Back to work? Avoid a seasonal slump with these tips!

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It’s not the end of summer just yet, but for many it’s time to get back to it. Back to the city, back to work, back to school. It can all feel a little hum-drum and not much fun. After summer skincare can be a bit of a hard nut to crack, but never fear! We’re here to help you put your best foot forward as you get back to it! 

We’d argue: it’s all a matter of perspective. Making the most of the seasonal change by getting into a good routine will help to prep your body, mind and skin for the harsh winter months ahead. Winter tends to be a time where (depending on your location), your skin experiences bouts of dryness and irritation. It can be just that little bit harder to get out of bed and tackle the day and that little bit easier to indulge in warm cocoa and treats. 

Or, if you’re doing the opposite and coming out of winter and into spring, this period of seasonal change is a great opportunity to prep your skin for summer! Just like the winter, with the coming of summer there are new challenges for your skin and body. It might be harder to stay focused at your desk when the smell of summer fun is wafting through your windows. 

One thing is for sure: the summer slump and back to city grump can be felt from all four corners of the globe! 


Not feeling ready?

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You’re not alone! 

After the relative freedom of summer, it can be hard to shelve your swimsuits and don your slacks. One of the best ways to get ready for the new work or school year is to take a calming moment and write down a list of your goals for the new season. This is also a great tip to help reframe your time at any point of the year. 

Goal setting at work is a great way to help you zone in on what matters to you in your role. Are you ready for the next step? Is a promotion on the horizon? What do you need to do to achieve it? 

Writing down a goals list and then a point plan can help you to map out your path and clear your mind. Journaling and goal setting are great tasks to do at the start of the day over your morning coffee, or at the end of the day as you unwind and let go of any stress or tension before bed. 

Going to bed with a clear head is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success everyday. Making sure you get enough sleep will help you perform your best at work, and in your personal life. Sleep has been proven to help brain function, memory and concentration which naturally impact on your productivity. Getting enough sleep also ensures you have enough energy for the things you love, which in turn helps to support your mental and emotional health. 


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Supporting your sleep with active support pillows like the Beauty Pillow will help you wake up fresh and rested. It’s more than just a pillow to prevent sleep wrinkles, the anti-aging beauty pillow helps to support your neck and spine in sleep and prevent morning puffiness. Beauty Pillow works by reducing the overnight compression on your face, while the slight elevation improves circulation. Less puffiness first thing in the morning means you’ll wake up looking and feeling fresh, rested and rejuvenated. Ready for all those zooms! 


I have nothing to wear! 

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Honestly, the struggle is real. 

What you wear might seem like a superficial concern, but much like getting enough sleep, what you wear can significantly affect your confidence. How you carry yourself and how you dress are intrinsically linked. 

If you’re always in a mad rush first thing in the morning, making a plan for the day might involve laying out your clothes the night before. If you’re a morning person and like to take your time getting ready, maybe creating an “office” section in your closet will help to streamline your morning routine. 

The best rule of thumb is always to find what works for you and stick to it! 

Getting into a good routine with laundry is key here: making sure everything is washed, folded, ironed and where you need it to be will help make mornings less stressful. 

In terms of wardrobe, no matter how “dressy” you have to be, investing in a capsule wardrobe for the office is a great way to simplify dressing for the office (or your zooms). Tops that go with anything, simple button downs, a chic blazer, some skirts or trousers in an ongoing rotation will help keep your look clean, simple and effortlessly chic. 


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With a streamlined wardrobe, things can get a little same-same. Why not bring a splash of glam and elegance with a Silk Scrunchie, a Ruched Headband or a Silk Twist Headband by Beauty Pillow? These elegant accessories are sure to zhuzh up your look, no matter if you’re at home zooming or leading the meeting in the office. 

I feel flat! 

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There’s quite simply nothing worse than having to work when all you want to do is curl up and start the fall season with your annual rewatch of the Gilmore Girls. Our advice: do it! Indulge in the seasonal joy that is pumpkin spice everything, do a face mask and watch your favorite show or read a book. Like food cravings, when you put something off you end up wanting it more. 

Take an evening (or a weekend) to rest and reset. This is advice that’s appropriate and applicable year-round, not just in between seasons! Getting back to a routine whether its work, school or something entirely different is an adjustment for our minds and bodies. Taking a moment to enjoy some self care can help you center yourself and do away with the stresses you’re feeling. 

If skincare is your go-to for a mid season slump, why not try the Beauty Pillow Raw Silk Face Mitt? This 100% Raw Silk Exfoliator is gentle enough for everyday use. Using a physical exfoliator can help your skin to look and feel fresher, younger and brighter.


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The Raw Silk Mitt by Beauty Pillow is designed to remove makeup, oil, dirt and dead skin cells that naturally build up on the skin. Gently sloughing these away as part of your skin care routine will help reduce dullness and bring your skin back to life. 

Boosting your exfoliating routine with the Skin+ Pillowcase is a great way to reset tired skin cells. The Skin+ Pillowcase is a really revolutionary way to sleep. The Tencel fabric is laced with microcapsules that release antioxidant carotenoids while you sleep. These powerful antioxidant probiotics help to repair and restore tired or dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling revived and rejuvenated. 


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Antioxidants are powerful skin repair tools and should be incorporated into your daily routine. Antioxidants help to fight damage to skin cells from free radicals like UV Rays, pollution and other environmental factors that prematurely age you. Working in an office, exposed to blue light through your computer screen, your phone or tablet can make your skin look and feel dull and lifeless. Adding a Skin+ Pillowcase to your Beauty Pillow will help you put your best face forward every day!


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