Preparing Christmas Wishlists! Skincare Support for Any Age

Preparing you Christmas wishlist for all skin types. Shop the range of active sleep support pillows, premium Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and more to support skincare routines for every age.

Shop the best new skincare products to help your skin glow, ready for the end of year festivities! 

After thanksgiving and all of the overindulgence, we swing into Christmas preparation and gift shopping mode. So, what are the best gifts to give this Christmas? 

For most of us, the end of the year is all about catching up on sleep and motivation. There’s so many things to do, it can feel overwhelming. With so much to do and so little time, it’s easy to let things fall by the wayside as you get comfy on the couch. 

Shopping online can help to boost your motivation before bed. But, getting your second wind before bedtime, can be hazardous for your sleep schedule and your bank account! Why not make a Christmas list with Beauty Pillow this Holiday Season?

Who are you shopping for? 

Whether you’re shopping for Mom, Dad, teens or tweens, the gift of real beauty sleep is something everyone can appreciate. 

Post Thanksgiving and Pre-New Year isn’t really a time when most people are getting into new activities or workout routines. Which makes Christmas or Hanukkah the perfect time to gift active sleep support tools like the Knee Pillow

The Knee Pillow help you maintain your active lifestyle for longer. Use between the legs or underneath the legs to relieve strain and pressure across the lower back, hips and legs.

The Knee Pillow comes vacuum sealed in a cylindrical box, making guessing what’s what under the gift wrapping that much harder! The Knee Pillow is more than just good looks, the unique design is suitable for sleeping on your back, on your side and even for sleeping on your stomach. 

The Knee Pillow can be positioned between the legs, knees or thighs to gently cushion the body and reduce the strain on the lower back. Use at rest or for overnight sleep support to alleviate the pain of lumbar and sciatic flare ups. 

The Knee Pillow can be used by all ages and activity levels to boost active muscle recovery when resting. Using the pillow to elevate tired muscles helps to promote circulation and reduce inflammation. Enjoy your active lifestyle with active sleep support from Beauty Pillow! 

A Christmas Gag-Gift or Real Sleep Support?

Using a breast separator pillow bra can help relieve breast tenderness and prevent sleep wrinkles forming in the chest and lower neck.

Women of all ages will love the Chest Pillow. It might look funny, but the satin-silk blend encasing the Chest Pillow softly sits against delicate skin. The cushioned support is perfect for reducing nighttime breast sensitivity and is particularly useful for breastfeeding mothers, those recovering from surgery or for periods of tenderness and sensitivity. 

The Chest Pillow’s unique design is sure to become your new breast friend. Side sleepers especially will benefit from the cushioned support. Placing the Chest Pillow between the breasts for nightly sleep support can help to prevent chest asymmetry and the development of deep set sleep wrinkles in the chest and lower neck. 

For nighttime neck and facial support, look no further than the Anti Aging Beauty Pillow! With new skincare and antiaging pillows coming onto the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. The Beauty Pillow’s patented design sets it apart from others on the market. 

Boost your skincare routine at any age with active sleep support from an anti aging pillow like the Beauty Pillow

The 6 unique sleep zones work to support the head and neck in sleep, preventing the development of sleep wrinkles and helping to preserve your skincare. Sleep wrinkles aren’t just the latest in a long line of skincare myths! 

The Beauty Pillow goes further than the ordinary skincare products on the market. Clinical skincare products, whether we’re talking about serums and moisturizers or cosmetic treatments like botox or fillers, can’t reach sleep wrinkles. 

Topical treatments like serums and moisturizers help to improve the look and feel of the skin. Cosmetic or in office skin treatments work to freeze or fill expression lines. Sleep wrinkles sit much deeper in the muscles. 

It might sound crazy to think that when we’re sleeping we’re in the process of developing wrinkles. But it’s true! Sleeping in the same position, especially sleeping on the side and sleeping on the chest or stomach increases the gravitational force you put on your face. 

Face smushing leads to the development of sleep wrinkles and lines that are deeper than expression lines and wrinkles. Prevent sleep wrinkles from forming with the Beauty Pillow

Over time, this force pushing into your face, forehead and cheeks develops deep set sleep wrinkles and lines. Rather than treating, you need to prevent. The Beauty Pillow’s patented head cradle and side cutouts help to position the head while sleeping, reducing the development of sleep creases and lines. 

Sleeping with a functional beauty tool like the Beauty Pillow supports your skincare routine in more ways than just wrinkle prevention. Better than any 12 step skincare routine, the Beauty Pillow reduces facial contact overnight, allowing your products to absorb and truly work their magic on your skin. 

This is an especially important element in a teen skincare routine. Teenagers are typically going through many shifts and changes that show in their skin. Adding a Beauty Pillow paired with a Silk Pillowcase helps to create a simple skincare routine for teenagers. 

What are the Benefits of Silk for the Skin?

Silk is naturally non-absorbent and moisture wicking. Meaning the oil and sebum from the hair and face aren’t being absorbed or transferred back onto the skin during the night. Skin will likely experience less irritation and breakouts when boosted with Silk Pillowcases. 

Silk’s naturally soft and smooth fibers aren’t just for teens! Sleeping on silk is a great way to boost your skin and hair care routine at any age! 

Mulberry Silk is the best silk for pillowcases and sleep accessories, which is why Beauty Pillow uses only the finest Turkish Mulberry Silk in all of our Silk Accessories and Pillowcases!

Adding a Silk Pillowcase to your Beauty Pillow or to your standard pillow is a great way to boost your skincare routine. Silk has many benefits for skin, largely thanks to the protein sericin. This protein, found exclusively in Mulberry Silk threads coats the fibers. 

Mulberry Silk is strong and durable but soft enough for everyday use. Adding a Silk Pillowcase is an easy way to boost your skincare for forehead wrinkles. Your skin will move and slide easily over your pillowcase in the night. Traditional pillowcases made of cotton or synthetic fibers can pull at the skin. 

This pulling can cause friction and even lead to the development of microtears in the skin. As we get older and our skin’s collagen and elasticity declines, reducing points of friction becomes more important in our overnight skincare. 

Learning how to introduce new skincare products at any age can be tricky. Using the Beauty Pillow and Silk Pillowcases as a nightly supplement to your skincare for menopausal skin, for teen skin and everything in between is key to boosting the health of your skin for years to come. 

Overnight sleep support is available across the Beauty Pillow store, shop the Collections now!