by allergies throughout the night, making a simple switch to a silk pillowcase will prevent sneezing and sniffling. Silk’s fibers are naturally hypoallergenic, antifungal and antimicrobial. These properties are essential for health, sleep hygiene and help to reduce skin and hair irritations. 

If silk fibers reduce irritation, do silk pillowcases help acne? Silk Pillowcases are a simple way to elevate your nightly skincare routine.

The smooth fibers allow the skin to move easily across the surface of the pillow, without snagging or catching. Another benefit of silk is the naturally moisture wicking fibers. Products, oil and sebum are naturally repelled by the fabric, meaning less transference to your skin and hair. 

So, is a silk pillowcase good for hair? Yes! Unlike cotton or synthetic pillowcases that absorb sweat, products, oil and sebum, silk pillowcases are non absorbent. This helps hair stay cleaner for longer and allows expensive hair treatments to penetrate deeper into the hair strands or scalp. 

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More than the face

Enjoying deeper sleep with the help of your Silk Pillowcase will help improve your complexion everyday. 

For a more supported sleep, we need to go below the neck.

Sleep wrinkles develop from nightly compression in the face and body. We spend about ⅓ of our lives asleep, so the weight of sleep compression is a repeated action. Rather than sleeping in an unnatural position, adding simple tools like a breast support pillow can help to increase your comfort and prevent sleep wrinkles. 

The Chest Pillow is worn as an anti wrinkle bra pillow that acts as a breast separator for sleeping. The Silk-Satin covering is soft for regular contact with sensitive skin, while the cushioning helps to prevent sleep wrinkles and chest asymmetry. Using the Chest Pillow for breast support  is especially beneficial for larger chests, and side sleepers. 

In sleep, the weight of a larger chest and the gravitational push can lead to muscle strain and aches in the neck, shoulders and back. Using the Chest Pillow as an anti wrinkle pillow side sleeper support will help you sleep more comfortably for longer, for whole body beauty sleep. 

Look and feel good

Enjoying whole body beauty sleep is one element of glowing skin. Self care acts like an active skincare routine, an exercise routine and eating well help to support your skin and body. Creating an effective morning routine that energizes and a nightly routine that relaxes is just as important in helping you look and feel your best. 

Waking up after enjoying the silk pillowcase benefits for skin and slipping on a Silk Satin Kimono Robe can help you start the day feeling glamorous. The best pillowcases for skin and hair help to reduce puffiness, irritation and pulling for a fresher complexion every morning. 

Starting your morning routine with gentle facial yoga or gua sha facial massage is a great way to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. Massage tools like a gua sha work best with a serum like the Brightening Day Serum by Beauty Pillow. Using the stone to massage the face and stimulate the facial muscles can cause friction in the skin. Using a serum reduces the friction and helps the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. 

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If using a silk pillowcase for skin isn’t enough luxury for one morning, using Silk Scrunchies and Headbands can elevate your look, (even if you’re just lounging in your Silk Satin Kimono)!

For nighttime stress relief, journaling, gentle yoga or active mediation are great ways to unwind. Using a Silk Sleep Mask to block light stimuli in meditation can help to center you more fully in your practice. The best silk sleep mask is made with Mulberry Silk fibers to gently slide across the delicate skin around the eye, without friction or irritation. 

Creating a slow down period away from blue light sources and other distractions helps signal to your body that it's time for bed. Making your bed a sleep only zone, without computers, phones and tablets is an effective way to boost your sleep hygiene by creating an inviting space to enjoy each night. 

Rest your head and never wonder “Why use a silk pillowcase?” with Beauty Pillow!