Ready For The End Of Year

Getting ready for end of year celebrations is always a fun time of year. There’s seasonal looks, sparkles and fireworks to impress friends and family with. 

Create the ultimate base for your hair and make up this year with Beauty Pillow!

End of Year Looks

It’s no good just slapping on some makeup and expecting your skin to look perfect and glowy. Like all good things, skincare takes time. And, like a lot of good things, good skin starts in bed! 

Using serums and topical treatments can help to even and brighten the skin tone, smooth texture or prevent acne. Staying consistent in any skincare routine is the best way to get the results you’re looking for. 

During the change of seasons, you might need to switch out a product here and there. Subbing in something ultra rich and hydrating is great in the cooler, drier winters to lock in moisture. Adding the Rejuvenating Night Serum is a great way to layer in moisture under heavier creams and lotions. 

While in the summer you might be looking for something that actively protects and restores skin after sun exposure. Using the Brightening Day Serum will help to even skin tone with Vitamin C for antioxidant skin cell repair. 

The foundation for it all though? Using a sleep tool like a face pillow for side sleepers or a face wrinkle prevention pillow like the Beauty Pillow. The Beauty Pillow’s patented design makes it the most comfortable face pillow for wrinkles. 

Love the skin you're in with Beauty Pillow! The Anti Aging Beauty Pillow works to elevate the head, reducing compression and preventing sleep wrinkles!

The patented sleep zones help to position the head and neck at a slight elevation. Using the sleep pillow to prevent wrinkles each night encourages better lymphatic drainage and circulation. Your face will be less puffy, thanks to the reduced nightly compression and tension on your delicate facial skin. 

Partnering the Beauty Pillow with a tool like an anti aging pillowcase will help to boost the look and feel of tired skin cells. The Beauty Pillow can be partnered with the revolutionary Skin+ Pillowcase . The Skin+ elevates the Beauty Pillow above other anti aging pillows by delivering antioxidants while you sleep. The fabric is infused with microcapsules that slowly release antioxidant carotenoids that repair tired skin cells and improve skin elasticity. 

Alternatively, using the best anti aging silk pillowcase, the Silk Pillowcase for Beauty Pillow is a simple way to reduce friction and pulling. Unlike cotton or synthetic pillowcases, the 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcases made by Beauty Pillow, hair and skin doesn’t catch or snag. 

Skin and hair move easily across the surface of the pillowcase. Other added benefits of silk pillow cases? They’re antibacterial, antifungal and moisture wicking. This makes Beauty Pillow’s 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcases the best pillow case for acne

Enjoy the benefits of silk for your hair, skin and eyes with Beauty Pillow's Silk Collection

Enjoy clearer skin and hair, with less irritation! Why not get super luxe and add a Silk Sleep Mask to your bedtime basics routine? We like to think our Silk Eye Mask is the best silk sleep mask thanks to the comfortable elastic band and the extra cushioned eye area. 

The skin around our eyes is amongst the thinnest and most delicate on our body. It’s pretty normal for the area around the eyes to show fine lines and wrinkles as the first signs of aging. Reducing the appearance of these lines is easy with the Silk Sleep Mask.

The cushioned padding helps to reduce nightly compression around the eye area. Less compression means fewer lines and less dark circles every morning, so you have the best canvas possible to apply your makeup! 

What’s Sexier than Confidence? Nothing! 

Whether you’re going for sexy and sultry or soft and flirty. One thing will make you stand out in any crowd: confidence! 

Chest Pillows, Knee Pillows, Silk Pillowcases, Silk Headbands, Silk Scrunchies and more!

Around New Years it can be hard to feel super confident, thanks to holiday feasting and drinking. Meanwhile, for those unlucky enough to still be working, the list of deadlines and early year “to- dos” can start to grow at an alarming rate. Making sure you make the time for yourself despite it all is key. 

Getting in some activity will help you look and feel your best. Whether it’s a hardcore gym workout, an at home yoga session or a walk around the block. Getting some activity in will help to loosen up the stress and give you a mood and energy boost. 

Adding a knee and leg pillow to reduce lower back and muscle strain is an easy way to support your muscles through active recovery. Using leg pillows for back pain at rest by elevating the legs can help to reduce lumbar strain from long hours sitting or standing. Using the Knee Pillow between knees for side sleepers is an easy way to align the spine and take the pressure off the hip and knee joints in sleep. 

If the best pillow for knee pain won’t reach all the way to your neck and shoulder tension, why not try the Chest Pillow? Used as a bra pillow, the Chest Pillow can be used as a side sleeper pillow bra to reduce muscle strain through the neck and shoulders. The side sleeper cleavage pillow also works to prevent asymmetry and sleep wrinkles through the chest. 

Adding support pillows to your nighttime routine can help you look and feel more confident at any time of year! 

Glowing skin every night! Use silks for skin and hair care!

Skin Deep - Day and Night Skincare Serums

Boosting your beauty sleep routine with topical treatments like Beauty Pillows new Day and Night Serums is easy! 

The Beauty Pillow Serums are designed to actively nurture and protect your skin. 

The Day Brightening Serum answers the age old question; Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid first? These two actives play well together to protect and plump the skin. Liposomal liquid Vitamin C is used in favor of ascorbic acid since it’s more shelf stable and brings antioxidant skincare to your everyday life. 

Brighten your skin with lioposmal Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone, Hyaluronic Acid to plump and Panthenol for moisture

Using panthenol in skin care is a great way to maintain your skin’s moisture barrier. Panthenol works to create a moisture layer over the skin, boosting hydrating factors, especially important when your skin is dull and tired. 

While the Day Brightening Serums plumps collagen Hyaluronic Acid in the Night Rejuvenating Serum works to hydrate. The Bifida serum gently exfoliates while Arnica Extract soothes and softens. Skin is softer, smoother and plumper with regular use of the Rejuvenating Night Serum. 

Rejuvenate and soften skin with Rejuvenating Night Serum featuring Bio Bifida, Hyaluronic Acid and Arnica Extract

Silks for Reducing Frizz and Maintaining Healthy Hair

Looking after your hair might seem like a real challenge. Seasonal  changes, water quality, products and our lifestyles can all affect our hair strength and shine. 

So, how do you keep your mane flowing and glowing?

By harnessing the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcase. Silk Pillowcases and silk scrunchies help to reduce frizz by preventing friction. So, if you’re wondering: is a silk pillowcase good for hair? The simple answer is yes! 

The longer answer is: Beauty Pillow’s Silk Collection uses only Premium 22 Momme Turkish Mulberry Silk fibers. These are the strongest and most durable fibers, suitable for regular face and hair contact. These fibers are coated with the protein sericin, which helps to make them extra strong and smooth. Perfect for your New Years hair care routine!

Better skin with silk? Yes! Better hair with Silk? Yes! Better sleep with silk? Yes!