Preparing Christmas with Beauty Pillow

Prepare for Christmas with Beauty Pillow! Holidays can be stressful with gifts for him, gifts for her and everyone in between. Take some time for yourself to reduce stress this holiday season

The Holidays and the end of year are upon us! Whether you’re taking advantage of the end of year sales or focusing more time on getting your beauty sleep, Beauty Pillow is on hand to help you with last minute Christmas gifts and motivation for the home stretch of the year. 

The holiday season can be a hard time for many. Family life is complicated, so is juggling your end of year calendar and social life. Stressing about how to fit everything in is never fun and can lead to breakouts, poor diet and a lack of sleep and motivation. 

At Beauty Pillow we’re dedicated to helping you alleviate holiday stress with our 12 days of Christmas gifts! Keep your eyes peeled this month for Christmas gift ideas for her, Christmas gifts for men and new skin products sure to make you smile! 

Get your shut eye in this Holiday season! Christmas shopping lists are hard to make but doing them with the anti aging Beauty Pillow is harder!

First things first: Tools to Reduce Holiday Stress

Before we dive into Christmas gift ideas, let’s take a look at some ideas to release the stress and tension this time of year can bring. 

Family is tough at the best of times, making the time to get some alone time is a key tip to surviving the holiday season. Taking the time to enjoy a walk and take in the Christmas lights or scheduling a nap is a great way to eliminate stress that builds up.  

When we don’t get enough sleep, we tend to feel groggy and grumpy. It’s the same when we don’t get enough movement in. You might feel like you’re getting your steps in at the mall, but is the hustle and bustle at this time of year really quality time for yourself?

Taking a walk, doing yoga or something a little more energetic will boost your energy levels, help you sleep better and even improve your skin! 

Adding a functional beauty tool like the anti aging Beauty Pillow to your bedtime routine will help to support your body in sleep. The Beauty Pillow’s orthopedic design helps to align your neck and spine in sleep. Correct spine alignment helps to reduce the strain of tech neck and simultaneously helps to reduce the development of deep set sleep wrinkles in your neck and jaw. 

Wrap yourself in a luxe satin-silk kimono robe in midnight black or pearl white before getting comfy on the beauty pillow and partner skin+ pillowcase this Christmas

Getting enough sleep will help to boost your complexion. The Beauty Pillow’s best partners are the Skin+ Pillowcase and the Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow. The Skin+ is designed to support your existing skincare routine by releasing antioxidant carotenoids. These powerful antioxidants help to repair the effects of environmental stressors like UV Ray and pollution. 

Partnering the Beauty Pillow and Skin+ to your existing skincare for forehead wrinkles and lines is a great way to prevent the development of deep set sleep wrinkles in other areas of the face. Antioxidants are essential elements in skincare for menopausal skin, as they help to boost collagen production. Collagen is a key molecule for building plumper, firmer skin. 

Silk, on the other hand, is an excellent tool for skin and hair of all ages, but is especially useful for teen skincare or periods of acne flare ups. Whether you experience hormonal acne, cystic acne or fungal acne, silk’s naturally moisture wicking and non-absorbent fibers help to repel oil and sebum. 

Sleep your way to clearer skin with Beauty Pillow’s range of Silk Pillowcases. Try the Beauty Pillow partner pillowcase or simply add a Standard Silk Pillowcase to your bed, for overnight skincare support. 

Massage at Home? 

If getting in a nap isn’t for you, why not try some at home massage?  The rage in beauty new skin care is facial yoga or facial massage with a Gua Sha. They’re not skincare myths, they really work! 

Facial massage through facial yoga is a great way to gently relax and tone the muscles in your face. Why not try adding facial massage to your nightly skincare routine? It’s a great way to wind down and take a minute to connect with yourself at the end of a long day. 

Adding a beauty tool like a stone massager, facial roller or Gua Sha is a great way to really unwind and destress. Gently sweep the tool in a pattern starting in the center of your face and ending at the hair or jawline. 

Your tight, stressed facial muscles will unclench, for a more relaxed feeling and a brighter complexion. Using an at home massage tool like a roller or a Gua Sha is also a great way to ensure your serums and topical treatments are getting absorbed into the skin, for increased efficacy. 

Facial oils, serums and rich moisturizers are great pairings for nightly facial massage. 

Getting sleep and rest is just as productive as Christmas Shopping! Look and feel your best with the Silk Eye Mask from Beauty Pillow, perfect for home and away!


At this time of the year it can be hard to focus on yourself. We’re here to tell you: Selfcare is not selfish! Making the time to rest and reset away from the hordes of Christmas shoppers or indulging in some online retail therapy just for you is a great way to focus on you and what you need. 

As we get to the end of the year, it’s natural to focus on what you did or didn’t do. Why not take the time to write a list of your personal successes? It can be easy to brush things off in the moment, but taking the time to celebrate everything you’ve done is a great way to shift your mindset from negative to positive. 

Enjoying some end of year treats like mulled wine, rich meals and deserts is all part of the fun of the season. Make sure you enjoy the fun things without punishment. All things are necessary for a well rounded approach to living life to its fullest. 

The end of the year can present a challenge in terms of moderation and how best to be social. Make a point to enjoy the getting ready part of your night. It feels great to get glam in your Silk-Satin Kimono Robe while singing along to Christmas tunes and getting dolled up for a night on the town. 

Silk Accessories are the perfect way to look and feel glamorous at Christmas parties or at home! Nourish your hair and skin with silks natural fibers, only at Beauty Pillow!

Adding a chic Silk Headband from Beauty Pillow’s Silk Collection is a great way to look and feel stylish at any event. The Silk Twist and Ruched Silk Headband are available in 6 luxe colors, perfect for every outfit! 

The priority for the Holiday Season: have fun and don’t do too much! It’s the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean you have to give everything, take the time for yourself so you can really enjoy it!