Gentle January Week 1: Getting Centered

Getting ready for a new year is all about getting into a successful routine with the right tools

January is all about new starts. New year, new you and all that jazz. But planning to feel well and actually feeling well are two very different things entirely. After the rush of the holidays and wrapping up the end of year at work and school, it’s pretty easy to relinquish your New Year's Resolutions. 

Getting active, maintaining a skin care routine, maintaining a hair care routine and keeping consistent with your beauty and style might all seem like lofty goals.

Let’s break it down to make things easy as we go through Gentle January. 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important part of any revamp. Whether you’re going full ball into fitness or trying to reduce sugar, going all in might not be the best choice. 

Changing your existing routine takes time, building habits take 3 weeks to create and can be broken in only a few days. Setting small, achievable goals that fit your lifestyle is the most practical way to meet your health and wellness goals this year. 

Part of goal setting is making sure you have all the tools you need. 

For any health and wellness routine, the basis should be sleep. Getting enough sleep helps our bodies repair and reset for the day ahead. In sleep, our hormones regulate things like appetite and digestion as well as heart and kidney function. Our brains take the time to store memories and important information, and even create emotional ties to experiences. 

Getting enough sleep is important in any health and wellness routine. Boost your sleep with Beauty Pillow's range of active support pillows today!

Setting yourself up for success in sleep means having the right equipment. Using a functional beauty tool like the Beauty Pillow works as a preventative pillow for sleeping face down, helping to align the spine for side and back sleeping. 

More than a face pillow for sleeping, the Beauty Pillow’s patented sleep zones help to elevate the head and neck. The Neck Support Zone and Cervical Support Zone elongate the spine, reducing vertebral compression and preventing tech neck. The elevation also promotes blood flow and lymphatic drainage, for a brighter, fresher complexion without puffiness or blotchiness. 

Using the Beauty Pillow as part of your skincare routine as a pillow for anti wrinkle treatment will help to prevent sleep wrinkles forming. The face wrinkle pillow works to position the head and reduce overnight compression that creates sleep wrinkles. 

Sleep wrinkles form when the body’s weight is pushed into the tension force of a mattress or pillow. So, if you’re wondering “How to get rid of chest wrinkles?” or “How to get rid of lines on chest and neck?” take a look at the Chest Pillow!

The Chest Pillow is a sleep wrinkle prevention pillow that can be used to provide additional support for new Moms, post surgery recovery or for periods of sensitivity. The cushion is covered in a silk-satin blend, for frictionless contact with sensitive skin. The pillow bra features adjustable straps to fit comfortably, for less disturbed sleep. 

Boosting your sleep with a leg separator pillow is an easy way to support your body in sleep. The Knee Pillow is designed as a pillow for the legs but it goes beyond a simple leg rest pillow. Using the Knee Pillow between the knees or thighs helps to align the spine, relieving lumbar and sciatic strain through the lower back. 

Using a leg pillow for side sleeping or using under legs pillows to elevate helps to promote active recovery from exercise by increasing circulation for muscle recovery.

Feel Good, Look Good

While we’re all about beauty sleep and active recovery, adding in some quality selfcare time to your daily routine will help you look and feel better every day of the year. 

Start your morning off with a Silk Satin Kimono Robe available in Pearl White or Midnight Black

Slipping into a long satin Kimono to start your day with a gentle Gua Sha facial massage sounds pretty luxurious, don’t you think? Waking up your skin with massage using the Brightening Day Serum with liquid liposomal Vitamin C for radiance will set you up for success. The serum’s panthenol skin benefits allow the gua sha to glide easily across the skin, for an easy glow. 

Or if you think Silk Satin Kimonos belong to the night, why not add the luxe dressing gown to your pre-bed wind down. Taking moments to actively meditate on your day is a great way to reduce stress and unwind before bed. 

Rather than wondering if hyaluronic acid and niacinamide go together (they do), the Rejuvenating Night Serum is the perfect blend of actives for smoother, softer skin. Bio Bifida gently exfoliates, Hyaluronic Acid plumps and hydrates and Arnica Extract soothes. 

Shop the Day and Night Serums for skincare that takes you from day to night year round

Bifida skincare is great for all skin types, and is the perfect base for a night serum. Use your Gua Sha to massage out the stresses of the day as the arnica extract skin benefits sink into your skin, reducing redness and inflammation. 

Arnica extract benefits have been widely used for bruises and skin irritations for ages. Our top tip: use the remaining serum on your neck and the back of your hands to improve the look and feel of skin.  

Hair everywhere? 

Just like our skin, our hair can show signs of aging, neglect and unhealthy lifestyle choices. With our modern lives, our hair is under a lot of stress from environmental factors like pollution and sun exposure. More practically, poor water quality, chemical treatments or home straighteners and curlers can place stress on our hair. 

Making simple changes to your day to day routine can boost the strength and sheen of your hair. Swapping out a traditional pillow for the best anti wrinkle face pillow, the Beauty Pillow, will help protect natural hair, weaves and extensions. The head cradle and side cut outs not only help prevent compression, they work to position the head. Reducing excessive movement in sleep can reduce hair breakage and scalp irritation, for happier, healthier hair. 

Mulberry Silk is perfect for your bedtime routine. The fibers are strong and durable for everyday use yet soft and gentle on the skin and hair

Adding a routine based on luxury to your everyday life might sound expensive or indulgent. Switching out your traditional pillowcase for a silk pillowcase will bring luxury into your bedroom, every night. 

The advantages of a silk pillowcase range from skin to hair to overall health. It’s unlikely you’ll be allergic to silk pillowcase fibers, since Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, Silk Scrunchies, Silk Eye Masks and Silk Headbands are all coated with sericin, making them strong and hypoallergenic. 

A silk pillowcase skin care routine is pretty easy to create and maintain. Simply apply your Rejuvenating Night Serum, tie your hair back with silk hair ties or silk hair scrunchies and slip into bed. Silk Pillowcases are naturally moisture wicking, non absorbent and temperature regulating. 

Using night silk hair scrunchies helps your hair maintain its luster and shine, while reducing pulling and tension that can disturb your sleep.