Gentle January Week 3: Muscle Support Pillows

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As we move further into January our new exercise and fitness routines are in full swing. We’re able to see what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, what’s sustainable long term. Usually, when we’re starting a new exercise routine, we’re so focused on the results that we don’t take the time to truly appreciate our body.

When you’re next exercising, take a minute to observe your muscles and your breath. Congratulate yourself on how far you’ve already come!

Whether your goal was to hit the gym or do yoga 5 times a week or 3, celebrate what you’ve achieved, what you’ve committed to and enjoy the strength and flexibility in your limbs. 

Movement for mental health and stress release

Exercise is most often the focus of our physical needs and endeavors, but when we exercise our mental and emotional state improves too. 

When we exercise, we release hormones called endorphins which help to promote feelings of happiness and wellness. These endorphins boost our mood and our energy levels. Getting in a short walk, some gentle yoga or something more intensive can help to shift our focus. Allowing our minds to focus on something else removes the stress point and helps to clear the mind. 

Making the time each day for some exercise will help to improve your mood and boost your confidence. Starting your day with movement will help to relieve stress and tension that builds up in anticipation of the day ahead. 

Creating a functional morning routine with movement at the center might mean waking up a little earlier. A bonus to starting your day with exercise or movement is the energy and good mood that extends well into your day. 

Exercise and gentle face or body massage will help to promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage, for a rosy complexion. Using massage tools like a Gua Sha partnered with the Beauty Pillow Day Brightening Serum will help to promote circulation and depuff the face. 

For a brighter, softer face each morning, add a pillow for wrinkle prevention like the Beauty Pillow to your nightly routine. The Beauty Pillow’s elevation helps to promote blood and lymphatic flow, reducing compression and preventing morning puffiness at any age. 

Silks paired with the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow help to prevent skin pulling and tugging, for flawless skin at every age!

Exercise for alleviating strain and tension

Have you ever noticed when you first wake up you’re stiff and sore? The longer you go without regular activity, the more pronounced this tightness becomes. This is because, in exercise, our muscles lengthen and contract, without regular exercise our muscles go into a state of atrophy. 

Getting into a new routine should take in elements of cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching. Each exercise carries different benefits for the body, but as with anything, getting the right amount of each can be a balancing act. 

Ensuring you get enough sleep before any strenuous activity is essential. When we don’t get enough sleep we’re more likely to be careless and less focused. If you’re not paying attention to your form you run the risk of injury. 

To avoid injury, maximizing your bed for your sleep habits and positions is key. The Beauty Pillow isn’t just the best pillow for side sleepers to prevent wrinkles, it’s also a great orthopedic support pillow. The pillow’s elevation and dedicated neck support and cervical neck support zones help align the neck, back and shoulders for optimal sleep. 

Adding the Knee Pillow as a between the leg pillow for sleeping will help to correct the positioning of your spine, hips and knees in sleep. Using a leg pillow for side sleeper positions is an easy adjustment to make to boost your active recovery after exercise. 

Using a pillow for leg and joint pain after exercise or during stretching can help to elevate, boosting circulation to tired joints and muscles. 

Boost your sleep with active sleep support from the Knee Pillow by Beauty Pillow

Night time sleep support for muscle relaxation and spinal alignment

There’s nothing better than diving into a cozy bed at the end of a long day. Boosting your bedtime routine with active mediation, gentle yoga or journaling before bed can help to clear your mind and reduce stress. 

But, getting into the mood for bed isn’t just about the mental release, it’s about the physical support. So, how do you boost your bed for optimal supported sleep? 

With active support pillows like the guaranteed wrinkle free pillow; the Beauty Pillow, the best leg pillow; the Knee Pillow and the breast support pillow; the Chest Pillow

Using the Beauty Pillow for active sleep support each night simultaneously reduces tension through your back and prevents the development of sleep wrinkles. For more intensive sleep wrinkle prevention, adding a breast pillow to prevent wrinkles is a simple way to maximize your comfort in sleep. 

Using breast pillows for sleeping might look a little strange, but the thing about sleep wrinkles is how they form. Unlike expression lines, which follow the muscles, sleep wrinkles form due to nightly compression. These lines sit deeper under the skin and are often more pronounced than expression lines and wrinkles. 

The Chest Pillow supports the chest, neck and back in sleep, alleviating strain overnight

Using a breast pillow for sleeping can help to reduce the development of sleep wrinkles in the chest and prevent asymmetry for side sleepers. The silk satin blend sits comfortably between the breasts, reducing the gravitational force on the chest that occurs from favoring one side in sleep. 

Sleeping on one side can place stress on the muscles and joints as the body weight is pushed into the mattress. Adding functional support pillows like Beauty Pillow’s Well Aging Pillow Collection can help to reduce the impact of side sleeping on your body. 

For deeper, more restful sleep explore the Well Aging Pillow Collection at Beauty Pillow!