Better Sleep Hygiene with Active Support Pillows

Improve your sleep hygiene with Beauty Pillow's range of support pillows, Mulberry Silks and the new lavender Pillow Mist!

Sleep and resetting after the end of the year 

The start of a new year brings promises and excitement. It’s a clean, fresh start. But starting fresh doesn’t always look the way you’d expect. Overindulging in the holidays with food, alcohol, parties and more can leave you feeling worn out and flat. 

Starting a new year with a new all in exercise or fitness routine is tempting, but can be hard to action. Snapping into a new routine is all too often an unrealistic expectation we put on ourselves, ignoring the realities of our day to day. 

With work, school, family and social activities, it can be hard to create a new plan and stick to it steadfastly. 

Instead of creating an exhausting new routine, why not take a minute to take stock of your body and what it needs? 

At the start of the new year it’s not unusual to crave a bit of a reset. What does this look like for you and your body? 

Taking a minute to journal and plan your goals and needs is a great way to connect with your body and mind. Needing rest when everyone else around you is going pedal to the metal is totally fine. Remember: comparison is the thief of joy! 

So, how do you get enough rest and still live your life to the fullest this January? Join us for Gentle January to reset and revive ahead of the new year!

Creating a restful environment 

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting enough rest is to create the space for it. Making a self care appointment with yourself is a great way to ensure self care becomes a daily practice. Making time to rest and wind down at the end of the day with journaling, skincare, a bath or light exercise is essential for our mental and emotional health. 

Active moments of self reflection help us to process the day and relieve stress before jumping into bed. 

Creating an effective bedtime routine is one element of creating an efficient and functional sleep hygiene routine. Establishing a comfortable and inviting environment for rest is the key to ensuring your sleep regularly hits the stages of deep sleep we need for our brains and bodies. 

Get into Bed: Best Pillows for Anti Aging

Using a functional beauty tool like an anti aging pillow does more than just prevent sleep wrinkles and skin pulling. The Beauty Pillow differs from other anti aging pillows due to its patented design. The elevation helps to align the spine in sleep, reducing muscle tension and strain. 

The Beauty Pillow can be used in conjunction with the anti wrinkle Chest Pillow, the best Knee Pillow and even a Silk Pillowcase. 

Shop the pillow bundle from Beauty Pillow featuring the Beauty Pillow, Chest Pillow and Knee Pillow

The Chest Pillow is an anti wrinkle breast pillow that sits between the breasts to prevent the formation of sleep wrinkles. The cushioned support can be adjusted according to your unique shape and sleeper type. Using the breast pillow anti wrinkle support also helps to prevent asymmetry in the chest and reduce muscle strain through the neck and shoulders. 

The Knee Pillow can be used to further align the spine in sleep for side sleepers, or used as an active support pillow under knees when resting. The unique shape allows you to use the Knee Pillow throughout the night as you shift and change positions in sleep. 

If you toss and turn in the night, you might be wondering: is it good to sleep on silk pillowcase instead of a traditional cotton pillowcase? The truth is yes! The mystery of the question: “is silk pillowcase good for skin” lies in the fibers. 

Using a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to boost your sleep hygiene is a simple and easy way to make your bed more inviting and improve your sleep and skin. Mulberry Silk fibers are naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal. This is great news for allergy sufferers: you’re less likely to experience disturbed sleep with a silk pillowcase. 

For skin and hair care, Silk’s naturally soft and smooth fibers allow easy movement across the fabric with no snagging or pulling. 

Getting to sleep with aromatherapy 

If your trouble isn’t so much staying asleep, but getting to sleep is hard, why not add some aromatherapy into your bedtime routine? 

Aromatherapy benefits have been used for centuries to calm the mind and reduce stress. Lavender oil or lavender perfume and scents are renowned for their calming and stress reducing benefits. 

Enjoy lavender oil aromatherapy at home with the Beauty Pillow Pillow Mist

The Beauty Pillow Pillow Mist is a sleep spray with a phenomenal lavender scent, diffused from lavender essential oil. Gently spritz the mist over your beauty pillows, bedding or facial pillow for an at home lavender spa experience. 

Using the best rated anti wrinkle pillow as the pillar of your sleep hygiene routine paired with a silk pillowcase and pillow mist will elevate your routine. Using tools like the best anti wrinkle face pillow is the best way to create an inviting space you’ll be eager to dive into each night.