Sleepy Spice: Turning up the Heat in Style with Kimonos!

Turn up the Heat with Sleepy Spice this Fall

It can be hard to maintain routines as the weather changes. The end of the year can be a whirlwind of sales, seasonal depression and hectic holiday stresses. One way to relax and unwind? Turn up in the heat in a stylish silk kimono!

We’re up to our final ingredient: Heat! Lucky too, since the weather’s cooling and we need to be cranking things up! This week in our Sleepy Spice blog, we’re looking at staying warm and keeping your cool. Two things that can be hard to do simultaneously, but that’s what we’re all about: achieving balance!

In cooking, we have the four elements of the dish: Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat. Using this recipe method we’ve tried to build a holistic health and wellness plan for when the temperature drops. In our first week we took a look at sleep as salt. 

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Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Sleep is the baseline of any health, wellness or beauty routine. Without a good night’s sleep we look and feel tired and flat. Our skin doesn’t shine, we’re physically and mentally slower - even our hair can look limp and lifeless. With a good night's sleep we look and feel better.

Boosting your sleep at any time of year with a functional beauty tool like the Beauty Pillow will help your complexion shine all day long. 

Adding some flavor to our days and nights with physical and social activity is often the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep. Moving our body helps to relieve stress and reduce physical tension that can build up from long hours sitting or standing. Getting your heartrate up helps to improve your heart health and boosts brain function.

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Supporting your outdoor pursuits should always start with a simple skincare routine. Adding acids to your daily skincare routine can help to improve the look and feel of your skin. Careful use of active ingredients like acids works to create a supported moisture barrier throughout the seasons. Simple moisturizing acids like hyaluronic acid are a great daily or overnight active to layer into your existing skincare routine. 

For daytime, try adding a Vitamin C serum or active treatment to clean skin, under your moisturizer and sunscreen. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works to counteract the effects of free radicals and other environmental stressors. Environmental free radicals can affect our skin long term. Constant exposure to harsh UV Rays, environmental pollution and even things like fertilizers and pesticides can affect our body and our skin.

Daily exposure to things like UV Rays, pollution and even blue light pollution from screens and tablets can damage the skin. Supplementing your skincare regimen with active sleep support like the Beauty Pillow’s best friend the Skin+ Pillowcase is a great way to boost the efficacy of your treatments. 

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The Skin+ is a patented sleep technology fabric filled with microcapsules that release probiotic antioxidants that attach to the skin through your sleepwear and bedding. These powerful antioxidant carotenoids work to repair the skin, boosting collagen production for improved skin elasticity. Skin is softer and plumper thanks to the activation of collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Fresh Sheets

Reducing your blue light exposure for one hour to 90 minutes before bed can positively affect your circadian rhythm. Blue light stimuli from phones, tablets and computers essentially tricks your body into thinking it’s still daytime. This can make it harder to fall asleep and can even affect the length and depth of your sleep. 

Adding a Beauty Pillow to your bedtime routine can help to boost sleep depth and length. The pillow's patented design elevates the head and neck slightly, working to relieve tension and stress typically felt through the neck and shoulders. The anti-aging pillow's orthopedic design helps to position and support the head and neck, for a more supported sleep in almost any position. Sleeping on the side is now much more supported and we’re not waking up with a puffy face covered in lines from the face pushing into the pillow. 

Partnering your Beauty Pillow with Silk will help to reduce allergic reactions, thanks to silks anti allergic, anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. All Beauty Pillow Silks use Premium 22 Momme Mulberry Silk for durable skin and hair care every night.

Partnering the Beauty Pillow with Silk Pillowcases to reduce pulling and friction for skin and hair. Nightly movement is natural, but as we move in our sleep, we can pull at the delicate skin on our face and neck and even tangle our hair and pull at the scalp. Subbing in silk for cotton prevents the stress on the scalp and on you skin. Switching to silk support overall health and wellness, preventing allergic reactions that disturb sleep and reduce sleep hygiene. 

Silk’s natural anti allergic and anti fungal properties mean no sniffing and sneezing or itchy mouth in the night. Skin and hair is smooth and nourished and sleep is supported throughout the night. 

Making a Day of It 

Of course, life doesn’t always go to plan and we all have commitments and distractions that can stop our best laid plans in their tracks. Being kind to yourself as you get into any new routine and listening to your body and its needs is key. 

For a nice day off, we recommend starting with some gentle movement. Yoga is a great way to connect with yourself and get your body moving first thing in the morning. Some people might like a more intense level of activity, others might want to get outside and enjoy the peace and quiet before the hustle and bustle of the day. The world is your oyster!

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After getting some movement, since the weather outside is starting to get frightful, we recommend slipping into something a little more comfortable. The latest addition to the Beauty Pillow Silk Collection is the Kimono Style Dressing Gown. Available in Midnight Black or Pearl White, these stylish dressing gowns are designed to be the epitome of luxe comfort. 

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Taking a day to reset and reset might mean diving into some more involved skincare like masking. Keeping your hair off your face with the Beauty Pillow Silk Headbands and Scrunchies is a great way to keep things contained and still look stylish. Beauty Pillow’s Silks use only the 22 Momme Mulberry silk threads, so they’re soft yet strong for everyday use. 

Silk accessories are perfect for everyday use for your hair and skin. The naturally soft fibers slide over the hair, reducing scalp irritation, preventing tension hair loss or breakage

As the year winds down, it’s important to take the time for yourself so you’ve got some gas in the tank for the end of the year. 

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